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Cruise Ship Reviews

More images and info of the "Carnival Destiny" at December 24rd - 2011:
Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Destiny

Onboard the world largest passenger ship ever built

by Angelo Scorza (17/12/96)

A place in the Guinnes Book
Christened by exceptional godmother Lin Arison, the founder of Carnival Cruise Line Teddy's wife, the world largest passenger ship ever was handed over in Venice at the end of October.
With her immense tonnage reted at 101,353 gt Carnival Destiny has gained a place in the Guinnes Book far before her delivery at Fincantieri's shipyard in Monfalcone.
Carnival Destiny "We didn't plan to make her so big, it just came" says the official Carnival's folder, a statement not everybody joins. Carnival's undebatable leadership of the world cruise market in terms of total berths had to be reaffirmed by disposing of the biggest vessel ever.
Carnival Destiny is then the first ship of her gender to exceed the remarkable 100,000 gt threshold, a record bound to last not so long, until Fincantieri delivers P&O Group the 103,000 gt under built.

Venice reminded Lilliput
The incommensurable mass of this lady of the seas is apparent as soon as you approach her moored at the Riva Sette Martiri in Venice.
Coming from the sea on motorboat the size of Carnival Destiny is so exaggerately huge compared to S.Marco bell-tower to remind you Gulliver in Lilliput.
Just to remark the extra dimensions of the vessels it must be noted that:
- she is higher than the Statue of Liberty in New York;
- the power is sufficient to supply a 60,000 inhabitants city;
- utilised steel was for 20,000 tons which is nearly three times the Eiffel Tower in Paris;
- cables are 3,000 km equal to the road distance Rome-Moscow;
- galleys are able to process 8 tons of food per day.

Building techniques
From a technical point of view the ship took benefit of the evolution in building techniques achieved at Fincantieri with the FASP (Flexible Automation in Shipbuilding Fabrication) and the intensive use of tri-dimensional basic design and pure design on CAD/CAM.
Carnival Destiny Actually it took the Italian market leader shipyard just twenty months to complete this gigantic ship, of which over 500 suppliers took part.
Long 270 metres she is 70 m. high (keel to funnel top) and is provided with 16 decks and 30,000 sq.m. public areas.
The funnel, shaped as an aircraft tail, is 23 metre high and 9 metres wide at the base weighing 25 tons. Over 200 tons of paint have been used for 600,000 sq,m. of surface.

Great availability of space
"Many people don't enjoy such dimensions for a passenger ship" says Joe Farcus, ideator of all the interiors. Nevertheless the architect shows confidence the public opinion will soon change his mind. "On the Destiny we have made the best use of the great availability of space, that is to say our guests will enjoy more public areas, more cabin room and more comfort on board".

The art collection
Luxury is another issue on top of the agenda; a multi million dollar art collection is on display in the staterooms and public areas featuring paintings and stone and glass murals by a group of highly talented artists from around the world. Carnival Destiny

Decks configuration
The configuration of decks is a departure from other Carnival Fun Ships (also externally the vessel reiterates the design of latest Carnival's units) in that the main entertainment and recreation decks are located in between the accomodation decks. This characteristics allows to achieve totally unobstructed views from the hundreds of balconies staterooms and suites.

The cabins
The vessel is capable of accomodating 3,340 guests in 1,320 cabins (over 60 per cent with ocean view) and 1,000 crew.
Standard ocean view staterooms are larger than on most mainstream superior cruise ships with three fifth holding private balconies as well.
As usual special attention has been paid to families' needs. Many staterooms have connecting cabins and they are all located nearby the children's facilities: "Camp Carnival", based on the popular concept of American summer camps, and a two-deck high indoor/outdoor play centre including a dedicated pool.

The 9-deck Rotunda atrium
The lobby entrance, based at the feet of the main atrium, features live music, an expansive seating area and the Flagship Bar.
Of the two atria the most outstanding is the 9-deck high called "Rotunda" with four scenic glass-enclosed elevators. The best way to take a glimpse to the Rotunda is from the "Lobby Bar", whose ceiling looks like a starry sky scudded with clouds.

The Restaurants
Dining options include two restaurants of respectively 1,050 and 750 seats. The two-level "Galaxy" and "Universe" feature expansive ocean view from both the main floor and mezzanine levels.
In addition the Lido area "Sun & Sea" restaurant is able to serve food in a more casual setting with a variety of cusines from Chinese to Italian passing through the typical hamburgers and hot dogs based American one. Alternatively the guests can attend the patisserie and the "24 Hour Pizzeria".Carnival Destiny

The Theatres
Further facilities include a 3-deck high theatre capable of 1,600 people and a smaller one for 440. The Palladium is the most sophisticated theatre ever created on a passenger ship.
It will host Carnival's trademark shows resembling Vegas productions. The facility is three deck high.

Recreational activity
Special attention has gone to the recreational activity outdoor and in covered spaces.
The ship boasts four swimming pools and seven whirpools. The midship "Lido" pool area features a multilevel terrace design providing optimum viewing of deck activities and performances occuring on the adjacent stage.
The "Sun & Sea" pool is provided with a mobile cover that enable to continue leisure activities irrespective of the bad weather. Included is a 60 metres slide.
For gamblers the largest casino afloat is available, with 23 gaming tables. Alternatively passengers can seek for luck in the Virtual World, a games room equipped with the ultimate video games and virtual reality.
Carnival Destiny Finally the entertainment-park is completed with gymns, saunas, beauty salons, shops, library, video-game arcades with 323 slot machines and a number of bars.
Elevators are 27 (of which 9 for service), light fixtures 70,000 and neon light for 12 kilometres.

Machinery and Propulsion
Also machinery is outstanding on board the Destiny.
The propulsion is supplied by a 63,000 MW diesel electric power plant and cruise speed is 22.5 knots. Main machinery is an integrated high and low voltage type power station plant based on 6-unit medium speed alternators generating propulsion by two skew back Ccp driven by synchronous A.C. motors. Propellers have been supplied by Finnish Kamewa.

Cruise Itineraries
Carnival Destiny is intended for year-round worldwide cruising and complies with all international requirements for safety and management having been built under the survey of the Lloyd's Register of Shipping and RINa.
Initially she will be deployed in the Caribbeans with Miami as home terminal.


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