Seeing The Superyachts Of Monaco

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Seeing The Superyachts Of Monaco

In this independent state of the French Riviera there are a lot of yacht parties going on around 'busy' times of the year, such as the F1 races

Monaco is an independent state on the French Riviera, located on the beautiful coasts of the Mediterranean sea. It is a popular place for the rich and famous to flaunt their wealth and material worth, as well as a luxury destination for those wanting to taste the high life and spend a few evenings in exquisite restaurants and onboard luxury yachts.

As you may expect, life in Monaco doesn't come cheap. Yet for those with the budget, it's a neat place to spend time. There's more Ferraris here per square meter than anywhere else in the world, and down at Port Hercules, you'll find million dollar boats lined up on the shores.

The substantial port also allows cruise ships access to Monaco, so you may find yourself stopping off there for a few days during a cruise. There's plenty to see and do, but sometimes the yachts themselves are enough of a spectacle.

Superyachts Of Monaco

Monaco is well known as a playground for the super-rich. As such, the city has pretty much everything to cater to those people. The docks are no different. You'll find plenty of millionaires having fun on their boats. You can also join in the fun by walking around, watching, taking tours or meeting owners.

At certain times you may even see some of the world's most impressive superyachts. Motor Yacht A and Sailing Yacht A were both moored up at the same time during the 2018 PokerStars Championship. These two yachts are worth an incredible $750 million combined and are both owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko.

The Monaco Grand Prix is another excellent time for yacht-watching. At the recent F1 event in May, superyachts included Andreas L, Illusion Plus, Sarastar, Symphony and more. These yachts are worth tens of millions of dollars each. It's also possible to party on many of the luxury yachts in Monaco around this time.

Superyacht Parties

If you want to step it up a gear, from casually enjoying superyachts as a spectator, to being onboard as a guest, then superyacht parties are the way to go. There's a lot of yacht parties going on around 'busy' times of the year, such as the F1 races. You can purchase an opportunity to stay on yachts and party with the A-listers, or seek invites to VIP events.

Nicholas Frankl is a three-time winter Olympian who regularly hosts yacht parties in Monaco. Prince Albert of Monaco is a guest to these annual events too.

If you do attend a luxury yacht party, there is certain etiquette that you should follow. This will change according to the event, but as a general rule, you will be asked to take off your shoes to preserve the decking.

You should also be careful not to be too much of an idiot. Yes, yacht parties can get wild, but you shouldn't be too drunk or too much of a lout jeering and shouting. The atmosphere is supposed to be sophisticated, so you could get kicked off the boat and end up on the naughty list if you go too far.

Monaco Yacht Show

If you're really into yachts, then the Monaco Yacht Show is the perfect event for you. It's held every year in late September. This year's dates are the 25th - 28th.

This is the world's leading superyacht event, with over 125 super and megayachts on display in the Port Hercules harbour, including 42 new launches and 40 luxury tenders. There will be over 30,00 visitors to the event, and some will be looking to buy.

There will also be 580 exhibitors at the show, from leading superyacht companies, builders and designers, all holding talks, conferences and events. There are also supercar and motorbike exhibitions.

Monaco is an over the top place. Its elitist, A-lister vibe is not for everyone. But you have to admit, seeing the biggest and best superyachts on the planet all in one place is pretty cool, and for some people, it's the experience of a lifetime. If you're ever on a cruise or holiday and stop off in Monaco, have a look around the harbour for the most outrageous boats you can find.


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