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Cruise Ship Reviews

More images and info of the "Wind Star" at December 30, 2011:
Windstar Cruises

The Wind Star

Launching in 1986 the vessel named Wind Star, Windstar Cruises was the brave operator that introduced in the world a new generation of cruise ships.
Six computerized sails and three diesel engines was the surprising propulsion sistem choosed for the triple sisters Star, Song and Spirit.
After 10 years the Wind Star is still a very fashinating vessel, operating for all summer season in Mediterranean Sea and touching the most incredible and exclusive ports in Italy, Greece, France, Spain and Portugal.

By Albert Sturlese (04/03/97)

The Ship
As you first put your feet on the Wind Star, you feel the unusual sensation of being on something different that a regular cruise ship.
Part of this feeling is due to the four huge masts always towering over your head as you move on the spacious wooden deck. More like a luxury yacht, for sure, which could be taken as an easy sample, but the size of a real ship makes you feel more confortable, or if you like, safer.

Captain Martin Scott is the Master. He has a very rich experience on several tipes of ships sailing worldwide and he also has a special taste describing us the secrets of this enchanting vessel, as we walk around the four decks.
"Wind Star is not a ship with masts, she is a real sail boat," Captain Scott will tell us later while stepping on the bridge, "you can really feel her running, when the wind is blowing".
He will also admit, smiling, that the "french" did a really good job drawing and constructing a ship that, 10 years ago, was the largest sail boat buildt in modern times, with a fully automatic sail control sistem that was never installed before on ony other vessel. And it did worked.
The computer operates every day the six triangular, self furling, dacron sails that, coupling wind with engines, can push the vessel to a speed of about 10 knots in calm wind conditions.
The two twin sisters Song and Spirit work with the identical concept succesfully tested on board the Wind Star.

The vessel is 134 meters long including the bowsprit, about 16 meters wide and has a tonnage of 5.350 tons. The interior design of the Wind Star was designed following a very clear concept of making a ship as much confortable as possible and the generous use of wood makes you feel in the cosyest atmosphere.
Four decks for only 148 passengers that are confortably accomodated in 74 "outside" cabins, located on the two lower decks, all with wide portholes. There is no class distintions on board, all cabins are alike with a queen size bed, easy to convert into twin beds.
Cabin amenities include color television, video player, safe, CD player, refrigerator, international direct-dial phone, private bathroom with toiletries, hair dryer terry cloth robes.

"Whichever phrase you prefer, the uniqueness of Windstar Cruises lies in our ability to provide a quality, upscale product with a casual, unfettered onboard atmosphere," said Rick Meadows, vice president for sale and marketing.
Rich wood interiors, exceptional signature cuisine, an attentive crew of 88 and billowing sails that infurl in two minutes add to the special experience aboard the ship.
With only 148 passengers on board, it doesn't take long before people get confortableand get to know each other. Windstar guests range to 20-years-old homeymooners to 70-years-old retirees, with the average age at 48.

About the ship's ambiance, Windstar guests leave their ties and formal wear at home. Most guestscan be found in resort wear such as Bermuda or walking shortsand a polo shirt by day. For dinner and later in the evening, woman tipically wear sun dresses or pant suits and men can be found in a pair of light-weight slacks and a polo or button-up shirt.

Dining is an experience all its own aboard Windstar ships.
Celebrity Chef and renowed owner of Patina Restaurant in Los Angeles, Joachim Splichal has created 180 new recipes to be served aboard the vessel. Each has been developed with the same adventurous flair that has made Splichal the top chef in Los Angeles.


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