What is a Freighter Cruise?

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What is a Freighter Cruise?

If you're looking for a brand new travel experience, then why not consider travelling on a freighter?

While you might ordinarily associate a freight liner ship as something that takes goods and huge loads of cargo across the world to different ports, there is a brand new trend that is taking over the travel world and that is the possibility for people to cross the seas on a freight ship!
Paying passengers will be able to have access to almost every area of the ship and will also have guest cabin accommodation for the duration of their journey. It is safe to say that this unorthodox and inventive idea is looking to transform the way that you and I see the world and see cruises too! The CMA CGM Marseille (Courtesy of CMA)

What do the freighter crew think?
While you might think otherwise, it has to be said that the captain and crew aboard a freight liner are often very happy to spend time with other people on the water and are enthusiastic to share their space with new faces. People who have travelled via freight liners have said that their found the crews to be exceptionally welcoming.

Is it for me?
It is easy to think cruising across the seas on a freight liner is unaccommodating however it offers an exciting way to travel for those who prefer a more laid back cruise setting that gives your trip a more rugged edge. Of course this method of holidaying isn't for everyone and you will have to remember that you will not find the sorts of amenities you might find on a normal cruise ship aboard a freight liner.

Where can you go?
If you consider the sheer number of goods that you can find in your local stores for example, you can quickly see that the global shipping industry is huge and needs to find ways of getting us the things we need from countries all over the world. With a freight ship you can travel to almost anywhere in the world. For example the Freighter World Travel Company offer a fantastic 55 day trip that covers Long Beach, California, New Zealand, Australia, Tahiti, Mexico, Washington and British Columbia!

Do you make any stops?
Freight travel is generally geared towards people who love to be at sea and not necessarily fixed at being a a port and seeing that side of things. Freight liners do not tend to stay in a port for too long normally one or two days is enough. However if you would prefer to spend more time in a particular location then you could arrange a stop over and then be picked up at a later time.

If you would prefer to let the freight liners do the hard work in getting goods to other parts of the world then perhaps you would benefit from the help of a parcel delivery service as opposed to travelling yourself. While freight liners tend to carry vast shipments, there is a way that you can send your goods and products overseas and that is through the help of parceldelivery.com. With Parcel Delivery you can get the goods you need from A to B and leave the shipment to the freight liners.


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