British Columbia Discovery Voyages formed to revive the Pacific Aurora project. The Cruise People Ltd of London accepts bookings for the new formed company in Europe
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British Columbia Discovery Voyages formed to revive the Pacific Aurora project. The Cruise People Ltd of London accepts bookings for the new formed company in Europe
British Columbia Discovery Voyages has been formed to revive the Pacific Aurora project, whereby the ex-CN Newfoundland coastal trader Taverner was converted to a cruising role in Vancouver in 1998, a project later abandoned.
New owners have now acquired her and will be running the expedition vessel on weekly departures from Port Hardy, BC, at the North end of Vancouver Island to points along the BC coast and islands, with her first cruise due to depart on March 30, 2002.

Fares begin at US$1,660 in low season and US$2,165 in high season (June through September), with the 2002 season ending in December.

The Pacific Aurora now carries up to 72 passengers in en-suite cabins and an observation lounge has been added atop the ship. Her original name is preserved in the Taverner Pub.
Captain Taverner was a famous master on the old Newfoundland Railways coastal steamers which once traded around Newfoundland.Pacific Aurora


Day One - Port Hardy, Robson Bight and Village Island
The ship will depart Port Hardy harbor at 15:00 and head south toward Johnston Straight and Robson Bight in search of the world famous killer whales that live in these pristine waters. After watching them at play, giving ample opportunity to our guests to photograph the whales, and after the naturalist explains their life cycle, the ship will head for the anchorage near Village Island. Once anchored dinner will be served and there will be ample opportunity to recall the events of the day.

Day Two - Village Island, Alert Bay-Hakai Wilderness Reserve
The morning activity will see the guests ashore in launches to visit Village Island and meet Tom Sewid and family who will show and interpret the native way of life that has existed here for six thousand years. After enjoying all that our hosts have to offer and upon returning to the ship our voyage will continue onward to the nearby community of Alert Bay. Alert Bay has a wide variety of things to do and see. The residents of this friendly community will showcase their culture and history. Native dancers will entertain and a tour of the renowned museum is all part of the days activities. The ship will depart in the afternoon on itıs way to the Hakai Wilderness Reserve.

Day Three - Hayki Wilderness Reserve and Bishops Bay
After traveling overnight our ship will arrive to anchor near the Hakai Wilderness Reserve. Here the guest will go ashore to hike the trails onto the seven remote beaches spread across the island. At midday the ship depart to visit the old cannery site of Namu a short journey away. A guide will explain the history of Namu and lead the guests on a short scenic hike to the lake. Upon returning to the ship the voyage will continue slowly northward to Lama Passage where the ship will anchor for the evening.

Day four - Lama Passage, Klemtu and Bishops Bay
In the morning the ship will anchor and sail north on its way to the quaint village of Klemtu for a brief tour with Percy Star and his people picking up our guides and interpreters for the journey into the land of the Spirit Bear. The ship will then travel along the shores of Princess Royal Island the home of the Spirit Bear enroute to Bishops Bay and the Hot Springs. Here our guests will have an opportunity to soak in the hot springs and spend a quiet night in the tranquil setting of Bishops Bay.

Day Five - Bishops Bay, Surf Inlet, Laredo Channel and Kitassu Bay
Traveling southward from Bishops Bay toward Kitassu Bay the ship will sail through Whales Channel to sneak a peek in Surf Inlet and onward through Laredo Channel and into Laredo Inlet in search of the elusive Spirit Bear. Our guides will show our guest the most likely spots where they might get a glimpse of this reclusive creature. The ship will anchor in Kitassu Bay and the crew will prepare for our "Feast on The Beach" Tonight the guests will enjoy their meal on the beach and recount the days events then return to the ship to be visited by story tellers from Klemtu.

Day Six - Kitassu Bay, Raymond Channel, Goose Islands and Spider Anchorage
Again headed southwards the voyage continues through Raymond Channel, Queens Sound and on to the Goose Islands. Here the guests will go ashore and discover the bird life and marine mammals abounding in this sanctuary. The naturalist will answer questions and inform the guests about the many species inhabiting these islands. Later the ship will head for the serene Spider Anchorage for their final dinner and celebration onboard the Pacific Aurora.

Day Seven - Spider Anchorage, Gordon Channel and Port Hardy
The ship will slip away in the early morning hours and sail slowly on its last leg of the journey returning to Port Hardy. The guests will arise to witness the sunrise over Vancouver Island and Queen Charlotte Strait, having breakfast as the Captain and crew give their farewells. The ship will land at the dock in Port Hardy as the guests prepare to depart for home or to continue their discovery of beautiful British Columbia.

Itinerary Alternatives
Weekly Themes - The weekly themes on board will bring in specialists or celebrities as a focus for that particular week and to create each week as a new and unique experience.

On day two the Aurora may sail from Village Island to the Village of Sointula on Malcolm Island to learn about the Finnish history and development of the island. The island and the people offer unique arts and crafts, natural areas with interesting hiking trails and parks and historic buildings.

The itinerary described is subject to change at the discretion of the ship's master. This is an expedition to a wilderness setting. British Columbia Discovery Voyages reserves the right (at its discretion) to alter or omit any part of the itinerary or change any reservation, feature and or means of conveyance without notice and for any reason whatsoever including but not limited to weather conditions, availability of anchorages, availability and/or cooperation of subcontractors, political conditions and other factors beyond our control.

(Source: The Cruise People Ltd, London)

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