Carnival Liberty is the fourth sister of the Conquest series and the first to sail a full season in Europe

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Carnival Liberty

She is the fourth sister of the Conquest series and the first to sail a full season in Europe

Arturo Paniagua Mazorra (January 8, 2007)

The Carnival Liberty was delivered July 2005 at Fincantieri's shipyard at Monfalcone to her owners, Carnival Cruise Lines, the largest branch in the Carnival Corp, the world's leading cruise operator.
The ship is the fourth sister of the Conquest series and the first to sail a full season in Europe. She follows the Carnival Conquest and the Carnival Glory, delivered in October 2002 and June 2003, and the Carnival Valor, presented in November 2004. The Conquest class cruise ships are derived from the Carnival Destiny class.

Technical Details
The Carnival Liberty was built in record time, just 24 months (7 in the workshop, 9 in the building dock and 8 at the outfitting pier). At 110,000 gross tonnes, the 18-deck Carnival Liberty is 290 metres long, 38 wide and 64 high, and has a service speed of 20 knots with a maximum capacity for 4,890 (3,710 passengers and 1,182 crew) accommodated in 2,121 cabins (1,487 of which for passengers, with a high ratio of private balconies).
Energy generation and propulsion is different from the other ships in the Carnival Conquest class. Carnival Liberty
Energy is generated by six Warstila 12 W 46C diesel engines of 12,600 kW, each of which is coupled to a three-phase 14,000 kVA synchronous generator. Propulsion, as for the sister ships, is provided by two electrical motors, one for each shafting line, of 20 MW each but of a different make.

On Board
The Carnival Liberty provides the highest standards of comfort alongside a wide range of entertainment. On board there is a three-deck 1,500-seat theatre, two main pool areas (one with a retractable cover) with 5 swimming pools, 4 restaurants (with seating capacities of 1,104, 872, 736, 148), of which one self-service and one á-la-carte reservations-only Harry's supper club, 22 themed bars, a casino with 18 tables and 216 slot machines, a discotheque with 445 computerized video-monitors, an Internet café, a children's play area, a teens nightclub (which is uniquely located along the promenade with the rest of the "adult" fare), shops of various types, a spa and fitness facility with a gym area, a jogging track, a volleyball court and a basketball hall.

Fincantieri's Shipyards
The Carnival Liberty takes the total number of passenger ships built by Fincantieri since 1990 for Carnival Corporation to thirty three, and a further more are due to be built by 2007 and latter for five different brands in the Group (Princess Cruises, Carnival Cruise Lines, Costa Crociere, Holland America Line and Cunard Line) at the shipyards of Monfalcone, Marghera and Sestri Ponente.
In economic terms these ships have brought Fincantieri revenues of over 16 billion dollars. Today, Fincantieri is the world's leading cruise shipbuilder with a market share of 45%.

Outdoor Decks
The two-level Emile's buffet offers hot and cold buffet fare for breakfast and lunch. This long, very long, area is broken up into several stations, with the food itself is displayed mostly in four main cafeteria-style lines, and six more substations.
These sub stations are scattered along the sides, such as the Deli s sandwiches, or the desserts and salads, which occupying a kiosk of its own.
A separate station also offers a "Taste of the Nations" offers varying international cuisines. Each day is a different taste!
In the second level of the buffet is located Fish & Chips, another place on board which is easy to bypass, but the offerings here are delightful and prepared upon request. There are drink and ice cream stations all over the buffet area. This room has a nautical flavour (with ropes and brass details) and the colour scheme is mainly in blue (tapestry and tables) and green tones (marble, tile of the walls, etc.).
The Versailles aft lido pool has also teak deck, with a like brick floor around the pool and a green plastic floor in some areas. It is much more appealing than the forward one. The pillars have newly the forged iron ornaments find on the atrium, also found in all doors. There are two big yellow Jacuzzis aft off to the side and has a retractable roof in case of inclement area.
Also has the advantage of being the site of both the grill for burgers, hot dogs and the like, and the pizzeria, open 24 hours, plus a nice bar, so there's good reason to plant yourself down and spend the day.
The only big downer on Carnival Liberty is its central main pool area, called Tivoli. This area has a terraced lay out forward, ending in the Carnival's 65 meter famous slide, that finish in a wading pool fitted also with a Jacuzzi. Carnival Liberty Atrium
In the lower level of this lido area there are two big whirlpools, and the pool itself which is tucked off to the side, literally under an overhang. For this reason, the pool look ridiculous, far from the roominess feel found in other post panamax designs, such as the Voyager class.
Maybe, even some lido deck of panamax sized ship, such as the new MSC Musica, or the Costa Atlantica class, transmit a more roominess sensation. I think there are too much terraces (I count ten) and this fact to break into fragment the sunbathing.
I thought the configuration was confusing and the passenger enjoy a more plain lay out. However, all the tiered small decks are teak decked a novelty in today lido design.
But the big novelty here is that Carnival Cruise Lines install a big 25 square meters screen, with 70.000 watt sound system, towering over the main pool on the Carnival Liberty, on the forward part of the funnel.
This borrowing the concept from Princess Cruises, which has 28 square meters screens on some of its Grand Class' ships. Carnival Cruise Lines first-ever outdoor movie screen were introduced last year in a very low-key fashion. The Carnival Liberty's LED screen show day and night movies, sporting events, concerts and other programming, including the ship's own "Morning Show" hosted by the Liberty's cruise director.
During the day, the screen played music videos and basically took over the role of a band, while at night a variety of films were played, both family-oriented and retro-hits like "Titanic"; late in the evenings, concerts featuring famous performers are shown.
But it seems as if Carnival isn't really sure how to best handle the Seaside Theater because don't offer deck chairs and free popcorn and a drinks service, and as consequence, the area is underutilized at night.
A small stage is located down the giant screen.
And if you're still not sated, Carnival is one of the few lines that still offer the occasional and splendiferous midnight buffet. The Chocolate Extravaganza is worth missing a few hours sleep.

The Venetian Theater
The three deck high theatre is themed with motives about the Venetian Carnival. So, this place is full of Murano glass, masks and harlequins.
The decoration is based in red and garnet tones, with beautiful tiles and chandeliers. The sofás and seats both levels are upholstered red and gold, with flowers motifs in the lower level and the amphitheatre's first lines, and with rombs the higher lines of the amphitheater.
There are tables only in the lower level (of small size), that has a like mask form. Also, ten stainless steel pillars located both side means obstructed view in some seats, but the general sightlines are good.
The scene front is dominated by a vibrant and reflecting red coloured rounded curtain, with four traditional striped poles where gondolas are moored and a gigantic harlequin flanking the stage each side. The pillars have two yellow and black stripes each, and each have distinct high.
The figures of the harlequins are multicoloured, and also sustained a part of the scene curtain. These figures are inclinated over the scene and invites people to see what Carnival offer in the rounded stage.
The lateral bulkheads are also red painted, with red and gold glass tiled walls geometric designs that hide lights. This decoration scheme is repeated in the high part of the amphitheater. The ceiling of the theater is very ornate, with newly the geometric scheme present in the front and lateral bulkheads, the Venetian masks worn during carnival season and also the same luminary.
The ceiling is plane because all technical equipment (sound, lights, etc) are retractile, and this fact means a more traditional appearance, supported also by the multicoloured globes lamp over a golden grave, gifted also with indirect lighting. Carnival Liberty Atrium
The top of the scene is also very ornate, with several semicircular layers: one with the stripe coloured Venetian pillars, another black with stars, and the last with harlequins and poker cards. The floor has a beautiful blue and garnet tapestry, and all the entrances are made in Italian tile, which golden mosaics in the sides.
At the top of the amphitheater are beams with masks and newly the same light arrangement find in the center of the theater.

The Shows
On Carnival Liberty last summer three mainstay shows were presented, all in the Vegas mindset. These include "Rock Down Broadway," "Wonderful World" and "Singing' with the Big Band." There are hundreds of masks and also too much red and garnet anywhere in this theater, that is one of the most over decorated room in the ships.

The Atrium
The atrium is one of the bigger surprises on board. It share the same arrangement of the latter Costa ships (such as the Costa Magica, designed by Farcus as well) and I find it less ornate, which emphasis in traditional materials, such as stone, forged iron, and green tiles.
On deck three (the atrium lower level, which houses the embarkation doors) is located the atrium bar, which has a curved counter make in brick and white marble. Just above is located a big six meters black iron made chandelier which also changes the colour of her light constantly.
Her light is reflected in the ceiling just above it, which acts as a mirror, and the effect is great.
On deck three, the forged iron pillars support splayed arch which has a ceramic circular ornament in her center.
Up this zone, there is a band with green tile and ceramic streamlined pillars (thinner in her centre than in her ends), which arise from the tile until the deck four hand rail. Here, the photo gallery is found.
These pillars end also in arches. This scheme is repeated in the three lower levels of the atrium.
On deck 6 to 8, the atrium decoration is plain: impressionist paintings surrounded by white neon, with newly a forged iron chandelier that also changes of colour.
The last three decks have the same decoration than the lower ones. All circulations in the atrium are making in green marble, and there is a wood dance track front of the bar, that also has a small stage with a piano. Around the dance track a red carpet is found, as well as some seating zones fit with orange sofas, white marble tables and garnet chairs.
The panoramic lifts share the same forged iron ornaments and green mosaics find in the atrium. The small aft atrium shares the same decoration of the big forward.

The Library
The Antiquarian Library is located on deck four, close to the atrium. Her decoration shows a notable contrast between them: so, the atrium is mainly green, and the library has an orange carpet, red walls, and garnet sofas with high back.
There are only two book cases and, as consequence, the selection of books and board games are modest. But there is some book case with dummy books. The tables are very amples, fitted with red leather and blue and red chairs.
The glass doors are too much big and so the library lacks intimacy. The ceiling is also disappointing: a mix of wood, golden and red sections. Halogens are used for lighting, which add intimacy. The decoration is completed with portraits in a red wall. I think the decoration is too much vibrant for a library.

Main Dining Rooms
On Carnival Liberty, the two main dining rooms offer the traditional set tablemates, set time dinner scenario, and are open seating at breakfast and lunch. The Golden Olympian Restaurant is located in the centre of the ship and, as her name denotes, her decoration is based in a golden scheme.
I think it looks more like a disco than a restaurant.
The dining room has two levels, with a wall in the centre. It also has two small dining rooms: the Persian and Satin Rooms. Carnival Liberty - The shops
The headroom on the perimeter areas both decks three and four are low. The tapestry is red and garnet, with shell motifs, with grey marble in the entrance halls, stairs and waiter stations. The fore and aft walls are all golden, as well as the fore stair, fit with mythological metopes.
Between the windows there are newly golden ornaments, of canopy form, with niches which contain flatware and ceramic eyes.
There are several huge Murano crystal chandeliers with interesting lavender flowers (also under a golden dome, as in the theater), three above the well, and 16 smaller matching chandelier on each floor of the perimeter both decks.
The lighting devices on the raised central zone are very imaginative: four beige eyes, that are also find on other places of the dining room. There are golden leaf domes.
There are red sofás (also fit with black iron ornament) only in the outher side of the raised center zone on deck 3.
In all other locations chairs are used, with hand rest. There is a golden balustrade circling the room and a double staircase to deck 4.
Accent lighting above the chandeliers gives a warm red glow to the room, as if it were a red and gold 18th century theater, with stainless steel ones on deck three, on the raised central zone.
The eyes between windows are repeated also in the well walls.
The aft dining room shares the same decoration find on the forward one, with only one change: silver instead of golden. The Silver Olympian Restaurant is the nicer one in that it's located aft and so is framed by three walls of windows. I think the decoration both dining rooms is eclectic, with a lot of extravagant ornaments.

More Dining Options
Apart from the main dining room, Carnival Liberty offers more dining options on the upper decks, where Harry's Supper Club, which serves the ship's finest food is located, albeit at $30 per person cover charge.
Harry's specializes in quality cuts of filet mignon, lobster, lamb chops, etc. and its wine list is definitely one of the industry's most intriguing.
Named for celebrated jeweller Harry Winston, the jeweller to the rich and famous, the dècor is enhanced by bejewelled lighting and showcases set into the walls that display fine jewellery. Newly, the golden is used mainly in the decoration: the ceiling, the pillars, the lower part of the walls, etc.
The upper part of the walls are made in brown and violet panels, with like diamond lighting devices, necklaces and ring in the dummy pillar integrated in the walls, or between the windows.
The diamond necklaces are also found on the ceiling. The waiter stations are made of ring with precious stones. A true Farcus detail!
The tables are for two or four people, with individual lamp and chairs with golden upholstery. Also, large red sofas where found close the walls. In the central par, under a golden skylight, there is a dance track where a combo performs during dinner and, whether dining at Harry's or not, the venue has a lovely bar, with a counter newly with precious stone rings.

Indoor Promenade
Far more popular is the indoor Promenade, an avenue of sorts located on the starboard side of the deck 5 that connects most of the bars, lounges and entertainment options. During the day, Carnival Liberty features the usual wacky antics along with bingo, bad-hair-day seminars and shopping in its duty-free emporiums.
In the evening and night time, the Promenade, which try to works as a small (very, very small!) RCCL's Royal Promenade, is full of passengers that enjoy drinks with friends and listen music in a great variety of revenue earning spots.
Again the fake flowers, orange furniture and multicoloured chandeliers form an atmosphere of wide Main Street, with picture windows on starboard side. But this decoration work better at night, with all lighting effects (mainly the black wrought iron chandeliers whose lights changed colours every few seconds) on work.
Forward deck 5 is the balcony of the theater and around the Garden Atrium is located Fashion Boulevard Shops. Each boutique features its own front, and the floor shares the same green marble found in the atrium.
Walking aft in the Promenade you can check out the interesting sports-themed Gloves Bar (which explores leatherworking) located on the port side with access from both atrium and casino.
This room is rarely crowded and has the most comfortable leather chairs on board. This space has the typical screens find in all venues of this type, but also has an interesting theme: sports gloves.Carnival Liberty - Without Batteries
There are a lot of red boxing gloves above the counter, as well as wear gloves between the windows in the port side of the room.
It has a collection of gloves owned by sports legends (the costliest is that of the late Formula One driver Ayrton Senna).
The Czar's Palace is one of the bigger casino afloat, decorated with murals of Imperial Russia which form a opulent backdrop for 16 gaming tables and more than 200 slot machines. The golden ornaments are also a common feature here. The promenade bar, located inside the casino, share the same decoration of the atrio.
On the Promenade, two gustatory highlights include the Jardin Café, which features a multicolour counter (mainly green, blue and violet) with some seats opposite it.
Here, the coffee is great, as well as the pastries and desserts, and is a favourite for after-dinner noshing....
The other venue is the Origami Sushi Bar, which is located aft and opens evenings only.
The two deck high Hot & Cool Disco features body art and tattoos on oversized body parts: hands, arms and legs.
This is a disco you never forget... and the favourite room of Joe Farcus on this ship.
The oversized body parts in this room look like support the black ceiling, that also act as a screen in which drawings are projected. A like isle bar is located port, and around it, a black and orange tiled ground is found, that look like flames, close to the glass dance track.
Forward is found a two level terrace with mirrored seats, and tables decorated with the same drawings that are projected in the ceiling. All the room is fully surrounded, both indoor and outdoor, with screens. This is a night club you will never forget, but I think the room looks awful in day time.
Close to the adult disco are located Without Batteries, the expansive teen dance club and gaming center that recalls the days when toys were powered by kids, displays giant antique toys that didn't need Duracell to make them work.
But Duracell batteries are found in the bar, in the tables, etc. The tapestry is violet, and the wall green, and there is an excellent fly model above the bar.
The promenade also house the Paparazzi Wine Bar which is decorated with a series of Leica M-3 Cameras lenses, like those used by the Paparazzi of the 1950s.
Another big camera is found in the bar's ceiling as well. Carnival Liberty - The Theatre
Paparazzi, a wine bar that sits in a crook in the hallway and, as such, is the best people-watching spot onboard and a good meeting point. The big annular table around the bar and wall are decorated with some of the photos taken by the paparazzi in these years: there are full sized photos here of all Hollywood's celebrities of the 50s.
The Piano Man Bar has the undulating piano keys around the ceiling of the room and modern white and black leather chairs. The piano theme is completed with circular black and white low tables, and oversized sofas.
The Steinway piano is located inside a circular counter that looks like an ivory piano keyboard. The same effect is repeated in the ceiling. And a lot of people seats around it in the evenings and sing along when the piano man tickles the ivories.
This oddly shaped room is one of the night favourite venues, but I think the Duke Bar in the old Costa Tropicale look better with the same theme.
The Stage Jazz Club is located opposite The Piano Man, in the zone of the second small atrium that forms the entrance of the Silver Olympian Restaurant.
It pays homage to woodworking, and even the curtains simulate carved wood. The colour scheme is here mainly red: the entrance door is red, the tapestry is red, the sofas are reds, and the chairs are made of cherry wood, a red wood.
Only the tables have brown marble. Furthermore, there are several wood made sculptures of singers and musics between the port windows and in the glass wall of the starboard side.
There is a wood made bar forward this room, and a small stage and wood made dance track aft. The ceiling is disappointing: in a "wood" room, the metallic girders are bare, only red painted, below a black background.
In the aft end of deck 5 is located the 400 seats Victoria Lounge, the secondary show lounge, which is genuinely elegant with its theme being English-style majolica glassware. It's the home of the Latin sounds on board, and has a cheerful ambience all nights.
It has the same terraced lay out around the small stage find in all Carnival Destiny and Carnival Conquest class of cruise ships.
As consequence, the sofàs are distributed in annular shape, and the bar is "sunk" aft, with a small counter forward to see the show while take a drink.
Her decoration is mainly in garnet tones, with tile covered walls which house circular niche with majolica vases.
The ceiling has a terraced lay out, in order to gain more head room in the perimeter, with golden stripes and semicircular light, not perfect for a show lounge.
And the pink indirect lighting is a heavy contrast with the classic ambience of this room. These two last details are negative surprises in this elsewhere elegant room.

Other Public Rooms
On Carnival Liberty every room has not only a theme that's tied in with the artisan scheme but also a story, which gives bars and other spots a nice added element of interest.
All revolves around the ship's nine-deck-high atrium; here, the Grand Villa Garden features ironwork over lovely, light-hearted flowers in pastels.
A new feature in the Carnival Conquest class is a room located between the town main dining rooms, up the galley.
In the Liberty it is called The Cabinet, and is an orange coloured room of circular lay out, with a big wood made circular dance track in her center.
A trio play jazz all nights here, but some passengers end their cruise without discover this room, because isn't located in the Promenade.
As consequence, it has a more intimate ambience. The seating arrangement is interesting: circular and oval shaped tables, with black coloured lion fingers lacquered in her base. The chairs have green and red upholstery.
And, finally, two big beige sofàs port and starboard, in a big contrast.
There is a bar forward, with a curved marble counter and a disappointing green lighting back. The form of the dance track is repeated many times in the railing of the bar. This room work as card room and has some well designed closet to keep the games. The ceiling is newly a mix of orange and green decoration.
Carnival Liberty has a hard-to-find Internet café called The Web, located behind the bar in the Cabinet Room, and seems under whelmed with the number of computers.
Usually people lines here, and when there are art auctions in the Cabinet Room, the Web is inaccessible.
The good news, about computer, is the ship is very Wire-friendly; this means that is possible to bring your own laptop on board. Also in this zone is located Tapestry Room, the Carnival Liberty's meeting room. Her walls features a decoration based in wood made semicircular arches.
The Empress, the ship's small cigar bar and jazz venue, that gives a nod to Chinese cloisonné, is also tucked away a deck below the promenade, close to library, but devotees managed to find it anyway. Carnival Liberty - The sun deck
It has a faux fireplace, big red sofàs and red pillars with fluorescent lighting, with multicoloured rose window in her walls.

Fitness & Recreation
As all new cruise ship delivered in the last years, the Carnival Liberty has an extensive array of health oriented services, some of them new for this owner, such as barber services for men (in response to the increasing number of men that are interested in receiving Spa and salon treatments), tooth-whitening treatments and a Spa program aimed at teens.
The expansive 1.235 square meters Spa Carnival health and fitness center, located forward on deck 11, also features the usual state-of-the-art exercise equipment, fitness and aerobic classes (some classes, like Pilates and yoga require an additional fee), and a wide variety of sophisticated treatments.
A new youth spa program, called Generation YSPA, will offer treatments created specifically for teens.
The Carnival Liberty's Spa also house complete locker room facilities, a Jacuzzi which looks like a haven in a tropical setting complete with waterfalls and tropical plants, steam rooms and saunas with ocean views, and a boutique offering Spa products for sale.
The Beauty Salon has one wall lined by windows, a perfect scenic place for folks getting pedicures, manicures and hair styling services.
The gym, in the forward end of the health space with incredible sea views, features rowing and stair climbing machines, treadmills and exercise bikes, as well as free weights.
The aerobics studio offer a wide range of instructor with fitness classes, such as aerobics, yoga, kickboxing and spinning.
Carnival Liberty also offers in her two main dining rooms the Spa Carnival Fare, a selection of dishes that are lower in fat, calories, sodium and cholesterol, as well as vegetarian and low carb dishes at every meal.
The Spa itself is pleasant if a tad barren in décor (no extravagant Thai or Santa Fe desert themes).

A Favorite for Families
Camp Carnival's facility on Carnival Liberty encompasses some 390 square meters. First up is an enclosed play area, that features include an arts-and-crafts center, a 16 monitor video wall that continuously displays movies and cartoons, a soft play area, a computer lab with educational games, PlayStation 2 consoles and a library.
There's also a wading pool just outside. Carnival divides kids into four age groups, and has introduced more edu-tainment offerings into its programs.
Among them are "Sea Notes," a musical program; "H2Ocean," which focuses on hands-on science projects; "EduCruise," which features interactive projects on ports of call; and "ExerSeas," a series of recreational and fitness activities.
Camp Carnival also offers activities that involve family members.
Most impressive is the ship's teen disco. Rather than lump the teens with the rest of the kids, its Without Batteries disco, located right on the promenade a few doors down from the adult disco, was in a central location with a high energy vibe.
The club itself looked quite cool: it's themed around antique toys before batteries were necessary, but lacks no high-tech toys.
The dance floor was outfitted with special sensitive light panels that recreate your footprints as you walk across. Other features include a big juice bar in the center, multiple video screens, flashing lights and arcade games.
Next door is another area of arcade games, this one open to kids (and adults) of all ages. Another cool feature: teen-targeted shore experiences are offered.
Group babysitting is available; cost is $6 per hour for the first child, $4 per hour for each additional kid in the same family.

Carnival Liberty's cabins occupy the usual Carnival range, and are pleasantly larger than industry average from insides on up: the minimum grade cabins are up to 50 % larger than most other ships in the same price range.
Of the ship's nearly 1.500 staterooms that are defined by 18 categories 60 per cent have an ocean view and 60 percent of those contain a private balcony. All cabins feature a serene and pleasant décor which is an amalgam of peachy and soft yellow tones, far from the excess of some public rooms.
Inside cabins have chairs and all others have a small seating area with a sofà and coffee table. Also, a lot of cabins feature beds that convert from twins to a king, and some have a door that connect two of then. Carnival Liberty - Hot Disco
Carnival Liberty offers the new Carnival's exclusive new sleep system' centred on the Carnival Comfort Bed. The ensemble includes a 21 cm-thick spring matters, 100 per cent hypoallergenic down duvet, high quality cotton sheets and duvets covers, fluffy non-allergenic micro-fibred pillows, and pillowcases made from ultra cotton blend satin-trip bed sheets, ring-spun and satin-striped cotton.
On the technology front, all cabins feature wireless Internet access, interactive television system (that offers everything from pay-per-view movies to reservation capabilities), colour television with remotes, safes, filled mini-fridges, and phones fill out the rest of the amenities. The storage space is quite adequate.
All bathrooms in these categories are roomy, but feature only a shower with curtain that means the bath's floor is always flooded. Mirrors above the sink are flanked with three shelves with ledges for toiletries on each side of the sink and plenty of counter space.
A sampling of free items is offered and the showers dispense gel and shampoo from anchored containers. Towels provided were not only generous in quantity but also quite nice in quality. The balconies of the standard cabins are pretty shallow but the furnishings are nice: two chairs and a small table.
Suites are not quite twice the size of balcony cabins, but plenty roomy. Beyond the extra space features bathrooms with tubs and VCR's televisions.

A Surprise
The "Fun Ships", as the Carnival Cruise Line vessels are know in the industry, are characterised with an onboard ambience that has been more likely to emphasize wacky, high-energy antics and cartoonesque design schemes.
But the Carnival Liberty, is another step forward in the CCL cruise ship's evolution.
First, I find in some areas of the ship some European flavours, and it is a welcoming change from the usual "neon look".
Second, Carnival Liberty has some new venues only previously found on ship of the "de luxe" category.
She is the first Conquest class ship to receive the Supper Club addition. This series of alternative restaurant began on Carnival Spirit. Also, Carnival Liberty, as the other ship of the Conquest Class, has a sushi bar. And the Liberty is the first in the fleet that features a wine bar.
The first theme cruise on CCL, the president wine cruise, was carried out on board last winter. All this fact means that Carnival has made a significant upgrade in its product. Carnival Liberty - The Piano Bar
Another difference is that Carnival Liberty sailed two full seasons in the Mediterranean, and her cruises are so successful that the line immediately announced the Freedom will repeat this program next year.
And the artisan-themed public spaces designed by Carnival's architect Joe Farcus are much more sophisticated than I expected: the colourful glass lamps along the walls of the art nouveau Emile's; the elegance of the Antiquarian Library, with its book binding theme; the Grand Villa Garden atrium, with her curlicue patter design; and the genuinely lovely Sports bar, with her leather theme.
Much of what has been written about the Carnival market niche - a philosophy based in physical features (bars, pools and theaters especially), in her entertainments varied enough to please just about anybody, and in activities to suit a wide range of interest for all ages.
And yet, in an era in which some cruise lines are abandoning long occupied niches to broaden their audiences (and, in the process, forgetting all about what made them special in the first place) Carnival is making no such mistake with Carnival Liberty.
The line, which has already successfully evolved from a party budget option to one that's equally geared to singles, families and seniors, is simply tweaking its well-established formula.
Travellers are becoming more sophisticated and discerning and Carnival, especially through its newer ships, is simply raising its bar to meet the new demand.

For further information: Carnival Cruise Line


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