List of cruise vessels, Cruise companies, name of each ship and number of passengers

List of cruise vessels, Cruise companies, name of each ship and number of passengers




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Cruise ships list, cruise companies, name of each ship and number of passengers
The cruise industry is changing constantly. This is a summary of which companies are operating which ships at the moment.
For every Operator are indicated: Cruise company, name of each ship and number of passengers.
The below information is correct to the best of the editor's knowledge. Please let us know of changes so that we can keep you up to date.

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Retired ships or laid-up ships at the Retired - Laid Up page
Links to the companies at the Cruise Lines page

Updated July 9, 2024

Abercrombie & Kent
A&K offers exclusive chartered journeys to Antarctica, the Arctic, the Northeast Passage, Japan, Greece, Australia and the Baltics and take place on luxurious all-balcony, exclusively chartered ships. Further European river journeys, canal barge cruises and world's great rivers, from the Mekong to the Yangtze to the Nile.
Crystal Cruises
  • Crystal Symphony, 960 pax (Other image at Brooklyn, New York - photo Ports of America. April 2022: off Freeport, Bahamas)
  • Crystal Serenity, 1,080 pax (The ship at Dubrovnik. Other image in the Arctic. April 2022: off Freeport, Bahamas)
    Ecoventura (Equity partnership)

  • Orient Queen, 370 pax (Ex Med Queen, ex Orient Queen II, ex Vistamar. August 2020: she sunk in the port of Beirut)

    November 2022: CSSC announced that its homegrown domestic Chinese brand, in partnership with Carnival Corporation, will launch service soon under the name Adora Cruises
  • Costa Mediterranea, 2,114 pax (May 2023: CSSC Carnival Cruise Shipping announced that she will start operations in China in the fourth quarter, sailing from Tianjin as Adora Cruises' Mediterranea. November 2023: she began its maiden voyage)
  • Adora Magic City, 5,246 pax (To enter in service by the end of 2023)

    Out of Business
    Dalmacija, 300 pax (March '09: laid up in Rijeka)

  • Ocean Endeavour, 199 pax (Ex Kristina Katarina. Other image with Peregrine Adventures colours. Charter to Intrepid Travel as well)

  • Admiralty Dream, 76 (Ex Spirit of Columbia)
  • Alaskan Dream, 40 (Former Executive Explorer, an overnight cruise catamaran, owned until June 2006 by Glacier Bay Cruiseline)
  • Baranof Dream, 49 pax (Ex Spirit of Alaska)
  • Chichagof Dream, 74 pax (Formerly Spirit of Glacier Bay, Spirit of Nantucket and Nantucket Clipper)
  • Misty Fjord, 10 pax
  • Kruzof Explorer, 12 pax

  • Ocean Albatros, 186 pax (Sixth vessel of the SunStone Ships' Infinity series)
  • Ocean Victory, 186 pax (SunStone Ships' Infinity series. Other image. From April 2025 the Ocean Victory will be trading in the Mediterranean Sea during northern hemisphere summer seasons for Spanish luxury cruise operator Alma Cruceros)
  • Ocean Atlantic (Photo courtesy Frode Adolfsen at

    January 2017: All Leisure Holidays Group declared insolvency
    Swan Hellenic Cruises
    (London, UK)
    February 2017: Toronto-based G Adventures has announced that it is acquiring Swan Hellenic from the liquidators of the All Leisure Group. July 2020: a new company has acquired the Swan Hellenic brand and is thus now building two new expedition ships)
    Voyages Of Discovery (The name was Discovery World Cruises in USA until June 2007)
  • Voyager, 556 pax (Ex Crown Monarch, ex Alexander von Humboldt. January 2017: she is laid up in Singapore. March 2017: sold to unspecified Mexican interests. August 2018: the Vidanta Elegant sits out of service undergoing a major refurbishment in Naples as Grupo Vidante continues to move forward in entering the cruise business. December 2021: Vidanta Cruises is preparing for an early 2022 start to its cruise program)

    (All river ships)
  • Amadeus Nova, 134 pax (Hybrid diesel-electricdrive river boat)
  • Amadeus Riva, 168 pax
  • Amadeus Cara, 168 pax (She is the fourth in a series that also includes Amadeus Silver III, Amadeus Queen and Amadeus Imperial)
  • Amadeus Brilliant, 150 pax
  • Amadeus Star, 164 pax
  • Amadeus Imperial, 168 pax (Sister-ship of the Amadeus Silver III)
  • Amadeus Queen, 164
  • Amadeus Provence, 140 pax
  • Amadeus Silver III, 168 pax
  • Amadeus Silver II, 168 pax
  • Amadeus Brilliant
  • Amadeus Elegant, 150
  • Amadeus Diamond
  • Amadeus Princess, 160 pax
  • Amadeus Royal
  • Amadeus Symphony, 150 pax
  • Amadeus Silver, 168 pax
  • Amadeus Classic
  • Amadeus Rhapsody
  • Amadeus, 146 pax
  • Danubia

  • Ambience, 1,400 pax (Image at Port of Cork, Ireland - credit Aidan-Fleming. Ex Pacific Dawn, ex Regal Princess. November 2019: Cruise & Maritime Voyages has acquired the ship. CMV will take delivery of Amy Johnson on March 2, 2021. September 2020: CMV went out of business and the ship has been sold to another undisclosed buyer. December 2020: Ocean Builders, which was aiming to setup a floating tech hub for small businesses with the aim to support crypto currency off the coast of Panama sold the ship, renamed Satoshi, for scrap. March 2021: sold to a new startup cruise company. Currently in Bar City in Montenegro. May 2021: new UK company Ambassador Cruise Line to set sail the ship as Ambience)
  • Ambition, 1200 pax (Other image at Cork - - Courtesy Tony Mulcahy, Port of Cork. Other image at Belfast. Ex AIDAmira, ex neoRiviera, ex Grand Mistral, ex Festival Cruises' Mistral. Entering service in 2023)

    AMAWATERWAYS (Westlake Village, CA)
  • AmaLucia, 156 pax ("Certo-class" ship)
  • AmaSiena, 156 pax ("Certo-class" ship)
  • AmaMagna, 194 pax
  • AmaMora, 156 pax
  • AmaDouro, 102 pax (Douro River in Portugal)
  • Amalea, 158 pax ("Certo-class" ship)
  • AmaKristina, 158 pax ("Certo-class" ship. Other image at Avignon, France)
  • AmaViola, 158 pax ("Certo-class" ship)
  • AmaStella, 158 pax ("Certo-class" ship)
  • AmaPura, 56 pax (Myanmar river cruises)
  • Zambezi Queen, 28 pax (African river cruises)
  • Amalotus, 124 pax (Mekong River)
  • AmaKatarina, 212 pax (Russian waterways)
  • AmaSonata, 164
  • Amaverde, 162 pax
  • AmaPrima, 164 pax
  • AmaVista, 164 pax
  • La Marguerite, 92 pax (She sails the Mekong in Vietnam and Cambodia)
  • Amabella, 162
  • Amadolce, 148 pax
  • Amadagio, 73 cabins
  • AmaCerto, 164 pax
  • Amalegro, 73 cabins
  • Amacello, 73 cabins
  • Amadante, 73 cabins
  • Amalyra, 148 pax
  • AmaVida, 108 pax (Leasing from Portuguese Douro Azul)
  • AmaReina
  • AmaDara, 62 cabins (Mekong River cruises through Vietnam and Cambodia)
  • AmaSerena, 164 pax) (River cruises in Europe)
  • AmaStella, 164 (River cruises in Europe)
  • AmaDahlia, 68 pax (Nile river cruise ship. Other image)
    (AMA also leases the Lev Tolstoy in Russia, the Amadouro in Portugal and the Swiss Pearl in France)

  • Ambassador Signature
  • Ambassador I
  • Ambassador II

    (Out of Business. Xanterra Parks & Resorts completed the purchase of Windstar Cruises on Wednesday, May 25, 2011)
    Majestic America Line (Seattle) (November '08: it has ceased operations)
  • Queen of the West, 146/163 pax (September '09: sold to Blue Spruce LLC, an affiliate of American Cruise Lines)
  • Empress of the North, 236 pax (May 2013: American Queen Steamboat Company purchased the ship beginning cruises in April 2014 as American Empress)
  • Contessa, 49 pax (Former Executive Explorer, overnight cruise catamaran, owned until June 2006 by Glacier Bay Cruiseline. October '08: she has been taken over by the U.S. Maritime Administration due to unpaid debt. November 2010: acquired by Alaskan Dream Cruises and renamed Alaskan Dream)
  • Columbia Queen, 161 pax (Laid up near Portland, Oregon. March 2016: renamed Louisiane and to be managed by French America Line)
  • American Queen, 436 pax (June 2011: Great American Steamboat Company plans to open for business in mid-August from its Memphis headquarters, with its first cruise set for next April on the 436-passenger American Queen paddlewheeler)
  • Delta Queen, 176 pax (Retired from service in November 2008, now operating as a hotel in Chattanooga, Tenn. November 2018: beginning in 2020, the Delta Queen Steamboat Co intends to offer themed voyages after an extensive renovation)
  • Mississippi Queen, 416 pax (November 2008: she is out of service and probably to be cut down to a barge. She has been dismantled in 2011)
    (American West Steamboat Company and Delta Queen Steamboat Co. began operating under the new name Majestic America Line in October 2006)

    AMERICAN CLASSIC VOYAGES (Chicago) (Out of business)
    American Hawaii Cruises (New Orleans, LA) (Out of business)
    United States Lines (New Orleans, LA) (Out of business)
    Delta Queen Coastal Voyages (New Orleans, LA) (Out of business)
    Cape May Light, 226 pax (Laid up near Jacksonville, Fla. since 2002. April 2010: charter to house earthquake aid workers at Haiti as Sea Voyager. September 2011: named Sea Discoverer is docked in Barrow in Furness UK as accommodation for wind farm workers. July 2014: currently Sea Voyager she will undergo a $3.5 million refurbishment and be renamed Saint Laurent by Haimark Line. June 2016: Victory Cruise Lines has announced it intends to begin sailing from Montreal, Canada, to ports in Canada and on the U.S. Great Lakes on July 8 renaming the ship Victory I)
    Cape Cod Light, 226 pax (Also Sea Discoverer. MARAD, the U.S. Maritime Administration was the owner of the two ships. June 2008: European shipping consortium Clipper Group purchased the two coastal cruisers. ISP - International Shipping Partners , currently FleetPro Ocean, will manage the two coastal vessels. July 2017: Victory Cruise Lines announced it has acquired the ship as the Victory II)

    April 2024: ACL Purchases American Queen Voyages' River Ships (American Duchess, American Countess, American Empress and American Queen. May 2024: American Countess and American Duchess are set to be scrapped)
  • American Glory, 100 pax (American Eagle sister ship)
  • American Eagle, 100 pax (The 1st of 12 new planned Coastal Cats)
  • American Serenade, 180 pax
  • American Symphony, 175 pax (American Melody sister ship)
  • American Melody, 175 pax
  • American Jazz, 190 pax
  • American Harmony, 200 pax
  • American Song, 200 pax (Other image)
  • American Constitution, 170 pax
  • American Constellation, 170 pax (Other image)
  • American Glory, 49 pax
  • American Spirit, 93 pax
  • American Star, 100 pax
  • Independence, 104 pax
  • American Eagle, 49 pax (As of 2013 the vessel was in laid up in Salisbury, MD and listed for sale)
    Pearl Seas Cruises (Guilford, CT)
  • Pearl Mist, 214 pax (Other photo courtesy Dennis Jarvis, Halifax NS)
    Paddlewheel Fleet (October 2021: American Cruise Lines announced that its fleet of four classic paddlewheelers will be undergoing a major redesign, refit, and rebranding)
  • America, 185 pax (To be renamed American Splendor)
  • Queen of the Mississippi, 150 (Originally American Eagle. To be renamed American Heritage)
  • Queen of the West, 120 pax (To be renamed American West)
  • American Pride, 150

    AMERICAN QUEEN VOYAGES - HORNBLOWER GROUP (Former American Queen Steamboat Company, Great American Steamboat Company)(Fort Lauderdale)
    (April 2024: ACL Purchases American Queen Voyages' River Ships (American Duchess, American Countess, American Empress and American Queen. February 2024: American Queen Voyages (AQV) has shut down permanently. All voyages have been canceled. Hornblower Group announced that it has entered into an agreement with its investors that will strengthen the Company's financial foundation and position Hornblower for a successful future and American Queen Voyages will be sold)
    American Queen Voyages River
  • American Queen, 436 pax
  • American Empress, 223 pax (Ex Empress of the North)
  • American Duchess, 166 pax (Ex Bettendorf Capri)
  • American Countess, 245 pax (Paddle wheeler river ship. Former gaming vessel, the Kanesville Queen refurbished and updated. Other image)
    American Queen Voyages Lakes & Ocean (Formerly Victory Cruise Lines) (November 2018: AQSC announced a definitive agreement to acquire the Victory I and sister ship Victory II from Sunstone Ships, Inc., as well as the Victory brand)
    (May 2024: Ocean Voyager and Ocean Navigator will sail the Great Lakes under their former names, Victory I and Victory II as a revival of the Victory Cruise Lines brand)
  • Victory I - Ocean Voyager, 202 pax (Ex Delta Queen's Cape May Light, ex Haimark Line's Saint Laurent. June 2023: AQV has announced its intent to sell Ocean Navigator and Ocean Voyager)
  • Victory II - Ocean Navigator, 202 pax (Ex Cape Cod Light of 2001. Other image. Victory II with enclosed Hot Rock Grill after - Montreal 31/07/2018, copyright Rene Beauchamp. Other image at Detroit. June 2023: AQV has announced its intent to sell Ocean Navigator and Ocean Voyager)
    American Queen Voyages Expedition
    (American Queen Voyages Expedition will operate all-inclusive cruises to Alaska on the Ocean Victory in 2022 and the Ocean Discoverer in 2023)
  • Ocean Victory, 186 pax

  • Amet Majesty (Training ship. Ex Star Cruises' Wasa Queen)

  • Antara Ganges Voyager
  • Antara Ganges Voyager II
  • Antara Nauka Vilas
  • Antara Ganga Vilas
  • Antara Bengal Ganga

    ANTARCTICA21 (Former ANTARCTICA XXI) (Punta Arenas, Chile)
  • Magellan Explorer, 70 pax
  • Ocean Nova, 67 pax (Other image at Copenhagen. Ex Sapik Ittuk. Charter to PolarQuest as well)
  • Hebridean Sky, 75 pax (Formerly the Renaissance VIII, Sea Explorer, Island Sun, Corinthian II)

    ANTARCTIC SHIPPING SA (Santiago, Chile)
    Antarctic Dream, 39 cabins

    ANTARPPLY S.A. (Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego - Argentina)
  • Ushuaia, 35 cabins (Other image)

  • Aqua Amazon, 24 pax (July 2016: an accident occurred that caused an explosion and resulted in the sinking of the ship)
  • Aria Amazon, 16 cabins
  • Aqua Mekong, 40 pax
  • Aqua Blu, 15 suites (Coastal ship: a refurbished british naval explorer, the HMS Beagle)
  • Aqua Nera, 20 suites (River boat to sail the Amazon)
  • Aqua Mare, 16 pax (Galapagos Islands)

  • World Dream, 3,376 pax (Other image at Hong Kong, and arriving at Singapore. November 2022: she will be sold via sealed bids on Dec. 21. Currently in a state of warm lay up near Singapore. March 2023: sold at an auction in Singapore to Cruise Saudi. June 2023: Cruise Saudi has announced the launch of its own cruise line, Aroya Cruises)

  • A-Rosa Sena, 140 cabins (E-Motion river cruise vessel, new 2022)
  • A-Rosa Aqua, 202 pax
  • A-Rosa Brava
  • A-Rosa Viva, 242 pax
  • A-Rosa Silva
  • A-Rosa Flora
  • A-Rosa Bella, 242 pax
  • A-Rosa Donna, 242 pax
  • A-Rosa Mia, 242 pax
  • A-Rosa Riva, 242 pax
  • A-Rosa Alva, 126 (Douro River, Portugal)
  • A-Rosa Stella, 174
  • A-Rosa Luna, 174 pax
    (All the ships are river cruise vessels. September 2023: A-Rosa is expanding its fleet for the 2024 season, with the addition of two ships A-Rosa Alea and A-Rosa Clea)

    ARENA RIVER CRUISES (Former The River Cruise Line, UK)
  • Lady Anne, 109 pax
  • Serenity, 190 pax
  • Arena (Four-star ship on an exclusive long term charter will be formally introduced in Amsterdam on 31 March, 2020)
    (In addition to its chartered Serenity and Lady Anne, Arena River Cruises markets cruises on a number of other river vessels as well)

    ASSAM BENGAL NAVIGATION (Ambari in India and London)
    (Assam Bengal Navigation have four elegant river ships and a charming private houseboat for river cruises in India)
  • Sukapha, 12 cabins
  • Charaidew, 12 cabins
  • ABN Rajmahal, 22 cabins

    Arabella, 40 pax (Sailing cruise ship)
    Madeleine (Schooner)
    Rum Runner II (Motor yacht for day trips)

  • World Voyager, 200 pax
  • World Navigator, 200 pax (Other image in Antarctica)
  • World Traveller, 200 pax
    Nicko Cruises (Germany)
  • World Voyager, 200 pax
    The nicko cruises fleet includes 26 river ships, expedition ship World Voyager and classic ocean Vasco Da Gama (Ex Vasco Da Gama - CMV, ex Statendam. January 2023: the Vasco da Gama is set to be operated by French tour operator TMR Voyages for three weeks in spring 2023)

    Island Sun (Planned charter from Mauritius Island Cruises. To begin cruises at the end of November 2004)
    World Discoverer (To begin cruises in mid December 2004. Mortgage holder Sembawang Shipyard, Singapore, took possession of the World Discoverer on June 18, 2004, until September 2007 when the ship was sold to Silversea)

  • Sylvia Earle, 130 pax (SunStone's Infinity series, sister ship of Greg Mortimer. Fourth of Infinity Class)
  • Greg Mortimer 120 pax (Infinity-class X-bow expeditions ship by Ulstein Design & Solutions. Other image)
  • Polar Pioneer 56 pax (Polar Routes charters Polar Pioneer for 2025 Antarctica sailings)
  • Coral Expeditions I
  • Isabela II, 40 pax
  • Spirit of Enderby, 48 pax (Images inside after refurbishment in May 2019)
  • Coral Discoverer, 72 pax
    Vantage Explorations
    August 2023: Aurora Expeditions to Form New Vantage Explorations Company. Aurora Expeditions Chairman Neville Buch said Vantage Deluxe World Travel will be renamed Vantage Explorations and will offer "Vantage style" trips in the new year

  • Stella Australis, 200
  • Ventus Australis, 210 pax

    (All river vessels)
  • Avalon View, 130 pax (Suite Ship for European river cruises)
  • Avalon Alegria, 102 pax (Douro River cruises)
  • Avalon Envision, 166 pax (Suite Ship for European river cruises)
  • Avalon Saigon, 36 pax (For Mekong River in Southeast Asia)
  • Avalon Myanmar, 36 pax (Cruises on the Irrawaddy River)
  • Avalon Imagery II, 128 pax
  • Avalon Passion, 128 pax
  • Avalon Tranquility II
  • Avalon Tapestry II, 128 pax
  • Avalon Siem Reap, 36 pax (For Mekong River)
  • Avalon Imagery, 170 pax
  • Avalon Illumination, 166 pax
  • Avalon Angkor, 32 pax
  • Avalon Vista, 166 pax
  • Avalon Visionary, 128 pax
  • Avalon Panorama, 164 pax
  • Avalon Creativity, 138
  • Avalon Felicity, 138 pax
  • Avalon Luminary, 138 pax
  • Avalon Affinity, 138 pax
  • Avalon Tapestry, 164 pax
  • Avalon Artistry, 178
  • Avalon Poetry, 176 pax
  • Avalon Artistry II, 128 pax
  • Avalon Expression, 166 pax
  • Avalon Impression
  • Avalon Poetry II
  • Farah (Nile cruises in Egypt)

    Aventura, 75 pax, 6 cabins (River vessel)

  • Paukan 1947 16 cabins (The original built in 1947)
  • Paukan 2007, 55 pax
  • Paukan 2012
  • Irrawaddy Explorer - Paukan 2014, 56 pax (Former Haimark Line's Irrawaddy Explorer)
  • Paukan 2015, 36 pax

    AZAMARA CRUISES (Former Azamara Club Cruises. Royal Caribbean Group sold the brand to Sycamore Partners)
  • Azamara Pursuit, 710 pax (Ex Adonia, ex Royal Princess, ex Minerva II, ex R8. Sister ship to Pacific Princess and Tahitian Princess. Ex Fathom's Adonia - Photo credit Reuters/Alexandre Meneghini)
  • Azamara Journey, 698 pax (Ex Celebrity Journey, Ex Blue Dream, ex Blue Star: the former Renaissance R6. Photo courtesy FrangiB46 at
  • Azamara Quest, 684 pax (Ex R7, Delphin Renaissance, ex Pullmantur Cruises' Blue Moon. The ship with the previously white hull)
  • Azamara Onward, 688 pax (Former Pacific Princess. The ship at Sydney. Ex R3. Other images with the old livery and in Skagway, Alaska. January 2021 sold to Azamara)

    (Cruises throughout the Galapagos Islands)
  • Isabela II, 40 pax
  • La Pinta, 48 pax
  • Galapagos Journey 1, 18 pax (Catamaran)
  • Galapagos Legend, 100 pax
  • Grand Odyssey, 16 pax
  • Galapagos Odyssey, 16 pax
  • Santa Cruz, 90

    (Out of business)
  • Birka Stockholm (Birka Paradise until 2013. July 2020: Eckerö is shutting down its Birka Cruises subsidiary, citing the COVID-19 pandemic. March 2022: vessel laid up in Mariehamn, Finland. March 2023: Gotlandsbolaget buys Birka Stockholm for Baltic cruises and traffic between Stockholm, Mariehamn and Visby. January 2024: Birka Stockholm will be renamed Birka Gotland. She will offer cruises from the end of March 2024 under brand Gotland Alandia Cruises)

  • Knyaz Vladimir, 674 pax (Ex Azur and The Azur, ex Royal Iris)

    (August 2020: Blount Small Ship Adventures ceases operations and is working to sell all three of its small cruise ships)
  • Grande Mariner, 100 pax
  • Grande Caribe, 100 pax
  • Niagara Prince, 90 pax. (In late 2006, the Company donated the ship to three New England colleges, but after being unable to devise a suitable "Semester at Sea" program, the vessel was then sold back to ACCL in 2008)

    BOHAI FERRY (Hong Kong)
  • Chinese Taishan, 840 berth (Ex Costa Voyager, - image by Roberto Munao', ex Iberocruceros Grand Voyager - image by Steed at, ex Royal Olympic Cruises' Olympic Voyager)

    Pacific Aurora, 90 pax (Sold to Marine Growth Ventures, Inc. in May 2007)

    BLUE LAGOON CRUISES (Fiji Islands)
  • Fiji Princess, 68 pax
  • Mystique Princess, 36 deluxe staterooms (Available as a full charter yacht only, currently out of service in Lautoka)

  • SV Spirit Pacific, 26 pax (Topsail Schooner)
  • Reef Endeavour, 130 pax (To be replaced in August 2023 by Caledonian Sky. Other image in London, another one . Ex Hebridean Spirit, ex Renaissance VI, Sun Viva 2, MegaStar Capricorn. May 2023: Captain Cook Cruises Fiji will be operating the ship in Fiji on a long-term charter beginning August 2023. She will replace the Reef Endeavour)
  • Fiji One (Sailing catamaran x daily excursions)
  • Ra Marama (A brigantine x daily excursions)

    (December 2022: Carnival Corp. confirmed it would sell off three more ships, including two from its Costa fleet)
    Carnival Cruise Line (Miami, FL)
    (In May 2021 Carnival Cruise Line announces new red, white and blue hull design across fleet as the livery of Mardi Gras. February 2024: Carnival Firenze has officially joined the Carnival Cruise Line fleet from sister line Costa Cruises, growing the Carnival fleet to 27 ships)
  • Carnival Jubilee, approximately 6,400 pax (Third LNG-powered Ship, Excel-class. Other image at Galveston)
  • Carnival Venezia, 5,145 pax (Ex Costa Venezia)
  • Carnival Celebration, 5,200-plus lower berth (Second Excel-Class Ship - LNG-powered)
  • Carnival Luminosa, 2,826 pax (Former Costa Luminosa. Other image in Trieste. To start service in November 2022)
  • Mardi Gras, 5,200-plus lower berth pax (New LNG-powered ship design. Other image at San Juan, Puerto Rico)
  • Carnival Panorama, 2,004 cabins (Images of the retail area)
  • Carnival Horizon, 3,954 pax
  • Carnival Vista, 3,954 pax
  • Carnival Breeze, 3,690 pax
  • Carnival Magic, 3,652 pax (Other image at New York)
  • Carnival Sunshine, 2,642 pax (Other image at New Orleans with old livery. Ex Carnival Destiny)
  • Carnival Ecstasy, 2,040 pax (January 2022: she will be retired from the fleet following its last cruise October 2022)
  • Carnival Elation, 2.040 pax (Courtesy Jacksonville Port Authority. Other image at shipyard under refurbishment)
  • Carnival Fantasy, 2,044 pax (Other image at Mobile. July 2020: Carnival Cruise Line announced it had sold the Carnival Fantasy. Sent to Turkish scrappers)
  • Carnival Imagination, 2,040 pax (July 2020: moved to a long term lay-up status. September 2020: Carnival Cruise Line announced the sale of the ship. Sent to Turkish scrappers)
  • Carnival Inspiration, 2,040 pax (July 2020: Carnival Cruise Line announced it had sold the Carnival Inspiration. Sent to Turkish scrappers)
  • Carnival Paradise, 2,040 pax (Other image in Havana)
  • Carnival Sensation, 2,040 pax (January 2022: she will be retired from the fleet fall 2022. April 2022: beached for scrapping in Turkey)
  • Carnival Triumph, 2,758 pax (After a two-month-long refurbishment she will be renamed Carnival Sunrise in April 2019)
  • Carnival Radiance, 2,758 pax (Former Carnival Victory. Renamed in September 2021 after a bow-to-stern refurbishment)
  • Carnival Spirit, 2,124 pax (Other image at Sydney with old white bow)
  • Carnival Pride, 2,124 pax
  • Carnival Legend, 2,124 pax (The ship at Sydney, with old hull, photo credit J. Morgan)
  • Carnival Conquest, 2,974 pax
  • Carnival Glory, 2,974 pax
  • Carnival Miracle, 2,124 / 2,680 pax (Other image at San Francisco)
  • Carnival Valor, 2,974 pax
  • Carnival Liberty, 2,974
  • Carnival Freedom, 3,734 pax (October 2023: Carnival Freedom returns to service with new look and new funnel after extensive refurbishment)
  • Carnival Splendor, 3,006 pax
  • Carnival Dream, 3,608 pax
    Costa Cruises Asia / China (Planned project - abandoned)
  • Costa Firenze, 4,200 pax (Other image in Genoa. To be transfered to the Carnival fleet in 2024 as Carnival Firenze)
    Costa Crociere (Genoa, Italy and Miami, FL)
  • Costa Toscana, 6,600 pax (Other image)
  • Costa Smeralda, 6,600 pax (Other image in Savona, Italy)
  • Costa Diadema, 3,700 pax (Other image at Genoa)
  • Costa Fascinosa, 3,012 pax
  • Costa Favolosa, 3,012 pax
  • Costa Deliziosa, 2,862 (Other image in Trieste)
  • Costa Pacifica, 3,780 pax (Other image at Lerwich. Pacifica and Luminosa in Genoa)
  • Costa Victoria, 1950 pax (June 2020: sold to San Giorgio del Porto shipyard in Genoa for demolition. January 2021: to be towed to Turkey where she will be demolished)
  • Costa neoClassica, 654 cabins (Ex Costa Classica. Costa neoClassica was built in 1991 and is now the oldest ship in the fleet. August 2017: it has been reported that she will soon be headed to Florida to join Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line. December 2017: she will begin operations in April 2018 as Grand Classica)
  • Costa Allegra, 804 pax (Out of service due to fire while off the coast of Africa in February 2012. Laid up in Savona)
  • Costa Fortuna, 3,470 pax
  • Costa Concordia, 3,800 pax (Partially sunk off the Italian island of Giglio on Friday, 13th Jan, 2012)
  • Costa Serena, 3,780 pax (Other image)
    Cunard Line
  • Queen Anne, 3,000 pax (Other image at Liverpool)
  • Queen Elizabeth, 2,092 pax (Image Steve Dunlop/courtesy Cunard Line. Other image with Queen Mary at Long Beach in 2013, at Sydney and at Vancouver)
  • Queen Mary 2, 2,620 / 2,800 pax (Other image at Sept Iles, in Hamburg (Photo / Jörg Modrow) in Liverpool and at Saguenay)
  • Queen Victoria, 2,000 pax
    (The fleet in May 2014: Queen Mary 2 is greeted by Queen Elizabeth (left) and Queen Victoria (right) as the Cunard flagship arrives into Southampton, England. Below, from the left: Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria and Queen Mary 2)
    Seabourn Cruises
  • Seabourn Venture, 264 pax (New expedition class ship)
  • Seabourn Pursuit, 264 pax (Second expedition class ship. Other image at La Valletta, Malta)
  • Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit (Side by side in Antarctica, November 2023)
  • Seabourn Ovation, 604 pax (Other image at Liverpool, photo credit Jason Roberts)
  • Seabourn Encore, 604 pax
  • Seabourn Quest, 450 pax (Other image courtesy Robin West, Seabourn's manager of expedition operations and the ship at Saguenay)
  • Seabourn Sojourn, 450 pax (Other image)
  • Seabourn Odyssey, 450 pax (March 2023: sold to MOL Group / Mitsui O.S.K. Lines for delivery in September 2024 as Mitsui Ocean Fuji)
    Holland America Line (Seattle, WA)
  • Rotterdam VII, 2,662 pax (Third "Pinnacle" class ship. Other image at Fincantieri, other at Rotterdam)
  • Nieuw Statendam, 2,660 pax (Other image at Kiel)
  • Nieuw Amsterdam, 2,106 pax
  • Volendam, 1,440 pax (Other image)
  • Zaandam,1,440 pax
  • Zuiderdam, 1,848 pax
  • Oosterdam, 1,848 pax (Other image in Antarctica)
  • Westerdam, 1,848 pax
  • Noordam, 1,848 pax
  • Eurodam, 2,104 pax
  • Koningsdam 2,650 pax (Pinnacle class ship)
    P&O Cruises (London, UK)
  • Arvia, 5,200 (Second LNG-powered ship, Iona sister ship. Grand Atrium image)
  • Iona, 5,200 pax (New LNG-powered ship. Other image at Meyer Werft. The Grand Atrium)
  • Britannia, 3,611 pax
  • Azura, 3,076 pax (Other image at Southampton)
  • Aurora, 1,878 pax (Other image at Sydney)
  • Arcadia, 1,968 pax
  • Ventura, 3,100 lower berth (The ship with the old livery)
    P&O Cruises Australia (Australia)
    (July 2022: Pacific Encounter and Pacific Adventure are undergoing final preparations ahead of joining Pacific Explorer to complete P&O Cruises Australia's three-ship fleet. June 2024: Carnival Corporation & plc announced that in March 2025, the company will sunset the P&O Cruises Australia brand and fold the Australia operations into Carnival Cruise Line. Pacific Encounter and Pacific Adventure ships will be rebranded and operated by Carnival Cruise Line brand. Pacific Explorer will exit the fleet in February of 2025)
  • Pacific Explorer, 2,000 pax (Other image at Sydney, April 2022. Ex Dawn Princess)
  • Pacific Encounter, 2,602 pax (Other image. Ex Star Princess. Other image at San Francisco.)
  • Pacific Adventure, 3,100 pax (ex Golden Princess. Other image courtesy Francisco Camino)
    (November 25th, 2015: all five of P&O Cruises Australia's fleet sailing into Sydney harbour)
    Princess Cruises (London, UK and Los Angeles, CA)
  • Sun Princess, 4,300 pax (New LNG "Sphere" Class Ship)
  • Discovery Princess, 3,660 pax
  • Enchanted Princess, 3,660 pax
  • Sky Princess, 4,610 pax
  • Majestic Princess, 3600 pax (Other image at Singapore)
  • Regal Princess, 3560 pax (Other image at Galveston, Texas)
  • Royal Princess, 3600 pax
  • Emerald Princess
  • Grand Princess, 2,590 pax
  • Coral Princess, 1,970 pax (Other old image)
  • Island Princess, 1,974 pax (Other image at Vancouver)
  • Diamond Princess, 2,670 pax (The ship with the old livery. Other image at Singapore with Sapphire Princess)
  • Caribbean Princess, 3,110 pax (Other image in the Panama Canal in Agua Clara, near Colon)
  • Sapphire Princess, 2,670 pax (Other image in Seattle with the old livery)
  • Crown Princess, 3,114 pax (Other image with old white hull)
  • Ruby Princess, 3,100 (Other image at Galveston)
    Aida Cruises (Germany)
  • AIDAmira, 1700 pax (Ex neoRiviera, ex Grand Mistral, ex Festival Cruises' Mistral. January 2022: she will leave the fleet by March 2022 sold to Ambassador Cruise Line as Ambition)
  • AIDAcosma, 5,228 pax (Second LNG-powered Helios-class, sister ship AIDAnova)
  • AIDAnova, 5,228 pax (LNG-powered - Helios-class. The ship at Tenerife, Spain)
  • AIDAperla, 3,300 pax (Sister ship of AIDAprima)
  • AIDAprima, 3250 pax (Detail of the bow, other image the ship in Hamburg. At the Hamburg Port Anniversary - by Christian Lietzmann)
  • AIDAStella, 2,194 pax
  • AIDAmar, 2,174 pax (Other image at Rostock-Warnemünde)
  • AIDAsol, 2,174 pax (Other image, christening in Kiel)
  • AIDAdiva, 2,030 pax (Other image @ Curao - courtesy AIDA Cruises)
  • AIDAbella, 2,030 pax (The ship in Shangai, April 2017)
  • AIDAluna, 2,030 pax Other image at Kiel, credit Julian Gloeckner)
  • AIDAblu, 2,174 pax (Other image in Hamburg)
    Iberocruceros (Spain) (Joint venture between Carnival Corporation & plc and Orizonia Corporación)
  • Grand Celebration, 1900 pax (Ex Carnival Celebration. May 2014: she will be transferred to Costa Crociere later this year, becoming the Costa Celebration. December 2014: Costa cancelled the cruise program and the ship was transfered to Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, former Celebration Cruise Line until Spring 2015 and renamed Grand Celebration)
  • Grand Holiday, 1,452 pax (Ex Carnival Holiday. November 2014: Cruise & Maritime Voyages announced that the Grand Holiday will be joining its fleet in Spring 2015 as the Magellan - Photo M. Witte)
    fathom (Out of business as a cruise line. Currently Fathom Travel)
  • Adonia, 710 pax (Photo credit Reuters/Alexandre Meneghini. Ex Adonia, ex Royal Princess, ex Minerva II, ex R8. Sister ship to Pacific Princess and Tahitian Princess. November 2016: Carnival Corp. announces that Fathom is ceasing operation by June 2017 and the Adonia will head back to service under P&O. March 2018: delivered to Azamara and renamed Azamara Pursuit)
    Adora Cruises Limited (Ex CSSC Carnival Cruise Shipping) (China, joint venture between China State Shipbuilding Corporation and Carnival Corporation: to begin operation by the end of 2019. July 2022: still sporting Costa's colors and features, the Atlantica and the Mediterranea remain anchored off the coast of Cyprus since late April)
  • Costa Atlantica, 2,210 pax (Currently out of service. November 2023: Sold to Classica Cruise Lines / Margaritaville at Sea and renamed Margaritaville Islander)
  • Costa Mediterranea, 2,114 pax (May 2023: CSSC Carnival Cruise Shipping announced that she will start operations in China in the fourth quarter, sailing from Tianjin as Adora Cruises' Mediterranea)

    The Company manages several river cruise ships in China included the OTC Victoria Series (Victoria I, Victoria II, Victoria III, Victoria V, Victoria VII), Victoria Angel, Victoria Princess, Victoria Pearl and Victoria Blue Whale.

    (All river vessels)
    Three Kingdoms

  • Century Star, 186 pax
  • Century Sky, 306 pax
  • Century Sun, 306 pax
  • Century Diamond, 264 pax
  • Century Emerald, 264 pax
  • Century Legend, 398 pax
  • Century Paragon, 398 pax (Photo courtesy Yangtzeboats at
    (All the avove ships are river vessels)
  • Century Harmony (Former Carnival Fascination. Older image before the "Evolutions of Fun" upgrade that included the addition of new balcony suites. July 2020: moved to a long term lay-up status. September 2020: Carnival Cruise Line announced the sale of the ship. October 2020: she has been sold to a company in Asia as accommodation ship. June 2021: Carnival Fascination undergoes refurbishment in China to begin service as Century Harmony. February 2022: at breaking yard in Pakistan)

    Out of business
    November 2012: Classic International Cruises Australia went into voluntary administration. January 2013: Potamianos brothers have bought the Princess Daphne back from a Portuguese bank. Furthermore, the Arion, Athena, Funchal (Photo D.R.Carneiro) and Princess Danae have also been sold to Portuguese businessman Rui Alegre, who intends to resume operations with Portuscale Cruises
  • Princess Daphne, 548 pax (Ex Port Sydney, Akrotiri Express, Daphne, Switzerland, Ocean Odyssey, Ocean Monarch. Sister ship of the Princess Danae. October 2011: in April 2012 Princess Daphne will be going on charter to Ambiente Kreuzfahrten of Berlin and renamed Ambiente. October 2012: Ambiente Kreutzfahrten has decided to terminate the contract after the vessel was arrested for debt at the Greek port of Souda. May 2013: she is laid up in Crete)

    CLUB CRUISE (Holland)
    The Company is out of business
  • Van Gogh 506 pax, (Ex Odessa Sky. Photo courtesy ABP. January 2008: Club Cruise has created a new U.K. tour operating division named Van Gogh Cruises which has then closed in May. Van Gogh is to be chartered to the Russian market by company Metropolis Tur from June to October 2008. In 2009 she was acquired by Salamis Cruises and renamed Salamis Filoxenia)
  • Albatros (March '09: purchased by Phoenix Seereisen)
  • Astoria, 500 pax (Former Arkona)
  • New Flamenco, 798 pax (Ex Spirit of London, ex Festival's Flamenco. March '09: sold to Singapore Star Shipping then sold for scrap. In 2012 the ship was saved from the scrapyard and was renamed Ocean Dream. Now owned by Runfeng Ocean Deluxe Cruises, she began operating cruises from Haikou, China to Halong Bay, Vietnam. The ship capsized and sank off Laem Chabang, Sri Racha,Thailand in shallow water on 27 February 2016 after having been abandoned without crew or maintenance for about a year)
  • Alexander von Humboldt, 352 pax (Ex Saga Pearl ex Minerva. All Leisure Group acquired the ship in an auction in November '09. December '09: chartered to Phoenix Seereisen in Germany from May to October 2010. September 2011: in November 2012 she will start sailing for Voyages of Discovery with a new name, MV Voyager)

    CLUB MED(France)
  • Club Med 2, 392 pax (September 2022: set for a major refit in 2022)

    COMMODORE HOLDINGS LTD (Out of business)
    Commodore Cruise Line (South Hollywood, FL)
    Enchanted Isle, 729 pax (Ex Argentina, Veendam, Brazil, Monarch Star, Bermuda Star)
    Enchanted Capri, 500 pax (October 2006: the ship has been sold to the Mexican Company Demar in a hire-purchase agreement. Enchanted Capri has been on charter to Demar for the past three years. International Shipping Partners, Inc. will still manage the ship)
    Enchanted Sun, 1,050 pax (Interrupted plan of cruises, from the Port of San Diego and Rosarito, Mexico - agreement to charter the vessel)
    Crown Cruise Line
    Crown Dynasty, 820 pax (Former Norwegian Dynasty - sold to Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines and renamed Braemar)

  • Aranui 5, 254 pax (Other image. Cargo-passenger ship, she has replaced the Aranui III in November 2015, wich replaced the Aranui II)

    CORAL EXPEDITIONS (Former Coral Princess Cruises, Australia)
  • Coral Expeditions I, 50 pax (Ex Coral Princess I)
  • Coral Expeditions II, 50 pax (Ex Coral Princess II)
  • Coral Discoverer, 72 pax (Ex Oceanic Discoverer, ex Oceanic Princess)
  • Coral Adventurer, 120 pax (Other image at Keelung, Taiwan)
  • Coral Geographer, 120 pax

  • Empress (Ex Empress of the Seas, other image in Havana, other image in Key West, ex Empress, ex Empress of the Seas, former Nordic Empress. Sold to Indian startup Cordelia Cruises in December 2020)

  • Jacques Cartier, 66 berth (Former an excursion vessel. To begin cruises on the St Lawrence River in 2018)

    (All river vessels and barges)
  • Zimbabwean Dream (River cruises in Southern Africa on Lake Kariba)
  • Amalia Rodrigues, 132 (For the Douro, sister ship to Miguel Torga)
  • African Dream, 16 pax (New 2017, Chobe and Zambezi Rivers in Africa)
  • Indochine II, 60 pax (New 2017, cruises on the Mekong)
  • Douce France II, 106 (New June 2017)
  • Miguel Torga, 132 (Portugal's Douro River)
  • Gerard Schmitter
  • Lafayette, 84
  • Cyrano de Bergerac, 180 pax (Photo credit: Rolf Heinrich, Kln)
  • Princesse d'Aquitanie
  • France, 80 cabins
  • Seine Princess, 138 pax
  • Modigliani, 80 cabins
  • Victor Hugo, 50 cabins
  • Leonard de Vinci, 72 cabins
  • La Boheme, 80 cabins
  • Douce France, 80 cabins
  • Camargue, 104 pax (Renovated 2015)
  • Symphonie II, 110 (New 2017)
  • Renoir, 105 pax (Renovated 2017)
  • Mistral, 80 cabins
  • Van Gogh, 105 pax (Renovated 2017)
  • Monet, 80 cabins (Construction 1999 and refurbished in 2007)
  • Mona Lisa, 50 cabins
  • Vasco de Gama, 71 cabins
  • Fernao de Magalhaes, 71 cabins
  • Beethoven, 180 pax
  • Vivaldi, 180 pax
  • Infante don Henrique
  • Anne-Marie (canal barge)
  • Jeanine (canal barge)
  • Madeleine (canal barge)
  • Raymonde (canal barge)
  • Indochine (Vietnam and Cambodge)
  • Dnieper Princess (Ukraine)
  • Alexandre Pouchkine (Russia)
  • Lenin (Russia)
  • Leonid Sobolev (Russia)
  • Maxim Gorki (Russia)
  • Michelangelo, 80 cabins
  • Botticelli, 154 pax
  • L'Europe
  • Belle de Cadiz, 180 pax (River and sea cruises in the Iberian peninsula)
  • Loire Princesse, 96 pax (Paddlewheel river cruise ship. Photo Bernard Biger - CroisiEurope)
  • Elbe Princesse, 80 pax (Paddlewheel river cruise ship)
  • Elbe Princesse II, 86 (Paddlewheel ship for the Elbe River)
  • Gil Eanes, 132 pax (Cruises on the Douro River)
  • Daniéle, 24 (Two deck barge)
  • Déborah, 24 (Two deck barge. The image is of sister barge Daniéle)
  • Belle de l'Adriatique, 197 pax (Coastal cruising in the Adriatic Sea. Other image)
  • Galateia
  • La Belle des Océans, 130 pax (Ex Silver Discoverer. Former Intrav / Clipper Cruise Line's Clipper Odyssey)

    Skorpios I, 74 pax
    Skorpios II, 140 pax
    Skorpios III, 100 pax

    (July 2020: Cruise & Maritime Voyages has been placed into administration in the UK, while TransOcean Tours - owned by CMV - is facing the same scenario in Germany. The company was due to get two Carnival Corp. ships in 2021 as P&O Australia's Pacific Aria and Pacific Dawn were set to transfer)
    Cruise & Maritime Voyages - CMV
  • Vasco da Gama, 1,266 pax (Pictured at Singapore with Columbus. Ex Pacific Eden, ex Statendam. October 2020: acquired by Mystic Invest. January 2021: she will be operating under Mystic Cruises' German-based cruise brand, Nicko)
  • Marco Polo, 848 pax (Former Alexandr Pushkin. Other image at Damen Shiprepair Vlissingen, another by M. Sudders. Another courtesy CMV. October 2020: projected to be scrapped. January 2021: the Marco Polo is getting scrapped)
  • Astoria, 520 pax (She is the Azores, chartered from Portuscale Cruises. January 2020: Astoria will be leaving the CMV fleet and 2020 will be her farewell season. January 2022: docked in the Netherlands)
  • Columbus, 1,800 pax (Ex Pacific Pearl, photo credit John Wilson at Ex Ocean Village, ex P&O's Arcadia, Sitmar Fairmajesty, Star Princess. She was the first ship in the new Ocean Village branch of P&O launched in May 2003. She arrived in Singapore on April 12 to start the refit that will ready her for the new life operating cruises from London Tilbury. October 2020: purchased by Seajets' Marios Iliopoulos)
  • Amy Johnson, 2020 pax (EX Pacific Dawn, ex Regal Princess. November 2019: Cruise & Maritime Voyages has acquired the ship. CMV will take delivery of Amy Johnson on March 2, 2021)
    Transocean Tours (German branch of Cruise & Maritime Voyages)
  • Astor, 590 pax (Other image. Former Fedor Dostoyevskiy. October 2020: projected to be scrapped. November 2020: beached in Turkey)
  • Ida Pfeiffer, 1,266 pax (Ex Pacific Aria, ex Ryndam. November 2019: Cruise & Maritime Voyages has acquired the ship. CMV will take delivery of Pacific Aria on May 2, 2021)
    (Transocean Tours currently also offers cruises on several river cruise ships)
    Cruceros Marìtimos Vacacionales
  • Magellan, 1,452 pax (Photo M. Witte. Other image. Ex Grand Holiday, ex Carnival Holiday. December 2017: she will be deployed to the Pacific Coast of Mexico for winter 2019 for Cruceros Marìtimos Vacacionales. December 2019: artist impression of the ship with the planned new livery. October 2020: purchased by Seajets' Marios Iliopoulos. January 2021: under the name Mages heading east to India to be scrapped)
    Croisières Maritimes et Voyages
  • Jules Verne (The Astor will be renamed Jules Verne and re-deployed to the French market, where she will commence cruise operations in May 2021)

    Monarch (River e coastal cruises)

    Lyubov Orlova, 122 pax (September 2010: under arrest in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. January 2012: sold to unidentified buyers. August 2012: sold for scrap. January 2013: towed to the Dominican Republic for scrap. February: she has been adrift in the North Atlantic after breaking free from the towing line)

    CRUISE WEST(Seattle, WA)
    The Company ceased operation in September 2010
  • Spirit of Oceanus, 100/135 pax (Former Sun Viva, MegaStar Sagittarius. September 2010 sold to TN Cruise K/S of Denmark. November 2010: renamed Sea Spirit the vessel was chartered to Quark Expeditions. May 2011: chartered to Siemens wind power. Antarctic cruises for the 2011-2012 winter season: charter to Quark. Currently at Poseidon Expeditions)
  • Spirit of Alaska, 78 pax (October '10: the ships was purchased by Alaskan Dream Cruises and renamed Baranof Dream)
  • Spirit of Columbia, 78 pax (October '10: the ships was purchased by Alaskan Dream Cruises and renamed Admiralty Dream)
  • Spirit of Discovery, 84 pax (August 2011: sold to InnerSea Discoveries and renamed Wilderness Explorer)
  • Spirit of '98, 96 pax (August 2011: sold to American Safari Cruises and renamed Safari Legacy. August 2013: totally gutted and rebuilt she was renamed SS Legacy by Un-Cruise Adventure)
  • Spirit of Endeavour, 102 pax (Ex Newport Clipper. August 2011: sold to American Safari Cruises and renamed Safari Endeavour)
  • Pacific Explorer, 99 pax (Ex Temptress Explorer. Operated in partnership with defunct Temptress Adventure Cruises. Launched in 1970 as a tug and supply ship, and refitted in 1995. May 2018: as Berakah transfered to US Shipmanagers and renamed Bahamas Explorer)
  • Spirit of Yorktown, 138 pax (Ex Yorktown Clipper. Cruise West has acquired the cruise vessel previously part of the Clipper Cruise Line fleet in January 2006. August 2011: sold to Travel Dynamics International of New York and renamed Yorktown. August 2014: a bank has seized the vessel in order to reclaim funds owed and is looking for a quick sale)
  • Spirit of Glacier Bay, 102 pax (Ex Spirit of Nantucket, ex Nantucket Clipper. Cruise West has acquired the cruise vessel previously part of the Clipper Cruise Line fleet in January 2006)
  • Sheltered Seas (90-foot, 70 pax touring yacht)

    DAMI CRUISE (Croatia)
    Darli, 81 pax (Ex Brandand Hardagenfjord)
    Romansa, 18 pax (Sailing ship)

  • Delfin I
  • Delfin II, 28 pax
  • Delfin III, 42 pax

    (October 2010: the German operator has gone bankrupt)
    Delphin Voyager, 650 pax (The former Orient Venus of Japan Cruise Line. From 2012 onwards: Aegean Paradise (Photo courtesy Peter Jaggs at operated by the Turkish tour operator Etstur. July 2015: sold to New Century Maritime, China)

    DESTINA CRUISE LINES (Out of Business)
    OceanMaster, 28 pax
    Destina Legacy (Former Royal Olympic Cruises Jason)

  • Blue Dream Star, 1,053 pax (Ex Glory Sea, ex Glory of the Seas - rendering courtesy of Diamond Cruise International. She is the former Celestyal Odyssey, ex Semester at Sea's Olympic Explorer ex Olympia Explorer. September 2017: charter to Golden Bridge Cruise Company for cruises in Korea for a ten-month period starting November. The German-built vessel sailed for Royal Olympic Cruises, Semester at Sea and Celestyal Cruises before debuting in China)
  • Blue Dream Melody, 1,270 (Ex Lara, former AIDAvita. Photo credit Antònio Simas at June 2022: AIDA Cruises has announced she will not resume service. June 2023: sold to Life at sea Cruises - Miray International as MV Lara. January 2024: sold to Blue Dream Cruises)

  • MV Discovery, 12 pax

    DISNEY CRUISE LINE (Celebration, FL)
  • Disney Wish, 2,500 pax (LNG ship)
  • Disney Dream 1,250 staterooms
  • Disney Magic, 1,750 pax (Other image)
  • Disney Wonder, 1,750 pax (Other image)
  • Disney Fantasy, 1,250 staterooms

    DOURO AZUL (Porto, Portugal)
  • Douro Queen, 65 cabins
  • Spirit of Chartwell (Previously owned and operated by the Magna Carta Steamship Company. The Royal Barge for the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant)
  • Douro Serenity, 126 pax
    (Douro Azul operates river ships of their own but also charter several vessels to outside operators. The company manages a fleet of day cruise vessels as well)

    DDSG BLUE DANUBE (Vienna, Austria)
    Hemingway (River vessel, in partnership with GTA-Skyways)

    DUNAV TOURS (Rousse, Bulgaria)
  • Ariana (Charter from Phoenix Reisen)
  • Sofia, 210 pax (Charter from Phoenix Reisen)
  • Rousse Prestige, 161 pax (Charter from Phoenix Reisen)
  • Rousse, 210 pax (Charter from NickoTours)
  • Heinrich Heine (Charter from NickoTours)
  • Elegant Lady (Chartered by Plantous& Partner)

    DUTCH CRUISE LINE (Maasbracht, The Nederlands)
  • Fluvius, 45 pax
  • Princess, 102 pax
  • Johannes Brahms, 80 pax
  • Olympia, 96 pax
  • Lady Anne, 82 pax
  • Dutch Melody, 140

    EASYCRUISE (Greece)
    (August '09: EasyCruise has been sold to Hellenic Seaways, a Greek ferry company)
  • easyCruise Life, 600 pax (September 2007: easyCruise has acquired his second ship, to be named easyCruise Life; formerly The Jasmine - ex Mano Cruises - ex Farah, operated by Arab Ship Management out of Egypt)

    Eco Cultural Tourism (Philippines)
  • 1707 Islands Cruise, 300 pax (Ex Caribic Star, ex Coco Explorer 2. The former owner was C&C Marine - C&C Travel from Denmark)

    ÉCOMERTOURS (Canada)
  • Écho des Mers (Small ship cruises on the St. Lawrence)

    ECOVENTURA - A&K TRAVEL GROUP LTD (Guayaquil - Ecuador)
    (December 2022: A&K Travel Group Ltd. has announced an equity partnership with Ecoventura. The partnership foresees an equity investment in Ecoventura as well as the creation of a joint venture)
  • Evolve, 20 pax (Sister ship of the Origin)
  • Origin, 20 pax
  • Theory, 20 pax) (Sister ship of the Origin)

  • Kon-Tiki (Nile cruise ship)
  • Sindbad (Nile cruise ship)
  • Rose of Nile (Nile cruise ship)
    (February 2008: Soon to be launched is their new luxury cruise ship Moondance)

    ELYSIAN CRUISES - RAVESCROFT SHIPPING (Coral Gables, FL - Out of business)
  • New Flamenco, 798 pax (Ex Spirit of London, ex Festival's Flamenco. Charter to Travelplan. January 2007: chartered to Abu Dhabi's Tourism Development and Investment Company until the end of February 2007. November 2007: she has now been sold to dutch Club Cruises)
  • Blue Monarch (Ex World Renaissance. On charter to Greece's Monarch Classic Cruises. January 2010: sold for scrap)

    EMPRESS CRUISE LINES (Malaysia / Singapore)
    Out of business since 2003
    The Empress (Former NCL Sunward. Sold off to the breakers in 2004)

    Emeraude, 74 pax

    (Ex Grand Yachts Adventures, Alaska)

  • Exploris One, 132 pax (Other image at La Palma port.Ex Silver Explorer. Other image old livery, ex Silversea's Prince Albert II, World Discoverer. September 2022: sold to Exploris, a new cruise line specialising in expedition voyages. She will enter the French market in December 2023)

  • St Helena (Former RMS St. Helena. Working cargo ship and passenger liner. The St. Helena in London, June 2016. The original Canadian built St Helena. She departed on her last voyage from St Helena on Saturday, February 10, 2018. January 2019: St Helena is to be converted into a floating garage for the Extreme-E racing organisation)

    EUROPEAN RIVER CRUISES (Amsterdam, The Nederlands)
    Moezelstar, 80 pax
    Esperanza, 148 pax

    (A canal barging fleet with a total of 17 vessels)
  • Finesse, 8 pax
  • La Belle Epoque, 12 pax
  • La Bella Vita, 20 pax (Other image outside Mantua)
  • L'Impressionniste, 12 pax
  • L'Art de Vivre, 8 pax
  • Anjodi, 8 pax
  • Rosa, 8 pax
  • Nymphea, 6 pax
  • Scottish Highlander, 8 pax
  • Athos, 10 pax
  • Enchanté, 8 pax (Other image)
  • La Nouvelle Etoile, 8 pax
  • Renaissance, 8 pax
  • Magna Carta, 8 pax
  • Savoir Faire, 12 pax
  • Shannon Princess II, 10 pax
  • Clair de Lune
  • Panache
  • Absoluut2
  • Spirit of Scotland, 12 pax

    (Out of business)
    European Stars, 1566 pax (Sold to MSC Cruises. To begin operation in March 2005 as MSC Sinfonia)
    Bolero, 660 pax (Former Starward. Purchased by Abou Merhi Cruises in the spring of 2005 and renamed Orient Queen. Acquired via a bareboat/hire purchase agreement by Louis in 2007. She is currently laid up in Greece)
    Flamenco, 800 pax (Chartered to the Spanish tour operator Travelplan until January 2005)
    The Azur, 760 pax (Sold)
    Mistral, 1,300 pax (Purchased by Alstom and then sold to Iberojet Cruceros in January 2005)
    Caribe, 500 berth (Purchased by Classic International)

  • Balmoral, 1350 pax (The ship with the old white hull. Ex Norwegian Crown, ex Crown Odyssey)
  • Bolette, 1,380 pax (Ex Holland America Line's Amsterdam)
  • Borealis, 1,404 pax (Ex Holland America Line's Rotterdam)
    Fred. Olsen River Cruises
  • Brabant, 150 pax (River boat)

  • Louisiane, 161, pax (Other image. Ex Columbia Queen. She is on charter to Lockheed Martin in Jacksonville FL until early 2020 as an accommodation ship for the US Navy Littoral Combat Ship programme)

    (All river barges)
    Horizon II, 8 pax
    Nenuphar, 12 pax
    Princess, 8 pax
    Esprit, 18 pax
    Adrienne, 12 pax

    FYNE CRUISES (Inveraray, Scotland)
    Fyne Spirit, 12 pax (Cruises around the west coast of Scotland)

    (July 2020: as part of a restructuring, FTI Group has announced it will shut down its one-ship cruise brand)
  • Berlin, 412 pax (Other image at Scheveningen - The Hague. Ex Peter Deilmann Cruises' Berlin, ex Saga Cruises' Spirit of Adventure, other image. September 2020: Dreamliner Cruises, a company owned by Malta-based Royalton Investment, is taking over the ship from FTI Cruises. January 2022: known as the Dream Goddess, the 1980-built ship is docked in a Greek shipyard)

    G ADVENTURES (Toronto)
  • The Expedition, 122 pax (GAP has bought the 1972 built ferry Alandsfarjan from the Finnish ferry company Viking Line for 2.6 million euro in June 2008. Septembre '08: Aker Yards and GAP Adventures have signed a contract on converting the Alandsfarjan to an expedition cruise vessel)
  • Queen Violeta, 32 pax (Amazon cruises)
  • Eden, 16 pax (Galapagos Islands)
  • Reina Silvia Voyager, 12-16 pax (Catamaran sailing the Galapagos Islands)
    Swan Hellenic Cruises

    (July 2020: a new company has acquired the Swan Hellenic brand and is thus now building two new expedition ships)
  • Minerva, 360 pax (Photo courtesy Damien Mc Carthy. Ex Explorer II, ex Saga Pearl, ex Alexander von Humboldt. Former R8, that was transfered to Princess Cruises in April 2007 and renamed Royal Princess. July 2007: Swan Hellenic has joined the All Leisure Group. January 2017: she is laid up in Marseilles. February 2017: G Adventures plans to restart the operation of Swan Hellenic in 2018. Minerva has meanwhile been returned to her owners and placed on the charter market)
    (Explorer, 108 pax: the "Little Red Ship" struck an iceberg in the Antarctic and then sunk on November 23, 2007)

    Crystal Cruises (Los Angeles, CA) (May 2022: V.Ships Leisure is currently managing Crystal Serenity, Crystal Symphony and Crystal Endeavor. June 2022: A&K Travel Group Ltd. - Abercrombie & Kent - acquires Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony)
  • S/S United States (The United States changed hands multiple times from 1978-1996 for a return to active sea service but no plans came through. February, 2011 the SS United States Conservancy bought the ship. February 2015: Crystal Cruises signs a purchase option for the ship. See artist impression of the renewed ship)
    Crystal Expeditions
  • Crystal Endeavor, 200 pax (April 2022: hugging the West African coast with London Tilbury the reported destination. July 2022: Silversea Cruises has acquired the vessel as Silver Endeavour)
    Crystal Yacht Cruises
  • Crystal Esprit, 62 pax (Ex MegaStar Taurus, photo Linda Sergey at, ex Aurora I. To begin cruises in December 2015. September 2021: sold to Lindblad Expeditions and renamed National Geographic Islander II)
    Crystal River Cruises
    (July 2022: the four Rhine-Class sister ships are currently laid up in Netherlands)
  • Crystal Mozart, 204 pax (Former Mozart. May 2019: she will be transfered to sister company Genting Cruise Lines ahead of the spring 2020 season. Other image at Budapest. April 2022: docked in Linz, Austria. September 2022: sold to Riverside Luxury Cruises as Riverside Mozart)
  • Crystal Bach, 106 pax (Other image at shipyard. April 2022: docked in Arnhem, Netherlands)
  • Crystal Mahler, 106 pax (April 2022: docked in Arnhem, Netherlands)
  • Crystal Debussy, 106 pax (Other image inside, another one. April 2022: docked in Arnhem, Netherlands)
  • Crystal Ravel, 106 pax (April 2022: docked in Arnhem, Netherlands)
    Star Cruises (May 2022: Star Cruises ships, SuperStar Aquarius, SuperStar Gemini and the Star Pisces, said to be heading to scrapyard. July 2022: SuperStar Aquarius and SuperStar Gemini laid up in Sri Lanka's Hambantota Port. September 2022: Star Cruises trademarks sold back to Resorts World)
  • Superstar Gemini (Photo credit - Gerolf Drebes. Ex Norwegian Dream, former Dreamward)
  • SuperStar Libra, 1,534 pax (Ex Norwegian Sea. March 2018: Genting Hong Kong said she would end its public cruise operations for Star Cruises on June 27, 2018. July 2018: will become a hotel ship in Wismar for MV Werften. May 2022: SuperStar Libra was recently beached for scrapping in Aliaga, Turkey)
  • SuperStar Aquarius, 1,529 lower berth pax (Ex Norwegian Wind. Transfered to Star Cruises in June 2007)
  • Star Pisces, 2,192 pax (Photo credit July 2009: laid up in Port Klang, pending for sale. In February 2010, she was reactivated for cruising out of Penang. Since February 2011 she did short cruises from Hong Kong. Other image with the old livery. July 2022: she was beached for scrapping in Alang, India)
  • The Taipan, 72 pax (Ex MegaStar Aries, ex Aurora II. May 2022: sold to OM Ships a Germany-based religious organization. She will be renamed Doulos Hope for service as missionary ship around the world)
    (April 2022: Star Pisces and SuperStar Gemini docked at Penang and SuperStar Aquarius at Port Klang. The Taipan is also in Penang. November 2022: ex-SuperStar Aquarius and the ex-SuperStar Gemini recently completed their final journeys to the Alang Shipbreaking Yard, in India as MV Arius and MV Gem)
    Dream Cruises (Out of business)
  • Genting Dream, 3,400 pax (May 2022: operated by newly established Asian cruise brand Resorts World Cruises. The ship at Port Klang, August 2022)
  • World Dream, 3,376 pax (Other image at Hong Kong, and arriving at Singapore. November 2022: she will be sold via sealed bids on Dec. 21. Currently in a state of warm lay up near Singapore. March 2023: sold at an auction in Singapore to Cruise Saudi. June 2023: Cruise Saudi has announced the launch of its own cruise line, Aroya Cruises)
  • Explorer Dream, 1,856 pax (Other image at Sydney. Former Star Cruises' Superstar Virgo. January 2023: chartered by Resorts World Cruises as Resorts World One)
    (April 2022: Genting Dream is in Hong Kong, World Dream is in Singapore and Explorer Dream at Port Klang. May 2022: V.Ships Leisure is now managing the full Dream Cruises fleet)

    (Out of business. The small-ship operator filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and will not be operating a traditional 2006 cruise season)

    (Formed from Dolphin Hellas Cruises and Attika Cruises)
    Arcadia, 130 cabins 224 / 300 pax (Former Vicente Puchol, laid up in North America)
    Aegean II, , 800 pax (Formerly the Symphony from MSC)

    Diana, 55 pax (River vessel)
    Juno, 60 pax (River vessel)
    Wilhelm Tham (River vessel)

    (Established in 1998 with a single river cruise ship, Grand Circle Cruise Line's fleet now includes dozens of small ships and river ships, including three, 4-star plus 50-passenger ships that operate in the Mediterranean - Athena, Artemis and Arethusa - 15 privately-owned river ships, the 98-passenger Corinthian, and two exclusive charters.)
    Grand Circle Travel
  • Clio, 89 pax (Ex Paul Gauguin Cruises' Tere Moana, ex Compagnie du Ponant's Le Levant. Cruises for Paul Gauguin will continue through May 14, 2016. After refurbishement Clio will begin cruises in August 2016)
  • Arethusa, 50 pax
  • Corinthian, 98 pax (Ex Renaissance IV, ex Clelia II, ex Orion II. Grand Circle acquired the ship in March of 2014 from Travel Dynamics International)
  • Chanson, 88 pax (Ex River Cloud II)
    River Aria
    River Melody
    River Adagio
    Bizet, 120 pax
    (Plus other river cruises vessels in Europe and Egypt)
    Tikhi Don, 220 pax (River cruises in Russia)
    Rossia, 216 pax (River cruises in Russia)
    Overseas Adventure Travel
  • Athena, 50 pax (Cruises in the Adriatic / E. Mediterranean)
  • Artemis, 50 pax
    Continental Waterways
    (The three company operate a fleet of 45 ships ranging from custom-built river ships to rustic barges and gulet-style yachts)

    Dream, 1,250 pax (ex Dream Princess. She is sailing roundtrip cruises between Karachi and Dubai between November until February 2007, then she will return to the Mediterranean)

    HAIMARK LTD - HAIMARK LINE (Breckenridge, Colorado)
    (November 2015: Haimark Line filed for Chapter 11 and will going through a reorganization. In a statement Haimark Line said that this does not in any way affect the operation of the other Haimark vessels operating in Asia)
  • Saint Laurent, 220 pax (Ex Cape May Light, ex Sea Voyager. June 2016: Victory Cruise Lines has announced it intends to begin sailing from Montreal, Canada, to ports in Canada and on the U.S. Great Lakes on July 8 renaming the ship Victory I)
  • Mekong Navigator, 68 (River cruises in Asia)
  • Ganges Voyager, 28 cabins (River cruises in India charter to APT)
  • Ganges Voyager II, 56 pax (River cruises in India charter to Uniworld)
  • Amazon Discovery, 22 cabins (Amazon cruises)
  • Mekong Princess, 12 cabins (River cruises in Asia)

  • Ocean Majesty (Ex Epirotiki's Homeric)

    They closed down their three-ship operation on Saturday 24 September 2011
  • Ocean Pearl, 1,076 pax (Ex Clipper Pacific, ex Dream, ex Caspi Cruises' Dream Princess, ex Airtours' Sun Cruises Sundream, Song of Norway. November 2013: sold for scrap in China)
  • Happy Dolphin, 650 pax (Ex Delphin Voyager, the former Orient Venus of Japan Cruise Line. From 2012 onwards: Aegean Paradise operated by the Turkish tour operator Etstur.July 2015: sold to New Century Maritime, China)

  • Haumana, 27 pax

  • Havila Capella, 179 cabins (Havila Voyages, Norway. Other image)
  • Havila Castor (Sister ship of Havila Capella, Havila Voyages, Norway)
  • Havila Polaris
  • Havila Pollux

    HEBRIDEAN ISLAND CRUISES (Skipton, North Yorkshire, UK)
  • Hebridean Princess, 50 pax
  • Lord of the Glens, 54 pax
  • Lord of the Highlands, 54 pax (Conversion of the Turkish ferry Necdet Ali Yildirim by a group of Spanish firms leaded by Oliver Design)

  • Spirit of Enderby, 48 pax
  • Heritage Explorer, 18 pax
  • Akademik Shokalskiy, 54 pax (Expedition vessel. Photo
  • Heritage Adventurer, 140 pax (Other image. Ex RCGS Resolute, ex Hapag-lloyd Cruises' Hanseatic. Hanseatic with the old livery. Heritage Expeditions will be operating the ship from May 2022)
    (Heritage Expeditions sister ships rendezvous in the Bay of Islands. Heritage Adventurer and Heritage Explorer anchored alongside each other off the historic seaside town of Russell in March 2022)

    (November 2015: HNA Cruise Company Ltd is shutting down its one-ship cruise operation)
  • Hen, 1,486 pax (Ex Henna, ex Pacific Sun, ex Carnival Jubilee: June 2016: she is in Daishan, near Ningbo, south of Shanghai, ready to be delivered to the scrappers. April 2017: she arrived at the Indian shipbreakers at Alang)

    HOLIDAY KREUZFAHRTEN(Germany) (The company has announced bankruptcy in September 2006)

    Regal Empress, 875 pax (Former Greek Line Olympia. March '09: she has been sold to Indian breakers)
    (March '09: the Company is no longer operating)

    (Out of business since 2009)
    Ocean Odyssey, 250 pax (The former Jason. Her Indian cruising venture started in January 2007 from Goa. Sold for scrap)

  • World Odyssey, 600 berths (The Deutschland - Peter Deilmann, Deutschland - Phoenix Reisen, and Deutschland - Plantours.February 2018: Delos Shipping LLC, the owner of the ship, have renewed the charter agreement with Phoenix Reisen until 2025 and with Semester at Sea until 2026. November 2022: ISE and the Colorado State University have renewed their affiliation agreement extended through 2027)

    ISLAND ESCAPE CRUISES (New Zealand - Out of business))
  • Island Escape (Currently docked at Fremantle)
  • Island Passage, 20 pax (Aluminium catamaran. May 2018: sold to Canadian Maple Leaf Adventures)

    Ambasador I, 160 pax (due to Galàpagos National Park regulations only 100 people are embarked)

    (October 2020: the company has suspended its operations)
  • Karnika, 1,708 berth (Former Pacific Jewel, ex Ocean Village Two, ex Crown Princess, ex A'Rosa Blu, ex AIDAblu. January 2018: she will be renamed Cartoon Network Wave and managed by Cartoon Network, a partnership between Oceanic Group and Turner, in March 2019. August 2018: she will leave P&O Cruises Australia in March 2019 sold to Zen Cruises Pvt Ltd, a new venture established by the Mumbai-based Essel Group. Nothing further has been heard of any Cartoon Network ship since the announcement in Shanghai in April 2018)


  • Pacific Venus, 696 pax (Other image docked at Manila. November 2022: Japan's Venus Cruise will shut down following farewell voyage. January 2023: she completed the brand's farewell cruise on Jan. 4, in Kobe. December 2023: sold to South Korea's DuWon Shipping and renamed Eastern Venus)

  • Pacific World, 1,950 pax (Ex Sun Princess. Other image with the old livery. November 2020: acquired by the Japanese NGO Peace Boat as the Pacific World)
  • Ocean Dream, 1022 pax (Ex Pacific Star ex Costa Tropicale, Carnival Tropicale. Charter from Pullmantur. January 2021: to be scrapped at Alang, India)
  • The Zenith (Ex Pullmantur's Zenith, exCelebrity Zenith. September 2020: Japan Grace announced it has chartered a new, modern cruise ship that will replace the Ocean Dream and Zenith pairing. Starting in 2021 the Pacific World will replace both the Ocean Dream and Zenith as Peace Boat's sole vessel. It is believed the ship is the current Sun Princess. May 2022: Pacific World is scheduled to start a program of world cruises during the 2022-2023 season. May 2022: cruises to be operated by Zenith, have been cancelled. The ship was sold for scrapping)

    JEWEL RIVER CRUISES (Fort Lauderdale, FL and Wollerau SZ)
  • Jewel Imperial Blue, 80 pax (Ex Hispania; the first cruise was planned for May 2008 but after several delay the company announced in October that it would postpone the debut of the brand and consolidate the company. Jewel River Cruise Line's two other brands, the premium Emerald River Journeys and the contemporary Aqua River Journeys, will continue to operate. These ships are currently chartered to European tour operators through 2009)

    JUNGLE EXPERIENCES (Surco, Lima, Perù)
    (Amazon River Cruises)
  • Zafiro
  • Amatista, 30 pax
  • La Perla

    KATARINA LINE (Croatia)
  • Infinity, 38 pax
  • Rhapsody, 36 pax
  • Adriatic Sun, 38 pax
    (Katarina Line is the Croatia's premier small ship company, operating over 50 ships seasonally from Croatian ports)

    KLEINTOURS (Quito, Equador)
    Galapagos Legend, 100 pax
    M/Y Coral I, 36 pax
    M/Y Coral II, 20 pax

    KRISTINA CRUISES (Finland) (Out of business)
  • Kristina Katarina, 400 pax (Former the 1982 built The Iris from Mano Cruises of Israel)
    (January 2014: the Finnish company announced it has sold the vessel to FleetProOcean and is said to be concentrating on selling cruises on other ships as a tour operator)

  • Lara (Former AIDAvita. Photo credit Antònio Simas at June 2022: AIDA Cruises has announced she will not resume service. June 2023: sold to Life at sea Cruises - Miray International as MV Lara. January 2024: sold to Blue Dream Cruises)
  • Gemini, 1100 pax (Life at Sea Cruises by Miray Cruises. Other image. Ex Gemini, charter to Etstur for the 2019 summer season. Ex Celestyal Nefeli, ex Gemini, ex Star Cruises' Superstar Gemini, ex Crown Jewel, Cunard Crown Jewel, Vision Star)

  • National Geographic Resolution, 126 pax
  • National Geographic Endurance, 126 pax
  • National Geographic Venture, 100 pax (Photo courtesy R. Eime)
  • National Geographic Quest, 100 pax (Photo courtesy R. Eime at
  • National Geographic Endeavour, 110 pax (Former Endeavour, former Caledonian Star)
  • National Geographic Sea Lion, 62 pax (Photo R. Eime. Ex Sea Lion)
  • National Geographic Sea Bird, 62 pax
  • National Geographic Polaris, 80 pax
  • National Geographic Islander, 48 pax (Ex Rivage Guadeloupe, Lord of the Highlands, Islander. To be replaced by the the National Geographic Islander II)
  • National Geographic Explorer, 150 pax (Former 1982-built Hurtigruten's Lyngen. To begin operation in the summer of 2008)
  • Delfin II, 28 pax (Peruvian Amazon River cruises. Lindblad Expeditions is the exclusive U.S. tour operator)
  • National Geographic Orion, 106 pax (Ex Orion, ex Sun Bay Kreuzfahrten's Sun Bay)
  • National Geographic Endeavour II, 96 pax (Ex Via Australis)
  • National Geographic Islander ll, 48 pax (Ex Crystal Esprit, ex MegaStar Taurus, photo Linda Sergey at, ex Aurora I)
  • NatGeo Resolution, NatGeo Explorer and NatGeo Endurance (Side-by-side in South Georgia in the Southern Atlantic Ocean)

    LOUIS GROUP (Cyprus)
    Louis Cruises
  • Louis Aura, 895 pax (Louis Aura at Patmos - photo courtesy Haynes World - Other image. Ex Orient Queen, ex Bolero, ex Starward. Chartered for the 2017 summer to Turkey's Etstur as Aegean Queen)
    Celestyal Cruises
  • Celestyal Discovery, 1,600 pax (Other image. Ex AIDAaura)
  • Celestyal Olympia, 1450 pax (Ex Louis Olympia, ex Thomson Destiny, Song of America, ex Sunbird)
  • Celestyal Experience, 1,800 pax (July 2020: the Greek cruise specialist has purchased the Costa neoRomantica, boosting its fleet to three vessels. Ex Costa Romantica. September 2021: Louis has announced that its subsidiary Celestyal Cruise has sold the ship. November 2021: the Antares Experience - formerly known as the Costa neoRomantica and Celestyal Experience - is getting scrapped, according to Gadani Ship Breaking Yard)
  • Celestyal Journey (Former Holland America Line's Ryndam. Ex Ida Pfeiffer, ex Pacific Aria)

  • Ocean Majesty, 519 pax (Ex Homeric. Also chartered to Hansa Toursitik)
    (The Ocean Countess, 814 pax, ex Cunard Countess, Awani Dream II, Olympia Countess, ex Louis' Ruby, ex Holiday Kreuzfahrten's Lili Marleen on November 2013 went ablaze off the coast of Greece)

    MANO CRUISES (Israel)
  • Golden Iris, 947 pax (Renamed Gold Club in 2021. Ex Cunard Princess, ex MSC Rhapsody. July 2022: beached at Aliaga ship-breaking yard in Turkey)
  • Crown Iris, 1,500 pax (Ex Celestyal Majesty, ex Thomson Majesty - photo credit - ex Norwegian Majesty, Birka Queen, Royal Majesty, Louis Majesty. She replaces the smaller Golden Iris. The company has not yet announced plans for the Golden Iris)

  • Cascadia, , 24 pax (Aluminium catamaran, former Island Passage)
  • Swell, 12 pax
  • Maple Leaf, 8 pax (92-foot schooner)

    MARGARITAVILLE AT SEA (Former BAHAMAS PARADISE CRUISE LINE) (Ft. Lauderdale - Former Celebration Cruise Line)
  • Grand Classica, 1,308 pax (Former Costa Classica, to begin operations in April 2018)
    (December 2021: Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line rebrands as Margaritaville at Sea planning a spring 2022 relaunch. Grand Classica to be renamed Margaritaville Paradise)
  • Margaritaville Islander (Ex Costa Atlantica. Starting June 14, 2024)

  • Blue Monarch, 570 (Former World Renaissance, managed by Elysian Cruises. She is currently sailing as Grand Victoria)
  • Ocean Countess, 814 pax (Ex Cunard Countess, Awani Dream II, Olympia Countess. Chartered by German tour operator Holiday Kreuzfahrten from autumn 2005 to summer 2006. She was renamed Lili Marleen. October 2006: Holiday Kreuzfahrten is out of business)

    MSC GROUP (Naples, Italy)
    MSC Cruises
  • MSC Euribia, 4,888 (Fifth Meraviglia class cruise ship or third Meraviglia Plus. Second LNG-powered ship in MSC Cruises' fleet)
  • MSC Seascape, 5,877 pax (Fourth ship in the Seaside class and second "Seaside Evo" ship)
  • MSC World Europa, 5,400 pax (First New World Class LNG powered cruise ship. Photo credit: Bernard Biger - Chantiers de l'Atlantique. Other image entering Valletta, Malta)
  • MSC Seashore, 5,877 pax (First "Seaside Evo" ship)
  • MSC Virtuosa, 4,888 pax (Second Meraviglia-Plus class ship. Other image at Southampton and at Portland)
  • MSC Grandiosa, 4,888 pax (First Meraviglia-Plus class ship. Other image at La Valletta, other image at Genoa)
  • MSC Bellissima, 4,500 pax (Other image entering Shanghai)
  • MSC Seaview, 5,179 pax
  • MSC Seaside, 5,179 pax (Other image at Trieste)
  • MSC Meraviglia, 4,500 pax (Other image at Lerwich)
  • MSC Preziosa, 3,478 pax
  • MSC Divina, 3,502 pax
  • MSC Magnifica, 3887 pax (Other image. September 2019: MSC will spend USD 140 million to lengthen the ship in the spring of 2021. In Genoa with MSC Poesia)
  • MSC Splendida, 3887 pax (At the cruise port of La Goulette in Tunis and an aereal view. Other image at the Orkney, Scotland)
  • MSC Fantasia, 3887 pax (Other image docked at Marseille, France)
  • Melody, 1,550 pax (January 2013: retiring from service)
  • MSC Lirica , 2,600 pax
  • MSC Armonia, 2,680 pax (Other image at Fincantieri Shipyard in Palermo. Former European Vision)
  • MSC Opera, 2,120 pax (Other image at Doha Port with MSC World Europa and MSC Poesia)
  • MSC Sinfonia, 2,680 pax (Ex Festival Cruises' European Stars)
  • MSC Musica, 1,275 cabins
  • MSC Orchestra (Other image)
  • MSC Poesia, 1,275 cabins (Photo courtesy Luís Miguel Correia. In Genoa with MSC Magnifica )
    Explora Journeys
  • Explora I, 461 pax

    MAURITIUS ISLAND CRUISES (Out of business)
    Island Sun, 114 pax (Former Renaissance VIII. She was scheduled to operate 22 cruises this winter out of the Mauritius capital before proceeding to German tour operator Dertour for charter from next April. Dertour has cancelled its summer charter and the ship is laid up in Singapore. Renamed Corinthian II, she was acquired by Corinthian II Owner Ltd. and will be delivered to Travel Dynamics of New York in March 2005)

  • Santa Cruz II, 90 pax (Ex Mare Australis. To be also operated by Hurtigruten from January 2022)
  • La Pinta, 48 pax
  • Isabela II, 40 pax

    MOL GROUP (Tokyo, Japan)
    (October 2023: MOL Cruises, Ltd. announced the launch of the new cruise brand, Mitsui Ocean Cruises and introduced Mitsui Ocean Fuji - ex Seabourn Odyssey - as the name of the new ship that will be launched for passenger service at December 2024)
    Mitsui O.S.K. Lines
    Mitsui O.S.K. Passenger Line, Ltd (MOPAS)
  • Nippon Maru (Other image in Hamburg)
    Nippon Charter Cruise, Ltd
  • Fuji Maru
    (Mitsui O.S.K. Passenger Line and Japan Cruise Line founded Nippon Charter Cruise in 2001 but went out of business in 2013. Fuji Maru was sold to Mira Cruise and renamed Mira 1. January 2022: anchored in Indonesia)
    Orient Venus (Laid up at port of Aioi)

  • Melanesian Discoverer, 42 pax
    Suwannee River, 16 pax

  • PS Emmylou (Paddlesteamer)

    CHINA REGAL CRUISES (Wuhan in China and San Gabriel, CA)
    (All river vessels)
    Princess Jeannie, 258 pax
    Princess Elaine, 258 pax
    Princess Sheena, 258 pax

  • Leisure World, 250 cabins (Former Skyward. April 2021: New Century Group has sold its veteran cruiseship Leisure World to cash buyer NKD Maritime, heading to Alang)
  • Amusement World (Ex ferry Patricia. April 2021: been sold for scrap and will depart its current anchorage close to Singapore at around the same time as the Leisure World)
  • Aegean Paradise, 650 pax (Photo courtesy Peter Jaggs at Ex Delphin Voyager, ex Orient Venus of Japan Cruise Line)

  • Caledonian Sky, 114 pax (Other image. Ex Hebridean Spirit, ex Renaissance VI, Sun Viva 2, MegaStar Capricorn. May 2023: Captain Cook Cruises Fiji will be operating the ship in Fiji on a long-term charter beginning August 2023. She will replace the Reef Endeavour)
  • Island Sky, 114 pax (Photo credit Melanie Henderson - Lerwick Harbour. Other image. Former Renaissance VII)
  • Hebridean Sky (Formerly the Renaissance VIII, Sea Explorer, Island Sun, Corinthian II)

    NYK (NIPPON YUSEN KAISHA) (Tokyo, Japan)
    Asuka Cruise
  • Asuka II, 720 pax (Ex Crystal Harmony)

    Tu Moana, 74 / 78 pax

  • Atmosphere, 28 pax

    NORTH STAR CRUISES (Western Australia)
  • True North, 36 pax (Other image at the King George Falls)
  • True North II, 22 pax (Other image at the King George Falls)

    December 2023: Hurtigruten and HX Announce Next Phase of Rebrand. New Websites, Social Channels and Visual Identities Unveiled Ahead of Wave Season
  • Fridtjof Nansen, 530 pax (Other image at Dartmouth, Devon. Photo credit:
  • Roald Amundsen, 530 pax (Other image)
  • Spitsbergen, 335 pax (Ex Atlantida)
  • Fram, 318 pax
  • Finnmarken, 675 pax (Oct. '09: chartered for use as a hotel ship in Western Australia. November 2011: she will return to service in Norway in February, 2012. August 2019: to be renamed Otto Sverdrup)
  • Trollfjord, 674 pax (August 2019: to be renamed Eirik Raude)
  • Maud, 674 pax (Former Midnatsol)
  • Nordlys
  • Richard With (Other image)
  • Kong Harald
  • Polarlys
  • Nordkapp
  • Nordnorge
  • Vesterålen, 510 pax
  • Narvik
  • Lofoten (November 2020: she will be transferred to a maritime academy for service as a training ship)
  • Nordstjernen, 177 pax
  • Santa Cruz II, 90 pax (Ex Mare Australis. Operated by Hurtigruten from January 2022 in partnership with Ecuador-based Metropolitan Touring)
  • Sarfaq Ittuk (Partnership agreement between Arctic Umiaq Line and Hurtigruten Norway)

    Norwegian Cruise Line (Miami, FL)
  • Norwegian Viva, 3,100 pax (Prima Class, second of six Leonardo Project ship)
  • Norwegian Prima, 3,219 pax (Prima Class vessel: First of six Leonardo Project ships. Other image at NYC)
  • Norwegian Encore, 4,200 pax (Fourth Breakaway-Plus class cruise ship)
  • Norwegian Bliss, 4,200 pax (Other image: under construction at Meyer Werft, docked at Seattle)
  • Norwegian Joy, 4,200 pax (Other image at Seattle and at Icy Strait Point)
  • Norwegian Escape, 4,200 pax (Other image, Andrè Lenthe / NCL)
  • Norwegian Getaway, 4,000 pax
  • Norwegian Breakaway, 4,000 pax (Other image at New Orleans and at New York)
  • Norwegian Epic, 4,200 pax (Other image at Miami)
  • Norwegian Sky (Ex Pride of Aloha, formerly the Norwegian Sky)
  • Norwegian Gem, 2,384 pax lower berths (Other image at Miami)
  • Norwegian Spirit, 2,800 pax (Ex SuperStar Leo)
  • Norwegian Sun 1,936 pax (Other image at Havana)
  • Norwegian Star, 2240 pax (March '09: chartered for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver)
  • Norwegian Dawn, 2,224 (Other image at Meyer Werft)
  • Norwegian Jewel, 2,224 pax
  • Norwegian Pearl, 2,394 pax (Other image at Amsterdam, The Nederlands)
  • Norwegian Jade, 2400 pax (Photo credit NCL / Andrè Lenthe. Other image out of Cape Town. Ex NCL America's Pride of Hawaíi)
  • Pride of America, 2000 (Ex Project America ship 1)
    NCL America (This brand has ceased operations)
    Oceania Cruises (Miami)
  • Vista,1,200 pax (First Allura-Class Ship)
  • Insignia, 684 pax (Former R1, ex Columbus 2)
  • Marina, 1,250 pax
  • Nautica, 684 pax (Former R5, ex Pullmantur's Blue Dream)
  • Regatta, 684 pax (Former R2)
  • Riviera, 1,238 pax (Photo courtesy Peter Knego - Other image at La Valletta, Malta)
  • Sirena, 688 pax (Ex Ocean Princess. Ex R4, ex Tahitian Princess)
    Regent Seven Seas Cruises (Ex Radisson Seven Seas Cruises) (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
  • Seven Seas Grandeur, 750 pax (Third Explorer class ship)
  • Seven Seas Splendor, 750 pax
  • Seven Seas Explorer, 738 pax
  • Seven Seas Navigator, 490 pax
  • Seven Seas Mariner, 700 pax,
  • Seven Seas Voyager, 700 pax

  • Oberoi Vrinda (River cruises, Cochin, India)
  • Oberoi Zahra (River cruises, Nile)
  • Oberoi Philae (River cruises, Nile)

    OCEAN CLUB CRUISES - MAGIC CRUISE LINE SERVICES CO. (Port Canaveral) (Out of business)
    Mirage 1, 900 pax (She began service in May 2003 from Port Canaveral on two and three night cruises to the Bahamas and Key West and ceased operations on 10 January 2004 - Isramco Inc., a publicly held oil company operated by Israelis paid $8.05 million to purchase the ship a bankruptcy-court auction in March 2004. On March 2005 Isramco announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Magic 1 Cruise Line, Corp., entered into a lease agreement pursuant to which it will lease the cruise liner Mirage 1 to a cruise line tour operator for the period from April 14, 2005 through October 31, 2005)

    OCEANSTAR (Dreieich, Germany)
  • Hanse Explorer, 12 pax (Expedition ship)

    (Currently out of business and the ship is laid up in Mazatlan. December 2014: she ran aground off the Philippine island of Mindanao. She was due for ship breaking in India)
  • Ocean Star Pacific, 724 pax (Ex Arielle, ex Aquamarine, ex Nordic Prince, ex Carousel)

  • Plancius, 116 pax (Other image, the ship in Antarctica)
  • Ortelius, 116 pax (Ex Marina Svetaeva. Photo courtesy George Cook / Tiabunna - Other image)
  • Rembrandt van Rijn, 33 pax (Sailing vessel)
  • Noorderlicht, 20 pax (Two-master schooner)
  • Hondius, 196 pax

  • Pacific Provider, 12 pax

  • Ola Esmeralda, 450 pax (Ex Fred. Olsen Black Prince. November 2012: Ola Cruises has ceased operations)

    ONE OCEAN EXPEDITIONS (Out of business)
  • Akademik Ioffe, 96 pax (Other image)
  • Akademik Sergei Vavilov, 92 px (Other image the ship in South Georgia)
  • RCGS Resolute, 146 pax (Ex Hapag-lloyd Cruises' Hanseatic. Hanseatic with the old livery. She has been sold at an auction in Curacao on June 22, 2020. May 2021: Heritage Expeditions will be operating the ship from May 2022 as Heritage Adventurer)
    (May 2019: the Russian government has commandeered the Akademik Sergey Vavilov and the Akademik Ioffe. The ships would not be available for the forthcoming Antarctic season and beyond. January 2020: after months of uncertainty, cancelled cruises and passengers owed thousands of dollars, One Ocean Expeditions (OOE) has finally entered administration)

  • Road To Mandalay, 118 pax (Cruises on the rivers of Myanmar)
  • Orcaella, 50 pax (Cruises on the rivers of Myanmar)

    June 2008: Origin Cruise Group LLC acquired the Orient Lines brand from Star Cruises Ltd. August 2008: Orient Lines announced its flagship: The Marco Polo II (formerly the 650 pax Maxim Gorkiy) will begin cruises in April 2009 from Barcelona. November '08: Orient Lines announced it shall delay the launch of its cruises.
    In June 2007 NCL Corp. announced the sale of the 826 pax Marco Polo (Former Alexandr Pushkin) to Global Cruise Lines, Piraeus effective March 23, 2008. She joins the fleet of Transocean Tours in 2008 on long term charter. August '09: Cruise and Maritime Services (CMS) has signed a five-year deal to operate the 820-passenger Marco Polo year-round from the UK starting January 2010)

    (River cruises in China)
  • East King, 192 pax
  • East Queen, 192 pax (sister ship)

    March 2013: sold to Lindblad Expeditions. Orion's Sydney office will become Lindblad's Australian branch office, while the Orion will be renamed National Geographic Orion in March 2014.

    PACIFIC CATALYST (Friday Harbor, WA)
  • Catalyst, 12 pax
  • Westward, 11 pax

    PAQUET CRUISES - TMR (Marseille, France)
    (Out of business. The brand was revived for a couple of years in 2010 and 2011 but the third season 2012 never took place)
  • Grand Mistral, 1,300 pax (Ex Festival Cruises' Mistral)

    (October 28, 2021: Pandaw goes out of business and ceases its river cruise operations. December 2021: Pandaw secures new funding, plans to restart operations on Asian waterways in September 2022)
  • Sabaidee Pandaw, 28 pax (Cruises on the Mekong from Laos to China)
  • Kanee Pandaw, 14 cabin
  • Kapuas Pandaw, 12 cabins (Cruises in Borneo)
  • Champa Pandaw, 28 pax
  • Laos Pandaw, 20 pax
  • Yunnan Pandaw (Sister ship to the Laos Pandaw, launching in September 2016)
  • Pandaw 2, 24 cabins
  • Tonle Pandaw, 28 cabins
  • Mekong Pandaw, 24 cabins
  • Kalay Pandaw, 4 + 1 cabins
  • Katha Pandaw, 16 cabins
  • Bassac Pandaw, 30 cabins
  • Angkor Pandaw, 16 cabins
  • Indochina Pandaw, 30 cabins
  • Orient Pandaw, 30 cabins
  • Kindat Pandaw, 18 state rooms
  • Kalaw Pandaw, 18 state rooms
  • Zawgyi Pandaw (During off-season she will get 4 more cabins on upper deck: 10 total, 6 main + 4 new upper deck)
  • Mahabaahu (Partner ship, cruises in India)
  • Rajmahal (Partner ship, cruises in India)
    (All the above river boats are for river cruises in Asia)
  • Andaman Explorer (Motor yacht, costal expeditions in Southeast Asia)
    Naga Cruises
  • Naga Indochina, 30 state rooms

  • Delphin, 470 pax (Photo D.R. Carneiro. Ex Kazakhstan II, ex Belorussiya. October 2014: Passat Kreuzfahrten has ceased trading. May 2015: Etstur, a major Turkish tour operator, has confirmed it will charter the Delphin for a summer cruise season in the Eastern Mediterranean. November 2017: charter to Alteza Cruises that will start cruise operations from Buenos Aires, Argentina, in February 2018. The ship is owned by the India-based Vishal Cruises Pvt. Ltd. March 2022: the Delphin was reportedly sold for scrap at a recent auction. June 2022: beached for scrapping in Aliaga, Turkey)

  • Paul Gauguin, 332 pax (Paul Gauguin Shipping Ltd. is owned by the resort leader Pacific Beachcomber. Paul Gauguin with Radisson Seven Seas Cruises' Logo)
    (August 2019: Ponant has confirmed it has purchased Paul Gauguin Cruises, which will continue operating under its own brand.Paul Gauguin will remain an independent company, headquartered in Washington State)

    (A sister company of American Cruise Lines)
  • Pearl Mist, 210 pax (To begin operation in June 2014)

  • Kimberley Quest II , 18 pax

    (Peter Deilmann Cruises will shut down its river cruise division beginning in 2010. The ocean-going cruise ship, Deutschland, will not be affected and will continue to offer luxury cruises. August 2010: Aurelius, the Munch based industrial holding company, has acquired the control of the Company)
  • Deutschland, 513 pax (October 2014: FTI has taken over all sales and marketing for the ship in the German and Austrian markets. November 2014: the operating company for the ship had filed for insolvency. January 2015: FTI Cruises has ended its relationship with Peter Deilmann and all sailings on the Deutschland from May on have been cancelled. May 2015: the ship has been chartered to Semester at Sea and renamed World Odyssey. November 2015: Phoenix Reisen has arranged a five-year summer charter of the ship. She will commence her first summer charter in May 2016 then in September she will resume service for Semester at Sea. January 2018: Phoenix Reisen extends Deutschland charter until 2025. Semester at Sea also stays on as the charterer of Deutschland / World Odyssey for the winter)

    PHOENIX REISEN GMBH (Bonn, Germany)
  • Amadea, 592 pax (Ex Asuka)
  • Albatros, 536 pax (Ex the Crown, ex Royal Viking Sea, ex Norwegian Star 1. October 2020: sold to Egyptian-based Pick Albatros Group. The vessel will be operated as a floating hotel permanently docked in the Red Sea. July 2021: sold to Indian buyers for demolition)
  • Artania, 1200 pax (Ex P&O's Artemis, ex Princess Cruises' Royal Princess. Dec.14: she has just completed a 71-day complete refurbishment at Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven)
  • Deutschland, 552 pax (A five-year summer charter beginning May 2016, then in September 2016 she will resume service for Semester at Sea. The Deutschland with the colours of Plantours that chartered the ship in June and July 2015. January 2018: Phoenix Reisen extends Deutschland charter until 2025. Semester at Sea also stays on as the charterer of Deutschland for the winter)
  • Amera (Ex Prinsendam, photo credit Andy Newman/HAL. Formerly the Royal Viking Sun, theSeabourn Sun. July 2018: HAL announced that she has been sold and will leave on July 1, 2019 and transfer to Phoenix Reisen)
  • The fleet at Bremerhaven, 2018)
  • Andrea, 190 pax (River boat)
  • Alisa, 190 (River boat)
    (Phoenix Reisen own and charter several other river cruise ships for cruises in Europe)
  • Celestyal Journey (Phoenix Reisen is reportedly chartering the Celestyal Journey following a delay on Amera's drydock revitalization)

    (March 2024: Plantours introduces new livery for its ships)
  • Hamburg, 423 pax (Von Ulrich-photography at Ex Hapag-Lloyd's Columbus)
  • Sans Souci
  • Lady Diletta
  • Elegant Lady
  • Rousse Prestige
  • Andrey Rublev
    (Plantours charter several other river cruise ships for cruises in Europe and Russia)

    POLARQUEST (Sweden)
  • Quest, 53 pax (Photo credit S. Seelemann at Former Sea Endurance. Ex Disko II. Built by Arctic Umiaq Line as Saqqit Ittuk. Owner of the ship is the Norwegian Arctic Travel Company. July 2020: chartered to Adler-Schiffe, a German expedition operator)
    (PolarQuest also operates three 12-passenger vessels: the Stockholm, the Sjoveien, and the Balto. While another ship, the 12-passenger Virgo, is being added to the Svalbard program)

    (Out of business)
  • Polar Star, 105 pax (Laid up, ship for sale)

    (Ex Compagnie du Ponant Marseille, France. The main shareholder was CMA-CGM, the leading French container group but in september 2013 she was sold to Bridgepoint, a privately owned holding company. Currently Ponant is under the ownership of the Pinault family and Groupe Artémis)
  • Le Commandant Charcot, 270 pax (Credit Nicolas Dubreuil. Other image at the shipyard. At the North Pole)
  • Le Jacques Cartier, 180 pax (Explorer Class ship, former name Le Surville)
  • Le Bellot, 180 pax (Explorer Class ship)
  • Le Dumont D'Urville, 180 pax (Explorer Class ship)
  • Le Bougainville, 180 pax (Explorer Class ship)
  • Le Champlain, 180 pax (Explorer Class ship. Photo credit: Roderick Eime. Other image at Dubrovnik, July 2020)
  • Le Lapérouse, 180 pax (Explorer Class ship, photo credit Philip Plisson, Ponant)
  • Le Lyrial, 264 pax (Photo Philip Plisson, Ponant. Other image at the Fincantieri's Ancona shipyard. The ship in Antarctica)
  • L'Austral, 134 cabins
  • Le Boreal 224 / 264 pax (Other image in London)
  • Le Ponant, 30 pax (Sailing yacht. Other image with solid sail. Refit and upgrade at specialist San Giorgio del Porto with the work taking place over six months from November this year through to April 2020. October 2022: she is back to the sea after the makeover)
  • Spirit of Ponant, 12 pax (24 metre sailing catamaran)
  • Le Solèal, 264 pax
    Paspaley Pearl By Ponant
  • Paspaley Pearl, 30 pax (Motor yacht - itineraries in Australia's Far North, Papua New Guinea and East Indonesia)
    (December 2014: Ponant has acquired some of the business assets of Travel Dynamics International. The new company will offer cruise programs for the American market under the brand "Ponant, Cultural Cruises & Expeditions".)

    PORTUSCALE CRUISES - CRUISE MANAGEMENT LDA (Portugal - As of late 2016, Portuscale Cruises has gone charter, leaving the cruise market operated under its own brand)
  • Lisboa, 568 lower berths (Ex Princess Danae, ex Port Melbourne, Danae, Baltica. Sold for scrap in 2015)
  • Azores, 556 pax (Ex Athena ex Valtur Prima, ex Italia Prima, ex Caribe. May 2014: charter to Ambiente Kreuzfahrten to end in September but Ambiente ceased trading after it had failed to reach targeted level of bookings. June 2014: Cruise & Maritime Voyages (CMV) announced it will be chartering the Azores, as Astoria, to replace the Discovery starting January 2015)
  • Porto, 340 pax (Ex Arion, ex Astra. Laid up)
  • Funchal, 400 pax (Laid up. December 2018: sold at auction. She will be berthed as a hotel vessel in London)

  • Sea Spirit, 114 pax (Other image with the ship under charter at Quark Expeditions. Ex Spirit of Oceanus, ex Sun Viva, MegaStar Sagittarius. Charter from Sunstone through May 2022)
  • Sea Explorer, 114 pax (Operated by Polar Latitudes and Poseidon Expeditions with programs in Antarctica and Quark Expeditions with programs in the Arctic. Ex Corinthian II. She will join the fleet of Noble Caledonian in early 2016)
  • 50 Years of Victory, 128 pax (Nuclear - powered icebreaker)

    (Mariehamn, Finland. A Volga Dream, Russia, company)
  • Serenissima, 110 pax (Ex Harald Jarl of Hurtigruten, ex Elegant Cruises & Tours' Andrea)

    PREMIER CRUISE LINES (Port Canaveral, FL) (Out of business)

    (All river ships)
  • President No 1, 188 pax
  • President No 2, 202 pax
  • President No 6, 354 pax
  • President No 7, 460 pax
  • President N. 8, 460 pax

    QUASAR EXPEDITIONS (Quito, Ecuador)
  • Grace, 18 pax
  • Evolution, 32 pax

    December 2007: all programmed cruises have been cancelled
  • Razzmatazz (Ex Bremerhaven, Stella Maris II, Viking Bordeaux, Madagascar. The maiden voyage was scheduled for August 31, 2007. February 2008: the ship is still under arrest in Durban and was sold at auction in May 2008)

    REGAL CRUISES(St. Petersburg, FL - Out of Business)

    RENAISSANCE CRUISES (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) (Out of business)
    R1 (Currently Oceania Cruises Insignia)
    R2 (Currently Oceania Cruises Regatta)
    R3 (Currently Pacific Princess)
    R4 (Currently Sirena, ex Ocean Princess, ex Tahitian Princess)
    R5 (Currently Oceania Cruises Nautica)
    R6 (Currently Azamara Journey - Photo courtesy FrangiB46 at
    R7 (Currently Azamara Quest. Ex Delphin Renaissance, ex Pullmantur Cruises' Blue Moon)
    R8 (RClass ship), 684 pax (Leased for seven years to Swan Hellenic. She was renamed Minerva II. Ex Adonia to became Azamara Pursuit in 2018 )
    Renaissance VII, 114 pax (Sold to Mauritius Island Cruises)
    Renaissance VIII, 114 pax (Sold to Mauritius Island Cruises)

    (September 2022: Star Cruises trademarks sold back to Resorts World)
  • Genting Dream, 3,352 pax (Former Dream Cruises's Genting Dream. The ship at Port Klang, August 2022)
  • Resorts World One, 1,856 pax (Ex Explorer Dream. Other image at Sydney. Former Star Cruises' Superstar Virgo. January 2023: chartered by Resorts World Cruises as Resorts World One)

    RIJFERS RIVER CRUISES (The Nederlands)
  • Filia Rheni, 150 pax
  • Asara, 191
  • Alena I
  • Aurelia, 159
  • Viola (Managed with Phoenix Reisen)

    (December '08: RiverBarge Excursion Lines has ceased operations, according to a statement on the company's website)
    River Explorer, 198 pax

    January 2023: new river cruise line, Riverside Luxury Cruises has acquired four more former Crystal Cruises vessels, MS Bach, MS Ravel, MS Mahler and MS Debussy. October 2023: Uniworld acquired the former Crystal Bach and Crystal Mahler from Riverside Luxury Cruises
  • Riverside Mozart, 204 pax (Ex Crystal Mozart, ex Mozart. Other image at Budapest)
  • Riverside Ravel (Ex Crystal Ravel)
  • Riverside Debussy (Ex Crystal Debussy)

  • William Wordsworth, 167 pax
  • George Eliot, 132 pax
  • Lord Byron, 140 pax
  • William Shakespeare, 140 pax
  • Jane Austen, 140 pax
  • Charles Dickens, 140 pax
  • Emily Brontë, 169 pax
  • Thomas Hardy, 169 pax
  • Robert Burns, 169 pax (Renamed Viva Moments for Viva Cruises)
  • Oscar Wilde, 169 pax
  • Douro Elegance, 126
  • Geoffrey Chaucer, 169 pax
  • Mendula, 30 pax (Sailing ship)

    Celebrity Cruises (Miami, FL) (October 2017: Celebrity will modernize its existing fleet to bring the ships up to date. Infographic)
  • Celebrity Ascent, 3,260 pax (Fourth Project Edge class ship)
  • Celebrity Beyond, 3,260 pax (Third Project Edge class ship. She is bigger, at 140,600 tons, as compared to 130,818 tons for the Celebrity Apex)
  • Celebrity Apex, 2,900 pax (Photo credit: Bernard Biger - Chantiers de l'Atlantique)
  • Celebrity Edge, 2,900 pax (Other image at Port Everglades)
  • Celebrity Reflection, 2,850 pax
  • Celebrity Silhouette, 2,850 pax (With the old livery in Hamburg)
  • Celebrity Eclipse, 2,850 pax (Other image at Cork, Ireland and on the river Ems, Germany)
  • Celebrity Equinox, 2,850 (Other image and the ship at Istanbul - photo credit Tura Turizm, Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Millennium, 1,950 pax (Photo credit Singapore Cruise Society at Facebook. Other image, in Alaska, with the old livery)
  • Celebrity Infinity, 1,950 pax (Photo credit Icy Strait Point, Alaska. Other image)
  • Celebrity Summit, 1,950 pax (Old livery at Port of Cherbourg, France. Other image in Bermuda, courtesy Linda Allen)
  • Celebrity Constellation, 1,950 pax (Other image with the old livery)
  • Celebrity Solstice, 2,850 pax (Other image at Ft. Lauderdale, with old white hull)
    Celebrity Xpedition
    (June 2024: Lindblad Acquires Two Galápagos Expedition Vessels From Celebrity)
  • Celebrity Flora, 100 (Year-round expedition cruises in the Galapagos)
  • Celebrity Xpedition, 48 pax (Ex Sun Bay Kreuzfahrten's Sun Bay. Sold to Lindblad Expeditions)
  • Celebrity Xploration, 16 pax (Catamaran, ex Athala II. Sold to Lindblad Expeditions)
    Royal Caribbean International (Miami, FL)
  • Utopia of the Seas, 5,714 pax (Sixth Oasis-Class Vessel)
  • Icon of the Seas, 5,600 pax (First LNG "Icon" class ship. Other image at Miami)
  • Wonder of the Seas, 5,400 pax (Fifth ship of the Oasis class. Other image)
  • Odyssey of the Seas, 4,100 pax (Other image)
  • Spectrum of the Seas, 4,100 pax
  • Symphony of the Seas, 5,400 pax (Other image at Malaga, Spain
  • Harmony of the Seas, 5,400 pax. (Other image at Labadee)
  • Ovation of the Seas, 4,100 pax (Other image at Sydney)
  • Anthem of the Seas, 4,100 pax (Foto: Christian Eckardt - Columbus Cruise Center)
  • Quantum of the Seas, 4,100 pax (Other image credit Meyer Werft)
  • Oasis of the Seas, 6,360 pax (Other image at New York)
  • Grandeur of the Seas, 1,950 pax (October 2019: she will move from Royal Caribbean Int. to the Pullmantur brand in early 2021)
  • Rhapsody of the Seas, 2,000 pax
  • Vision of the Seas, 2,000 pax
  • Enchantment of the Seas (Enchantment of the Seas before the addition of a new 73-foot midsection)
  • Voyager of the Seas, 3,114 pax
  • Explorer of the Seas, 3,288 pax
  • Radiance of the Seas, 2,100 pax
  • Adventure of the Seas, 3,138 / 3,840 pax
  • Brilliance of the Seas, 2,400 pax
  • Navigator of the Seas, 3,138 pax (Other image)
  • Serenade of the Seas, 2,490 pax (Other image)
  • Mariner of the Seas, 3,138 / 3,807 pax (Other image at Port Canaveral and at Hong Kong)
  • Jewel of the Seas, 2,110 (Other image)
  • Freedom of the Seas, 3,600 pax
  • Liberty of The Seas, 3,634 pax
  • Independence of the Seas, 3634 pax
  • Allure of the Seas, 6,360 pax (Other image at Galveston)
    Pullmantur Cruceros (Spain - Out of Business)
    (The Spanish cruise line was liquidated by its insolvency administrators in July 2021. Its ships have since been or are in the process of being scrapped. February 2023: the company's brand is being auctioned in Spain)
  • Sovereign, 2306 pax (Ex Sovereign of the Seas. Sold to Turkish breakers)
  • Monarch, 2,384 pax (Former Monarch of the Seas. Sold to Turkish breakers)
  • L'Horizon, 1,442 pax (Ex Pacific Dream, ex Island Star, ex Celebrity Cruises' Horizon. January 2022: laid up in Greece. August 2022: she arrived in Aliaga for scrapping)
    CDF Croisiéres de France
    (CDF ceased operations in 2017)
    SkySea Cruise Line (A joint venture between Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ctrip and Stone Capital in China)
  • SkySea Golden Era, 1,814 pax (Ex Celebrity Century)
    (March 2018: Royal Caribbean Cruises and Ctrip announced that they are ending the SkySea Cruise Line joint venture at the end of 2018 and the 1,814-guest Golden Era will be sold to Marella Cruises and renamed Marella Explorer 2. August 2018: SkySea wraps up operations)
    Silversea Cruises (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) (June 2018: Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd acquired a 66.7% interest in Silversea Cruises)
  • Silver Nova, 728 pax (First "Evolution" hybrid class ship - Nova Class Ship)
  • Silver Ray, 728 pax ( Second "Evolution" hybrid class ship)
  • Silver Dawn, 596 pax
  • Silver Moon, 596 pax
  • Silver Muse, 596 pax
  • Silver Spirit, 608 pax (Photo credit Mark König. Other image before the stretching event at Fincantieri Palermo in March 2018)
  • Silver Shadow, 388 pax
  • Silver Whisper, 382 pax (Other image)
    Silversea Expeditions
  • Silver Wind, 274 pax (July 2021: under conversion and refurbishments as ice-class expedition ship)
  • Silver Cloud, 296 pax (Photo Credit Aberdeen Harbour. Other image with the old livery. February 2020: Silver Cloud and Silver Whisper at Antarctica's Wilhelmina Bay)
  • Silver Origin, 100 pax (Expedition ship for Galapagos Islands. She had originally been intended to be introduced as Celebrity Origin)
  • Silver Endeavour, 200 pax (Former Crystal Endeavor. She will enter service in November 2022)

    (Piraeus - Athens, Greece and New York, NY - out of business)
    (merger of Sun and Epirotiki)
    Odysseus, 448 pax (Purchased by a Chinese company in April 2005. May 2008: arrived at shipbreakers in Alang, India)
    Stella Solaris, 628 pax (Laid up)
    Triton, 676 pax (Former Sunward II. Purchased by Louis Hellenic Cruises in April 2005)
    World Renaissance, 474 pax (Purchased by Ravenscroft Shipping - Elysian in April 2005 and renamed Grand Victoria)

    ROYAL STAR CRUISES / AFRICAN SAFARI CLUB (Basel, Switzerland and Mombasa, Kenya - Out of business)
    Royal Star, 220 pax (Former names: Ocean Islander, San Giorgio, City of Andros. September '08: The ship has officially ended her programme of cruises and will no longer sail)

    Caribbean Duchess

    SAGA HOLIDAYS (UK, U.S. office in Boston, MA)
    Saga Cruises
  • Spirit of Adventure, 540 suites and cabins
  • Spirit of Discovery, 540 suites and cabins (Other image at Portland Port, UK - Credit Zoe Ayton)
    Saga River Cruises
  • Princess, 102 pax (River cruises in Europe)
  • Johannes Brahms (River cruises in Europe)
  • Athena, 16 cabins (Sailing ship, cruises in Greece)
  • Maritimo, 36 pax (Cruise in Croatia, Adriatic Sea)
  • Dutch Melody (River cruises in Europe)
  • Spirit of the Rhine, 190 pax
  • Spirit of the Danube, 190 pax
  • Amadeus Elegant

  • Salamis Filoxenia, 500 / 800 pax (Ex Gruziya, Odessa Sky, Club I and Van Gogh. December 2018: acquired by Pampa Cruises and renamed Arrecife. She will start cruise service in January 2019. December 24: Salamis Tours (Holdings) Public announced that "the agreement has been cancelled as the buyers failed to fulfill the relevant terms". February 2022: Cypriot Salamis Lines has quit the cruise industry and sold its only cruise ship to Prime Spot Ship Trading of Dubai. Salamis Filoxenia was acquired as Van Gogh in July 2009. )

    SCENIC TOURS GROUP (Australia)
    Scenic Cruises
  • Scenic Eclipse, 228 pax (Ocean-going cruise ship)
  • Scenic Eclipse II, 228 pax (Ocean-going cruise ship)
  • Scenic Aura, 44 pax (Myanmar's Irrawaddy River cruises)
  • Scenic Amber, 169 pax
  • Scenic Spirit, 68 pax (Cruises on the Mekong River in Asia)
  • Scenic Azure, 48 cabins (Portugal's Douro River cruises)
  • Scenic Opal, 169 pax
  • Scenic Jasper, 169 pax
  • Scenic Gem, 169 pax
  • Scenic Jade, 169 pax
  • Scenic Jewel, 169 pax
  • Scenic Crystal, 169 pax
  • Scenic Pearl, 169 pax
  • Scenic Emerald, 169 pax (The image refers to the balconies)
  • Scenic Sapphire, 169
  • Scenic Diamond, 169 pax (Other image at Bordeaux)
  • Scenic Ruby, 169 pax
  • Scenic Tsar, 112 pax (Russian waterways)
  • Mekong Navigator, 68 pax (South East Asia)
  • Irrawaddy Explorer, 56 pax (South East Asia)
    (All are river cruise ships)
    Emerald Waterways
    (March 2021: merge of Emerald Waterways and Emerald Yacht Cruises under a single global brand, Emerald Cruises)
  • Adriatic Princess II, 36 pax (Designed to navigate the Dalmatian coast and its many small ports)
  • Emerald Harmony, 84 pax (Mekong River cruises. Other image)
  • Emerald Radiance, 112 pax (For Portugal's Douro River)
  • Emerald Liberté, 138 pax (For France's Rhone and Saone rivers)
  • Emerald Sun, 182 pax
  • Emerald Dawn, 182 pax
  • Emerald Star, 182 pax
  • Emerald Destiny, 182
  • Emerald Sky, 182 pax (Other image)
  • Emerald Luna, 180 pax
  • Nizhny Novgorod (River cruises in Russia)
  • Swallow, 36 pax (To sail the Dalmatian coast from April 2020)
    Emerald Yacht Cruises(March 2021: merge of Emerald Waterways and Emerald Yacht Cruises under a single global brand, Emerald Cruises)
  • Emerald Azzurra, 100 pax
  • Emerald Sakara, 100 pax

    SCYLLA TOURS (Basel, Switzerland)
    (The Switzerland-based vessel management company owns and operates more than 30 riverboats for various brands, and has its own river brand in VIVA Cruises. Scylla ships are used by European charter clients including Phoenix, nicko cruises, TAUCK and Riviera Travel.)
  • Porto Mirante, 120 pax (Douro River. To sail for VIVA Cruises as well)
  • Swiss Pearl, 123 pax
  • Swiss Crystal, 125 pax
  • Swiss Crown, 150 pax
  • Swiss Coral, 90 pax
  • Swiss Diamond, 124 pax
  • Saxonia, 89
  • Switzerland, 115 pax
  • Switzerland II, 107 pax
  • Venezia, 104 pax
  • Swiss Ruby
  • Swiss Corona
  • Swiss Emerald, 124 pax
  • Swiss Gloria, 153 pax
    Viva Cruises
  • Viva Two, 190 pax
  • Viva Treasures (Former Treasures)
  • Viva Inspire (Former Inspire)
  • Viva Tiara, 153 pax (Former Swiss Tiara)
  • Viva Moments, 88 cabins (Former Robert Burns)
  • Viva One, 176 pax (River cruises in Europe)
    (April 2021: two brand new ships will be joining the fleet in 2022 and two further vessels will be given a fresh new look and sailing exclusively for VIVA Cruises next year, Viva Voyage and Viva Gloria)
    Viva Cruises Expeditions
    (November 2019: Scylla will launch a new expedition cruise brand, VIVA Cruises Expeditions, in April 2021 with the 164 pax SeaVenture sailing to Northern Europe and the Arctic. Earlier this year, the company purchased the Bremen from Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. It will take delivery of the ship in 2021. Polar Latitudes will charter the ship for the 2021-2022 Antarctica season. Other image charter to Iceland ProCruises. May 2024: Scylla announced the sale to an international buyer will be completed this year. Scylla will focus entirely on its core business: river cruising)

    SEA CLOUD CRUISES (Germany, U.S. office in Parsippany, NJ)
    (February 2022: The Yacht Portfolio, a strategic maritime investment company, announced that it has entered into a letter of intent to acquire Sea Cloud Cruises of Hamburg, Germany)
  • Sea Cloud, 64/70 pax (Sailing vessel. Other image)
  • Sea Cloud II, 96 pax (Sailing vessel. Other image in Venice)
  • Sea Cloud Spirit, 136 pax (Sailing vessel. The hull of the former construction project as Sea Cloud Hussar at Factoria Naval de Marin, Spain. Photo credit Victor H. Lorenzo at Other image at Metalships in July 2020)

  • SeaDream I, 56 staterooms (Other image. June 2020: docked in Norway. Former Seabourn Goddess I)
  • SeaDream II, 56 staterooms (Other image. Former Seabourn Goddess II)

  • Sea Voyager, 64 pax (Ex Temptress Voyager built in 1982. Operated originally for American Cruise Lines and later for Lindblad Expeditions. Photo Captain Ted at March 2013: sold to Un-Cruise Adventures)

  • Blue Sapphire, 720 pax (Former Saga Sapphire photo Jim the Geordie at Jim's Tyneside photo blog. Ex Bleu de France, ex Pullmantur's Holiday Dream. Former SuperStar Aries, ex former Hapag-Lloyd's Europa. After reaching an agreement to acquire the former Saga Sapphire in 2019, the Turkish tour operator Anex Tour formed a new cruise line in 2021. June 2023: Selectum Blu cancels upcoming departures)

    SIAM WHITE ASIA LTD. CO. (Thailand)
  • Thanatharee, 12 pax (Rice barge, Chao Phrya River, Thailand)

    SOCIETY EXPEDITIONS (Bremen, Germany and Seattle, WA)
    (Out of business. March '9: The Seattle-based company Resort Society announced that it acquired the Society Expeditions brand and other intellectual property)

  • Sonesta Star Goddess, 66 pax
  • Sonesta Moon Goddess, 100 pax
  • Sonesta Sun Goddess, 124 pax
  • Sonesta Nile Goddess, 130 pax
  • Sonesta St. George I, 118 pax
  • Sonesta Dahabeya
    (All river ships sailing the Nile)

  • Dream of the Southern Sea, 896 pax

    SPANISH CRUISE LINE (Madrid, Spain - Out of business)
    Crown Mare Nostrum, 800 - 1,150 pax (Ex Crown, ex Norwegian Star 1, ex Royal Viking Sea / Royal Odyssey. From 2005 she was running as the MS Albatros (II) for German tour company Phoenix Reisen)

    STAR CLIPPERS (Coral Gables, FL)
  • Royal Clipper, 228 pax (Other image)
  • Star Clipper, 170 pax
  • Star Flyer, 170 pax

    (July 2020: a new company has acquired the Swan Hellenic brand and is thus now building two new expedition ships)
  • SH Minerva, 152 pax (Other image. New expedition vessel, Vega Class ship. June 2022: she currently laid up in Uruguay)
  • SH Vega, 152 pax (Other image)
  • SH Diana, 192 pax (Third Vega Class expedition vessel, she is bigger than her two sisters)
  • SH Diana - SH Vega reunite in Antarctica (December 2023)

  • Andorinha, 84 pax (Cruises on the Douro River in Portugal)
  • Joy, 130 pax (Inspiration Class ship)
  • Grace, 130 pax (The image refers to the ship under construction at the shipyard in The Nederlands)
  • Swiss Emerald, 118 pax
  • Swiss Diamond, 124 pax
  • Swiss Sapphire, 118 pax
  • Swiss Jewel, 118 pax
  • Treasures, 118 pax
  • Inspire, 130 pax (Inspiration class ship)
  • Savor, 130 pax (Inspiration class ship)
  • Esprit, 118 pax
    (All river ships)

  • Glen Massan , 11 pax
  • Glen Tarsan, 11 pax
  • Glen Etive, 12 pax

  • Zambezi Queen, 28 pax
  • Chobe Princess
    June 2015: luxury river cruise and eco-hotel operator The Mantis Collection has purchased a fleet of three riverboats that sail on the Zambezi and Chobe Rivers in Namibia and Botswana and renamed them the Chobe Princesses.

  • The Strand (Cruises on the Myanmar's Ayeyarwady River)

    THE WORLD - RESIDENCES AT SEA (Oslo and New York)
    The World, 110 privately owned residences and 88 guest suites. (Other image at Cambridge Bay, photo courtesy of Nunatsiaq Online)

    Jaz Jubilee, Jaz Regency, Jaz Royale, Jaz Senator, Jaz Yakouta, Iberotel Crown Emperor, Iberotel Crown Empress, Crown Jewel, Crown Prince, Lady Sophia, Regent, Imperial, Nile Monarch, Helio, Nile Empress, Regina, Steigenberger Legacy, Steigenberger Minerva, Steigenberger Omar El Khayam. (All river ships in Egypt)

    December 2014: Ponant has acquired some of the business assets of Travel Dynamics International. The new company will offer cruise programs for the American market under the brand "Ponant, Cultural Cruises & Expeditions".

    December 2007: Travelscope Holidays has gone into administration and ceased taking bookings
    Funchal, 400 pax (Charter for the 2006 summer. Photo D.R. Carneiro)
    Athena, 550 pax (Ex Valtur Prima, ex Italia Prima, ex Caribe. Charter for the 2006)

    Thomson Cruises (UK)
    (October 2017: Thomson Cruises will rebrand itself into Marella Cruises)
    Tui River Cruises
    (April 2019: Tui has bought three ships from operators Werner-Tours and Reisebüro Mittelthurgau Fluss, which will continue to operate the vessels until October, after which Tui River Cruises will take control)
  • Tui Maya
  • Tui Isla
  • Tui Skyla
    Marella Cruises (UK)
  • Marella Voyager (To enter service on 3 June 2023. Ex Celebrity Cruises' Mercury, before joining the TUI fleet as Mein Schiff Herz)
  • Marella Spirit, 1,254 pax (Ex Thomson Spirit, formerly the Nieuw Amsterdam of 1983, ex AMCV's Patriot. November 2018: sold for demolition in India)
  • Marella Dream, 1,533 pax (Ex Thomson Dream, ex HAL Westerdam, ex Costa Europa. October 2020: Marella Cruises announced she leaves the Marella fleet after a decade of service. January 2022: anchored in Greece's Elefsis Bay. July 2022: beached at the Aliaga ship breaking yard in Turkey)
  • Marella Discovery, 1,830 pax (Other image at Port Canaveral. Ex TUI Discovery, ex Splendour of the Seas)
  • Marella Discovery 2, 1,836 pax (Ex Tui Discovery 2, ex Legend of the Seas)
  • Marella Explorer, 1,924 pax (Other image at Kiel - Photo Stephen Gergs. Ex Mein Schiff 1. Ex Celebrity Galaxy)
  • Marella Celebration, 1264 pax (Ex Thomson Celebration, ex Noordam. Photo Manuel Moreno at Other image by Sergio Ferreira. April 2020: Marella, owned by TUI Group will will retire the 1984-built ship. January 2022: anchored in Greece's Elefsis Bay)
  • Marella Explorer 2, 1,814 pax (Ex SkySea Golden Era, ex Celebrity Century. To enter in service in 2019)
    Island Cruises (December 2015: Thomson Cruises has sold the Island Escape, the only ship of this brand, to Cruise Holdings Inc.)

    Quark Expeditions (Darien, CT)
  • Ocean Explorer, 85 - 115 pax (Photo credit Jaxport. January 2024: Quark Expeditions Introduces M/V Ocean Explorer to its Polar Fleet)
  • Ultramarine, 200 pax (New Polar Class 6 ship)
  • World Explorer, 200 (Chartered to Quark Expeditions, Nicko Cruises and Rivages du Monde. She is the first in a planned series of up to ten expedition ships for Mystic Invest Holding, which it intends to operate for various charterers)
  • World Voyager, 200 pax (Charter to Nicko Cruises and Quark Expeditions. Sister ship of the World Explorer)
  • Ocean Adventurer, 132 pax (Ex Sea Adventurer, ex Clipper Adventurer, ex Alla Tarasova, sister ship to the Lyubov Orlova. She will be replaced by the newer and slightly larger Ocean Explorer next fall 2024)
  • Professor Multanovskiy, 49 pax
  • Professor Molchanov, 52 pax
  • Orlova, 122 pax
  • Ocean Nova, 68 pax (Ex Sapik Ittuk)
  • Sea Explorer, 114 pax (Operated by Polar Latitudes and Poseidon Expeditions with programs in Antarctica and Quark Expeditions with programs in the Arctic. Ex Travel Dynamics' Corinthian II, ex Island Sun, ex Renaissance VIII)
  • Ocean Atlantic, 230 pax (Ex Konstantin Chernenko, ex Russ. Charter to Denmark's Albatros Travel, see photo. She will then go to Quark Expeditions for the winter Antarctic season. Photo courtesy Frode Adolfsen at
    Zegrahm Expeditions (Seattle, WA)
  • Isabela II
  • Island Sky, 114 pax (Photo credit Melanie Henderson - Lerwick Harbour)
  • Caledonian Sky

    TUI CRUISES (Germany. Property of 50% of TUI AG with Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd)
  • Mein Schiff 7, 2,894 pax
  • Mein Schiff 2, 3,132 pax
  • Mein Schiff 1, 2,900 pax (Photo Stephen Gergs in Kiel)
  • Mein Schiff 6, 2,500 pax (Photo Hamburg Marketing Christian Spahrbier)
  • Mein Schiff 5, 2500 pax
  • Mein Schiff 4, 2500 pax. (Other image at Hamburg)
  • Mein Schiff Hertz, 1,740 pax (Former Mein Schiff 2, ex Celebrity Mercury. October 2021: she will be transfered to Marella in June 2023 as Marella Voyager)
  • Mein Schiff 3, 2500 pax (Photo Kenneth Karsten at
    (In addition to the two-ship ocean fleet, TUI operates six chartered vessels on the Rhine, Main, Moselle and Danube)
    Hapag-lloyd Cruises
  • Hanseatic spirit, 230 pax
  • Hanseatic inspiration, 230 pax (See other images inside. Other image at the Columbus Cruise Center Wismar)
  • Hanseatic nature, 230 pax
  • Europa 2, 516 pax (Photo Christophe Dedieu at Europa 2, photo essay by Kevin Griffin)
  • Europa
  • Bremen, 164 pax (January 2019: sold to Swiss company Scylla that will take delivery of the expedition vessel in May of 2021. May 2019: Polar Latitudes will charter the ship from Scylla as Seaventure for the 2021-2022 Antarctica season. Other image charter to Iceland ProCruises)

    UNIWORLD BOUTIQUE RIVER CRUISE COLLECTION (Los Angeles, California and Basel, Switzerland)
    U River Cruises
  • The B, 116 pax (Ex River Baroness. See a photo essay courtesy of TM Studios Visuelle Medien GmbH)
  • The A, 116 pax (Ex River Ambassador)
    (October 2023: Uniworld acquired the former Crystal Bach and Crystal Mahler from Riverside Luxury Cruises, which had purchased the vessels following the collapse of Crystal River Cruises in 2022. It will rename the vessels S.S. Victoria and S.S. Elisabeth)
  • Mekong Jewel, 68 pax (Mekong River, Asia)
  • S.S. Sphinx, 84 pax (Nile cruises, Egypt)
  • S.S. So Gabriel, 100 pax (Douro River, Portugal)
  • Joie de Vivre, 128 (Cruises in France on the Sein River)
  • SS Maria Theresa, 150 pax
  • SS Antoinette, 164 pax
  • SS Catherine, 159 pax
  • SS River Beatrice, 156 pax (Former River Beatrice)
  • River Ambassador, 140 pax
  • River Duchess, 136 pax
  • River Queen, 136 pax
  • River Empress, 136 pax
  • River Princess, 136 pax
  • River Countess, 136 pax (After a complete renovation she will re-emerge as S.S. La Venezia on March 27, 2020)
  • River Baroness 140 pax
  • S.S. Bon Voyage (Former River Royale)
  • Queen Isabel, 118 pax (Operated jointly with Douro Azul)
  • River Victoria
    Nile and Egypt (Ships under charter agreements)
  • River Tosca
  • Century Legend
  • Century Paragon, 398 pax (Photo courtesy Yangtzeboats at
  • Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer, 136 pax (Charter)
    Vietnam and Cambodia
  • River Orchid
  • Mekong Navigator, 68 pax
  • Ganges Voyager II, 56 pax (River cruises in India)
    (September 2019: Uniworld has announced four more of its European river ship fleet will be transformed into "Super Ships" for 2021: River Empress, River Duchess, River Princess and River Queen, all sister ships with 130 passengers currently -- will have new restaurants, new suites and "more luxury finishes)

    (In February, 2009 American Safari Cruises assets were acquired by InnerSea Discoveries LLC)
  • Safari Endeavour, 84 pax (Ex Newport Clipper, ex Spirit of Endeavour)
  • Safari Explorer, 36 pax (Other image)
  • Safari Quest, 22 pax
  • Safari Voyager, 62 pax (Ex Sea Voyager, ex Temptress Voyager built in 1982. Operated originally for American Cruise Lines and later for Lindblad Expeditions. Photo Captain Ted at
  • La Pinta, 48 pax (Galapagos Islands)
  • Wilderness Legacy, 86 pax (Formerly the SS Legacy, ex Safari Legacy, ex Cruise West's Spirit of '98)
  • Wilderness Adventurer, 60 pax (Photo Timoty Kalweit at The ship with the old Glacier Bay Cruise Line's colours)
  • Wilderness Explorer, 31 pax
  • Wilderness Discoverer, 76 pax (Other image)

    VANTAGE DELUXE WORLD TRAVEL (Boston - out of business)
    August 2023: Aurora Expeditions to Form New Vantage Explorations Company. Aurora Expeditions Chairman Neville Buch said Vantage Deluxe World Travel will be renamed Vantage Explorations and will offer "Vantage style" trips in the new year
  • River Voyager, 176 pax
  • River Discovery, 166 pax
  • River Discovery II, 176 pax
  • River Splendor
  • River Venture, 134
    (+ other river cruise ships navigating in European rivers)
  • Ocean Explorer, 85 - 115 pax (Photo credit Jaxport. January 2024: Quark Expeditions Introduces M/V Ocean Explorer to its Polar Fleet)
  • Ocean Odyssey, 140 pax (Fifth Infinity-class vessel by Sunstone Ships. January 2024: Sunstone announces that she will operate outside the cruise market)

    VARIETY CRUISES (Athens, Greece)
    (The merger of Zeus Cruises and Hellas Yachts)
  • Callisto, 34 pax (To begin cruises in Greece in April 2016)
  • Variety Voyager, 72 pax
  • Harmony G, 44 pax
  • Harmony V, 50 pax
  • Galileo, 50 pax
  • Panorama, 50 pax (Sailing vessel)
  • Panorama II (Sailing vessel)
  • Pegasus, 44 pax
  • Obsession
  • Monte Carlo
  • Absolute King
  • Christiana VIII

    VERMONT DISCOVERY CRUISES (Burlington, Vermont)
  • Moonlight Lady, 8 staterooms (Waterway yacht)

    August 2022: this new cruise brand could be starting soon as Victoria Cruises Line is aiming to launch a residence ship concept with two ex-Holland American Line vessels on bareboat charter. The two ships will operate as Victoria Majestic and Victoria Amazing. The ships are the former Holland America Line ships Veendam and Ryndam. The buyer of the two ships was SeaJets.
    (February 2023: Ryndam sold to Celestyal Cruises as Celestyal Journey. June 2024: Victoria Cruises Line U.S. sales effort shut down by State of Utah)

    (All river vessels in China)
  • Victoria Jenna, 378 pax
  • Victoria Lianna, 204 pax (Ex Victoria Queen)
  • Victoria Selina, 204 pax (Ex Victoria Star)
  • Victoria Sophia, 170 pax (Ex Victoria Prince)
  • Victoria Grace, 198 pax (Ex Victoria Empress)
  • Victoria Katarina, 266 pax
  • Victoria Anna, 308 pax

  • Vidanta Elegant, 298 pax (Ex Voyager, ex Crown Monarch, ex Alexander von Humboldt)

    VIKING CRUISES (Woodland Hills, California and Basel in Switzerland)
    Viking River Cruises
    (Vessels cruising in Europe)
  • Viking Kari, 168 (Cruises in France)
  • Viking Radgrid, 168 (Cruises in France)
  • Viking Skaga, 168 (Cruises in France)
  • Viking Fjorgyn, 168 (Cruises in France)
  • Viking Gymir
  • Viking Egdir
  • Viking Einar (New 2019)
  • Viking Sigrun (New 2019)
  • Viking Vali (New 2019)
  • Viking Tir (New 2019)
  • Viking Sigyn (New 2019)
  • Viking Ullur (New 2019)
  • Viking Helgrim (New 2019, for Portugal's Douro River)
  • Viking Longship Hild, 190 pax (New 2017)
  • Viking Longship Herja, 190 pax (New 2017)
  • Viking Astrild, 98 pax (For the Elbe River)
  • Viking Beyla, 98 pax (For the Elbe River)
  • Viking Longship Eir, Gefjon, Lofn, Mani, Mimir, Modi, Skirnir, Ve, Vidar and Vili (Construction 2015)
  • Viking Longship Tialfi, Viking Longship Egil, Viking Longship Rolf, Viking Longship Alruna, Viking Longship Kadlin, Viking Longship Vilhjalm (Construction 2016)
  • Viking Longship Buri, 190 pax
  • Viking Longship Heimdal, 190 pax
  • Viking Longship Hermod, 190 pax
  • Viking Longship Ingvi, 190 pax (Photo Rolf Heinrich, Köln)
  • Other 12 Longship construction 2014
  • Viking Osfrid, 106 pax (For Portugal's Douro River)
  • Viking Hemming, 106 pax (For Portugal's Douro River)
  • Viking Torgil, 106 pax (For Portugal's Douro River)
  • Viking Longship Aegir, 95 staterooms
  • Viking Longship Odin, 95 staterooms
  • Viking Longship Idun, 95 staterooms
  • Viking Longship Freya, 95 staterooms
  • Viking Longship Njord, 95 staterooms
  • Viking Longship Embla, 95 staterooms
  • Viking Aegir, 190 pax
  • Viking Atla, 190 pax
  • Viking Bragi, 190 pax
  • Viking Embla, 190 pax
  • Viking Forseti, 190 pax
  • Viking Jarl, 190 pax
  • Viking Rinda, 190 pax
  • Viking Skadi, 190 pax
  • Viking Tor, 190 pax
  • Viking Var, 190 pax
  • Viking Prestige, 188
  • Viking Legend, 189 pax
  • Viking Seine, 162 pax (formerly Viking Rhone)
  • Viking Burgundy, 162 pax
  • Viking Danube
  • Viking Pride, 150 pax
  • Viking Europe, 150 pax
  • Viking Spirit, 75 cabins
  • Viking Neptune, 75 cabins
  • Viking Sky, 144 pax (Former Blue Danube II, sister ship of the Viking Danube)
  • Viking Sun, 198 pax
  • Viking Schumann, 120 pax (Ex Clara Schumann)
  • Viking Helvetia, 198 pax (The ship is a sister to Viking Sun)
  • Viking Fontane, 122 pax (Ex Theodor Fontane)
  • Viking Primadonna, 149 pax
    (Vessels cruising in Russia and Ukraine)
  • Viking Truvor (Formerly Kirov)
  • Viking Sineus
  • Viking Ingsvar
  • Viking Akun, 199 pax
  • Viking Peterhof
    (Vessels cruising in Asia)
  • Viking Emerald, 256 pax
  • Viking Mandalay
  • Viking Mekong
  • Viking Saigon, 80 pax (Cruises on the Mekong River. Rendering of the ship)
    (Vessel cruising in Africa - Egypt)
  • Viking Ra, 52 pax (Nile River cruise ship)
  • Viking Osiris, 82 pax (Built specifically for the Nile River, Egypt)
  • Viking Aton, 82 pax (Built specifically for the Nile River, Egypt)
    (The addition of the new ships in March 2021 brings Viking's total of innovative Longships to 65. Viking's entire river fleet comprises more than 70 ships)
    (Vessel cruising in USA)
  • Viking Mississippi, 386 pax
    Viking Ocean Cruises
  • Viking Saturn, 930 pax (Tenth unit of the series)
  • Viking Neptune, 930 pax
  • Viking Mars, 930 pax
  • Viking Venus, 930 pax
  • Viking Jupiter, 930 pax
  • Viking Orion, 930 pax
  • Viking Sky, 930 pax (Other image at Montreal Terminal T3 - courtesy D. Dubinsky)
  • Viking Star, 930 pax (Photo courtesy Neven Jerkovic at
  • Viking Sea, 930 pax
    Viking China Coastal Cruise
  • Viking Yi Dun, 930 pax (Former Viking Sun. June 2021: she has been renamed Zhao Shang Yidun as the 2017 built ship prepares to enter service in the Chinese market for a joint venture set up by Viking and China Merchants Group. January 2024 the name changed in Viking Yi Dun)
    Viking Expedition Cruises
  • Viking Octantis, 378 pax (Polaris-Class expedition vessel. Other image)
  • Viking Polaris, 378 pax (Second Polaris-Class expedition vessel)

    VIVADA CRUISES (Vivada Inland Waterways, India)
  • M.V. Ahalya, 20 cabins + 12 suites (River cruises, Sunderban, Bengal, India)

  • Scarlet Lady, 2,860 pax (Scarlet Lady at the shipyard in Genoa Sestri Ponente, Feb.8, 2019 and at Portsmouth)
  • Valiant Lady, 2,770 pax (Photo credit: Hugo Stigliz @ Vessel Finder)
  • Resilient Lady, 2,770 pax (Other image entering Sydney)
  • Brilliant Lady, 2,770 pax (She was delivered to the company earlier this year, 2024, but has remained out of service in Europe)

  • Aegean Odyssey, 380 pax (Other image)
    (April 30, 2019: Voyages to Antiquity regrets to inform guests that it has been forced to cancel ten cruises aboard Aegean Odyssey in the upcoming season. During this time the ship will undergo a repair to her starboard engine. August 2019: United States' not-for-profit educational travel organization for adults Road Scholar has announced a three-year charter of the ship from April 2020 to 2023. September 2019: Voyages to Antiquity revealed it will cease trading at the end of October)

    VODOHOD (Russia)
  • Mustai Karim, 329 pax (Project PV300VD by Lotus shipyard in Astrakhan, Russia)
  • Pyotr Velikiy (Peter the Great), 310 pax (Mustai Karim sister ship)
  • Russian vacation company, Vodohod Cruise and Travel operates a fleet of more than 10 river ships and the Maxim Gorky, a small, newly refurbished and custom-designed five-star expedition vessel accommodating 94 passengers.

  • Volga Dream, 58 staterooms

  • Adriana, 264 pax (Ex Tropicana Cruises' Adriana, ex Adriana III from Plein Cap)

    September 2007: the ships are all stranded. Yankee Clipper is in Trinidad, Mandalay is in Panama, Polynesia is in Aruba and Legacy is in Costa Rica
    S.V. Legacy (Tall ship)
    S.V. Mandalay (Tall ship. April 2012: sold to Windjammer Sailing Adventures)
    S.V. Polynesia (Tall ship)
    S.V. Yankee Clipper (Tall ship)

    WT-CRUISES (Rotterdam, Holland)
    (All river vessels)
    Erasmus, 114 pax
    Esmeralda, 126 pax
    Mr. Jan Elshout, 136 pax
    Elegant Lady, 128 pax
    Europa, 84 pax

    XANTERRA PARKS & RESORTS - WINDSTAR CRUISES (Greenwood Village, Colorado)
    WindStar Cruises (Seattle, WA)
  • Wind Song, 148 pax (Fire onboard on December 1, 2002, scuttled on January 23, 2003)
  • Wind Spirit, 148 pax
  • Wind Star, 148 pax
  • Wind Surf, 308 pax (Other image)
    Star Class Yachts
  • Star Pride, 312 pax (Star Pride, with 212 pax before the stretching at Rovinj, Croatia on August 20, 2014 - Photo Elias Balazs at Other image. Ex Seabourn Pride)
  • Star Breeze, 312 pax (Ex Seabourn Spirit) (The ship under stretching at Fincantieri shipyard in Palermo)
  • Star Legend, 312 pax (The ship before the extension and modernization Star Plus Initiative project of Windstar Cruises. Ex Seabourn Legend)
    (April 2007: Carnival Corporation & plc sold Windstar Cruises to Ambassadors International Inc. On April 1 2011 Ambassadors filed for Chapter 11. Xanterra Parks & Resorts completed the purchase of Windstar Cruises on May 25, 2011. February 2013: Xanterra Parks & Resorts has reached an agreement with Seabourn to purchase - project Global Windstar - three of their ships: Seabourn Pride, Seabourn Legend, and Seabourn Spirit. December 2023: a multi-million dollar initiative begins for the three sailing ships, Wind Star is the first to start the process. Wind Spirit will be fully remodeled and complete her renovations in 2025, while Wind Surf will be in two phases - 2024 and 2026)

    (Section in progress..)

  • Goddess of the Night, 2,720 pax (Neonyx Cruises. Ex Costa Magica. June 2021: to be transfered to Carnival by mid-2022. June 2022: she will remain at Costa Cruises. February 2023: Carnival Corp sells the ship to Greece's Seajets and delivered to the new buyer)
  • My Wish, 36 pax (Coastal cruises in Croatia)
  • Mekong Serenity (River cruises in Asia by Australian APT)
  • Ocean Diamond, 226 pax (Ex Le Diamant, ex Radisson Seven Seas Cruises' Song of Flower. To be operated by Iceland ProCruises for a series of around Iceland cruises until 2022. April 2024: sold to Bridgeman Services Group to expand its service of "floatel" accommodations)
  • Villa Vie Odyssey, 924 pax (Ex Braemar (Other image in Venice. Former Crown Dynasty, Cunard's Crown Dynasty. November 2022: the company announced it will sell the ship which is in lay up in Scotland. Villa Vie Residences has purchased a ship to be named Villa Vie Odyssey. The vessel will enter service in May 2024 following the completion of a multimillion-dollar transformation into a residential cruise ship)
  • Anouvong, 20 pax (Heritage Line, Indochina)
  • Grand Celebration, 1,494 pax (Other image with different funnel. Ex Costa Celebration. Celebration ended operations after an incident in the Bahamas with its Bahamas Celebration in 2014 (Image courtesy Rolli at Ex Prinsesse Ragnhild. January 2021: she has been beached in India to be scrapped).
  • Olimp (Sail Croatia)
  • Polar Front (Polar Tracks Expeditions)
  • Celestyal Crystal, 1,278 pax (Ex Louis Cristal, Louis Cristal operated and painted by Cuba Cruise through March 2015. Ex Silja Opera, ex Sally Albatross, NCL Leeward, Star Cruises SuperStar Taurus. August 2023: Celestyal Crystal sets sail on farewell cruise)
  • Ambassador Signature (Ambassador Cruise, Halong Bay, Vietnam)
  • Ducret, 28 pax (Ducret Expeditions, river cruises in Africa)
  • Dream (Ex Sea Princess, ex Sea Princess, ex P&O Adonia. September 2020: sold to an undisclosed buyer. November 2020: the new owner is Sanya International Cruise Development Co., China. February 2021: renamed Charming Princess for China-based Foresee Cruises. September 2023: operated by Tianjin Orient International Cruise Line as Dream)
  • Letty, 20 pax (Galapagos Islands)
  • Galapagos Sky, 16 pax (Diving boat, Galapagos Islands)
  • Rascal (Phinisi yacht, Rascal Voyages)
  • Evrima, 298 pax (The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection)
  • Princeza Diana (Adriatic Sea cruises)
  • Yasawa Princess (Cruises at the Maldives)
  • MS Stockholm (PolarQuest - Credit JP Lahall)
  • Wayra, 18 pax (Kontiki Expeditions)
  • La Jangada, 28 pax (Amazon River cruises, catamaran hull)
  • AIDAcara, 1200 pax (Photo courtesy Kjell Christian Andersen. Former AIDA. Other image at Sydney. June 2021: AIDA Cruises has confirmed that it will sell the oldest ship in its fleet as part of a company wide restructuring. August 2021: reported sold to Russian interests. January 2022: renamed the Astoria Grande will be operated by Russian shipping company Akvilon)
  • Boudicca, 810 pax (Other image with the white hull. Ex Grand Latino, ex SuperStar Capricorn, Royal Viking Sky and Hyundai Kumgang. She was transfered to Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines in October 2005 and undergo an extensive refit in early 2006. Her maiden cruise to the Canaries departed Dover on February 25, 2006. August 2020: Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines announced it will retire the ship as the company prepares to welcome Bolette and Borealis. September 2020: sold to Istanbul-based Miray International. May 2021: has been beached for scrapping in Aliaga)
  • Black Watch, 798 pax (Other image at Harwich with white hull. Former Royal Viking Star, Westward and Star Odyssey. August 2020: Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines announced it will retire the ship as the company prepares to welcome Bolette and Borealis. September 2020: sold to Istanbul-based Miray International. June 2022: beached for scrapping in India)
  • Majesty of the Seas, 2,354 pax (She will be transferred to Pullmantur in 2016. July 2015: she will continue sailing with Royal Caribbean, following an extensive makeover. December 2020: sold to an undisclosed party. Bought by Seajets, laid up in Greece)
  • Pacific Aria, 1,266 pax (Ex Ryndam. November 2019: Cruise & Maritime Voyages has acquired the ship. CMV will take delivery of Pacific Aria on May 2, 2021. She will be renamed Ida Pfeiffer and moved to CMV's TransOcean brand for the German market. October 2020: Seajets' Marios Iliopoulos has purchased the ship and renamed Aegean Goddess. January 2022: docked in Greece)
  • Maasdam, 1266 pax (Other image: she is leaving Montreal. July 2020: sold to Seajets' Marios Iliopoulos. She will be renamed Aegean Myth. January 2022: docked in Greece. August 2022: sold to French start up cruise line Compagnie Francaise des Crocieres - CFC for $30 Million. To be renamed Renaissance)
  • Veendam, 1,266 pax (Other image. July 2020: Seajets' Marios Iliopoulos has purchased the ship and will rename Aegean Majesty. January 2022: docked in Greece)
  • Oceana, 2,016 pax (Former Sun class Ocean Princess. July 2020: P&O Cruises announced that she has been sold. Greek ferry operator Seajets has been revealed as the buyer of the ship. She will be renamed Queen of the Oceans. January 2022: laid up in Greece)
  • Carnival Fascination, 2040 pax (Older image before the "Evolutions of Fun" upgrade that included the addition of new balcony suites. July 2020: moved to a long term lay-up status. September 2020: Carnival Cruise Line announced the sale of the ship. October 2020: she has been sold to a company in Asia as accommodation ship. June 2021: Carnival Fascination undergoes refurbishment in China to begin service as Century Harmony. February 2022: at breaking yard in Pakistan)
  • Silver Galapagos, 106 pax (Ex Renaissance III, ex Canodros' Galapagos Explorer II. January 2022: renamed the Mantra idle Panama)
  • Strannik (Strannik Ocean Voyages, New Zealand)
  • Sanctuary Sunboat III (River vessel on the Nile)
  • Saga Pearl II, 446 pax (Photo Dec. 2013 Ivan T. at Wikipedia. Formerly Astoria and Spirit of Adventure Cruises' Quest for Adventure. Spirit of Adventure Cruises was a Saga Cruises' brand in 2012 and 2013. Saga Pearl II will leave the fleet in 2019. May 2019: sold to Aqua Explorer Holdings, based in the British Virgin Islands. January 2022: docked in Greece. July 2022: set to be scrapped at the Aliaga ship breaking yard)
  • Elysium, 50 pax (Athens-based Elixir Cruises. Ex Celebrity Xperience, ex Eclipse)
  • Global Mercy (World's largest civilian hospital ship)
  • Kapitan Khlebnikov, 110 pax
  • CTMA Vacancier (Sailing from Montreal to the Magdalen Islands. Other image)
  • Camila (Trimaran, Galapagos Islands, Haugan Cruises)
  • Edward Elgar, 22 pax (English Holiday Cruises, river boat in England)
  • Reef Prince, 36 pax (Kimberley cruises in Australia)
  • NickoVision, 220 pax (Nicko Cruises, river boat in Europe)
  • Brodosplit 483 - Flying Clipper - Golden Horizon, 300 pax (August 2019: the vessel has been completed although not delivered by Brodosplit shipyard. December 2019: Croatian media report that Flying Clipper has been sold to an undisclosed buyer. June 2020: the Croatian industrial group DIV, owner of local Brodosplit shipyard, announces that the former Flying Clipper will be re-named, rebranded, and operated by the British cruise company Tradewind Voyages UK Ltd. September 2020: she will be renamed Golden Horizon)
  • Belmond Napolèon (River boat in France)
  • Anakonda, 36 pax (Ecuadorian Amazon river cruises)
  • DCS Amethyst (Credit: Wolfgang Barnitzke at
  • Seaman Journey, (Latin Trails, cruises at the Galapagos)
  • Picasso, 159 pax (Coastal cruiser, DIV Cruises, Ltd - Brodosplit Plovidba)
  • Leonora, 138 pax (HTL Cruises. Former Avalon Scenery)
  • Rembrandt Van Rijn (Feenstra Rijn Lijn)
  • Prana by Atzaro (Indonesian phinisi)
  • Sanctuary Nile Adventurer (River cruises on the Nile, Sanctuary Retreats)
  • Piano Land, 1,822 pax (Ex P&O'Oriana. Other image with the old livery. She was sold in October 2018 to a joint venture between Cosco and China Travel Services. She will enter service for Astro Ocean in fall 2019 as Piano Land. July 2021: expected to begin sailing short cruises to nowhere from Hainan Province sometime in August 2021)
  • Sea Star Journey, 16 pax (Cruises at the Galapagos)
  • Kinfish, 12 pax (Swoop Arctic)
  • Eric, 20 pax (Sister ship of Ecoventura's Letty)
  • Feddya (Sailing boat, Nile River)
  • Taka (Solomon Islands Discovery Cruises)
  • Alba (Expedition boat, Patagonia)
  • Polarfront, 12 pax (Expedition ship)
  • Bellejour, 180 pax (River ship)
  • Sanctuary Zein Nile Chateau (River cruises on the Nile, Sanctuary Retreats)
  • Hamees (River cruises on the Nile, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts)
  • Legend, 26 pax (Photo credit Justin Hofman - iExpedition)
  • Queen Elizabeth 2 (June 2007: Cunard Line announced the sale to Dubai World which will turn the liner into a tourism destination at The Palm Jumeirah. January 2013: original plans to convert QE2 into a floating hotel in Dubai were abandoned, she will be transformed as a floating hotel in a major Asian city. Floating hotel in Dubai, April 2018. May 2022: Accor adds legendary Queen Elizabeth 2 to its portfolio in Dubai. Other image at Port Rashid)
  • Carissima (River boat, Europe)
  • Opal (North Sailing's wooden schooner Opal)
  • Northern Sea Wolf (BC Ferries. Photo credit Capt Lawrence, Dalli's Malta Ship Photos)
  • Rembrandt (Ex Intrav)
  • Ocean Blue Whale, 750 berth (Charter to Yantai Ferry in China)
  • Mikhail Sholokhov (Ocean Atlantic sister ship)
  • Regina Magna (Chandris Cruises in the 1970s. Formerly North German Lloyd's North Atlantic liner Bremen)
  • Sunrise (Sailing ship)
  • Mekong Prestige (Mekong River cruises, Indochina)
  • Nanhai Dream, up to 893 pax (Nanhai Cruises, China)
  • Coconut Princess, 200 berth (Hainan Strait Shipping, China)
  • Chang Le Princess or Chang Le Gong Zhu, 449 berth (Hainan Strait Shipping, China)
  • Integrity, 16 pax (Galapagos Islands)
  • Stad Amsterdam, 14 cabins (Clipper)
  • Mahabaahu, 46 pax (Brahmaputra River Cruise, Assam, India)
  • Filia Rheni II, 150 pax (River cruises in Europe)
  • Regina Rheni II, 154 pax (River cruises in Europe)
  • Petrel, 16 pax (Catamaran, Haugan Cruises, Galapagos)
  • Horizon (Horizon 2016 model river boat by Le Boat)
  • Samatha, 60 pax (APT, river cruises on the Burma River in Myanmar)
  • Serenade I, 136 pax (Charter to Titan for 2017)
  • Grigoriy Mikheev, 46 pax
  • Enigma XK (Eyos Expeditions)
  • Ocean Gala, 1,514 pax (Ex Island Escape, ex Viking Serenade. Enroute to Alang for scrapping as of March 2018)
  • Toum Tiou II and I (Sisters riverboats on the Mekong River)
  • Australis SV (75-foot ice-strengthened sailing vessel for cruises in Antarctica)
  • Sikumi, 8-12 pax (Cruises in Alaska. Courtesy AdventureSmith Explorations)
  • S.S. Universe Explorer, 739 pax max (Formerly the Enchanted Seas. The Institute for Shipboard Education used the ship during the fall and spring semesters for their school programs on board, WEC used the ship during the summer for their voyages to Alaska. Broken up at Alang in 2005)
  • Monterey, 639 pax (Ex MSC Cruises. November 9, 2006: she has been beached at Alang)
  • Santa Cruz, 90 pax (Galapagos Islands)
  • Delfin (Galapagos Islands)
  • La Dolce Vita 6 pax (Venice, Italy)
  • Viking Century Sun, 300 pax (River cruise ship in China)
  • Drenec, 5 cabin (Expedition vessel that operates in the Burma coastal waters)
  • Iguana, 70 pax (Metropolitan Touring's old ship, ex North Gaspé)
  • Discovery, 650 pax (Built in 1972 she was the former Island Princess. The Discovery is the sister ship to the better-known Pacific Princess, which had the starring role on "The Love Boat" TV show from 1977 to 1986. Island Princess was used as a stand-in on the TV show since the two ships were structurally identical. October 2014: she has been sold to buyers in the Bahamas)
  • Amazon Dream, 18 pax
  • Ammarí, 66 pax (Catamaran, ex Rivage Saint Martin)
  • Cruiseco Adventurer
  • D. Juan (Royal Hispania)
  • Costa Marina, 770 pax (Currently sailing as Club Harmony for Harmony Cruises - South Korea)
  • Coral, 676 pax (Ex Triton, ex Sunward II, Cunard Adventurer. Purchased by Louis Hellenic Cruises in April 2005. Sold for scrap)
  • Perla, 790 pax (Ex Seawing, ex Southward)
  • Sea Diamond, 1,537 pax. Ex Birka Princess. Louis Cruises' Sea Diamond sank on April 4th, 2007 near the Greek island of Santorini)
  • Oasia (Ex Saga Ruby, former Vistafjord, after purchased by Cunard, later renamed Caronia, Vistafjord. January 2014: Saga Ruby was acquired by Millennium View Ltd. Singapore. March 2017: to be scrapped in India)
  • River Cloud, 90 pax (Ex Sea Cloud Cruises)
  • Sea Crown (Operating in Croatia by Viking Yacht Cruises)
  • Queen Elizabeth 2 and Queen Mary 2 (Sydney Harbour, February 2007)
  • Kristina Brahe, 58 cabins
  • Nile Crown (River cruises in Egypt)
  • Kristina Regina, 245 pax (August '10: Kristina Cruises sold the ship to Oy S/S Borea Ab, a newly established company, which intends to convert the vessel into a hotel, restaurant and museum located in Turku, Finland)
  • Atlantic Star, 1,200 pax: ex Sky Wonder, ex Pacific Sky ex Fairsky and Princess Sky. May '09: Pullmantur has decided to withdraw the ship from cruise service: she will be placed in Brazil operated by CVC Cruises and Pullmantur. December '09: laid up in Marseilles. January 2011: sold to Kyma Ship Management. January 2013: she had been transferred to STX France as part of the deal with the new order of the Oasis-class cruise ship ordered by Royal Caribbean International. March 2013: sold for scrap)
  • Bella Desgagnés (Passenger-cargo ship. Groupe Desgagnés, Quebec9
  • Bellevue, 198 pax (TwinCruiser class river ship)
  • Danube Princess (Donauprinzessin is sailing under the name Rossini for Favorit Reisen)
  • Lili Marleen (Formerly 50 pax sailing cruiseship converted into a private yacht in October 2004)
  • Dresden, 106 pax (River Vessel)
  • Konigstein, 58 pax (River Vessel)
  • Princesse de Provence, 148 pax (River Vessel)
  • Casanova, 96 pax (River Vessel)
  • Frederic Chopin, 79 pax (River Vessel)
  • Heidelberg, 110 pax (River Vessel)
  • Cezanne, 100 pax (River Vessel)
  • Katharina, 79 pax (River Vessel)
  • Ocean Countess, 814 pax (Ex Cunard Countess, Awani Dream II, Olympia Countess)
  • Murray Princess (Paddle-wheeler, river cruises, Captain Cook Cruises)
  • SS Albatros (Former Cunard's Sylvania, P&O's Dawn Princess. Sold to Indian shipbreakers)
  • Mona Lisa (Ex P&O Cruises' Victoria, Kungsholm, Sea Princess, The Scholar Ship, Oceanic II)
  • Oriental Dragon, 882 pax (Asian Cruise, Singapore. Former Sun Viking. January 2022: beached for scrapping in Gadani, Pakistan)
  • The Emerald, 1174 pax (Former Santa Rosa, Regent Rainbow. Louis Cruise Lines sold the ship for scrapping)
  • Keewatin (Canadian Pacific)
  • easyCruise 1, 180 pax (Ex Neptune , ex-Renaissance 2. Following a refurbishment at the Keppel Shipyard in Benoi, Singapore she began operation in March 2005. The ship has been sold in October '08 to an undisclosed buyer)
  • easyCruiseTwo, 100 pax (River ship, to begin cruises in July 2006. Formerly the 'M.S. Frontera', the riverboat is owned and operated by Boonstra River Line. The ship had her final voyage on August 17, 2007, ending the season six weeks earlier than the originally scheduled date of September 28, due to financial difficulties faced by Boonstra)
  • Georgian Clipper, 18 pax (Ex Heritage Cruise Lines - Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River cruises)
  • Temptress Explorer, 99 pax (Operated by Miami based Temptress Adventure Cruises in partnership with Cruise West. The two Companies are out of business. Launched in 1970 as a tug and supply ship, and refitted in 1995. May 2018: as Berakah transfered to US Shipmanagers and renamed Bahamas Explorer)
  • Royal Crown, 90 pax (River ship - The Nederlands - Photo P.Kosztolicz -
  • M/Y Zeus II, 34 pax (Ex Variety Cruises)
  • M/S Viking Star, 50 pax (Ex Variety Cruises)
  • M.S. Giselle, 158 pax (Ex Uniworld)
  • Regent Spirit (Ex Salamis Glory)
  • Saga Rose, 580/747 pax (Ex Cunard's Sagafiord. Ritired in December '09)
  • Polaris, 74 pax (Ex Disko, ex Shearwater until 2000. In 2001 she became Viking Polaris and then in 2003 Brand Polaris. In 2005 she was sold to her current owners, Murmansk Shipping Company and renamed Polaris)
  • M/Y Diogenis V., 50 pax
  • Sepik Spirit, 16 pax (Papua New Guinea, Sepik River)
  • Britannia, 184 pax (Operated by Nicko Tours on June 22, 2014, she had to be evacuated after springing a leak late Saturday, June 21)
  • Universe Ambassador, 729 pax (Ex Argentina, Veendam, Brazil, Monarch Star, Bermuda Star, Enchanted Isle)
  • Rembrandt, 1,075 pax (Ex Big Red Boat IV, ex Rotterdam V)
  • Terra Australis, 114 pax
  • Prussian Princess (River Vessel), 144 pax
  • OceanBreeze, 776 pax (Former Southern Cross, Calypso, Azure Seas - out of service)
  • Liberte, 8 pax (River barge)
  • Grand Latino, 701 pax, formerly SuperStar Capricorn, Royal Viking Sky and Hyundai Kumgang. Iberojet Cruceros sold the ship to Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines in October 2005)
  • Grand Amazon, 144 pax (River cruises in the Amazon River from Manaus, Brazil)
  • Aegean Glory
  • Akademic Sergey V
  • Anacoluthe (Continental Waterways)
  • Chardonnay (Continental Waterways)
  • Andropov
  • Arlene, 106 pax (River cruises in Europe)
  • The Topaz, 1050 (Ex Thomson Cruises' The Topaz. Sold for scrap in 2008.)
  • Chekhov (Orthodox Cruise Company)
  • Princess Donia (River Nile)
  • Etoile, 4-6 pax (France Cruises)
  • M.V. Amazing Grace, 92 pax
  • Galapagos Adventurer V, 15 pax
  • Radisson Diamond, 350 pax (She left the Radisson's fleet on June 2005 and sailed for Hong Kong to be renamed Omar Star and operated as a casino vessel for the new owners Asia Cruises. December '09: she is now based in Singapore. March 2012: managed by China Cruise Company as China Star. Other images: docked at Cork, Ireland and docked in Greenwich, London)
  • Princesa Marissa, 853 pax (Former Finnhansa. May 2008: Louis Cruise Lines announced that she has been sold to breakers)
  • Serenade, 739 pax (Formerly Jean Mermoz, Mermoz. May 2008: Louis Cruise Lines announced that she has been sold to breakers)
  • Aegean I, 280 cabins (Louis purchased the ship from Golden Sun Cruises in June 2005 and then laid-up in Piraeus for the past few years. April 2008: it is reported she has been sold for conversion into an expedition-type cruise ship)
  • Independence (Purchased at federal auction from the US Maritime Administration. February 2008: renamed Oceanic she was towed out of her berth in San Francisco. NCL sold the ship last year)
  • Rousse, 210 pax (River cruise ship)

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